DIY VHF Marine Radio Antenna

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Steve Wright: Hey buddy, good on ya teaching people stuff! Suggestions - solder the braid inside the plug, or else it will corrode up pretty quick and it will be hard to diagnose that fault. Any ol coax from the junkbox will be perfectly fine, and some of the 75ohm cabletv coax is actually a really high quality item! Try also to use flexible inner instead of solid, coz it will snap off inside the plug etc. Keep the vids coming! :)

tom7601: The cable plug a PL-259. The mating socket is an SO-239... :)

Shannon Duffy: Hi there it be interesting on learning to build a uhf antenna with simular stuff. How would i be able to do it?

lppessotto: hi mate how are you wat was the SWR like on the antenna ????

henrique umeoka: It will not work probably !... A dipole antenna must have each sides diffentes according to the frenquency. PU5HLU.

SV Seeker: Good for you! I wondered who would ever not have a pieces of PVC pipe stashed away in the rafters or under the house. :)

SV Seeker: @boatingisfunUK Wish I could help but I don't know anything about radios. In fact, that antenna is the first thing I ever did for a radio other than kick it when it was not working. As for the coast guard my experience has been that it's best to not talk to them. :)

LCmusicBlog: What would be the outcome if I used rg-59? would it not work at all? is there a way to use rg-59 and change the ohms, by adding something else? all I have is rg-59..

Jonathan Endersby: I built this and it worked about better than my handheld's antenna.

SV Seeker: It will not be as good as a high dollar antenna but it will likely do. And yes, you be able to hear the harbor traffic within at least 7 miles of you, maybe 20 on a good day. Post back and let us know how it works out for you.

SV Seeker: No sorry, it worked great. You must be an engineer. I learned long ago that most engineers are only good for getting that last 10% of performance and generating 90% of the information that just muddies the water for the rest of us. Check out our videos of Argonaut Jr and you will see it in action.

Donald Heathcock: Email and so feel free to email me..

TheUncleDougger: The conector on the radio is an SO-239. The PL-259 is the one that goes on the coax cable.

Radionut R: @submarineboat you made a dipole antenna! That is an antenna with both side the same length! Look it up on Google! BUT then you taped the two sides together to make it one wire! !! Why?

SV Seeker: I wanted the wire glued to the end of the pipe. Did you just pinch the wire caps?

Emiro Veronese: I build my boat antenna following this man instructions: it works good!! Yes the connector is suppose to be assembled in a different way, but how shown in the video can work too. Thanks buddy!! Only suggestion I have to make: use a longer pvc pipe so the signal can reach a longer distance.

LikeToMakeTools: That should work OK for receiving, but as others have pointed out it is not very good for transmitting. An antenna not properly matched to the transceiver will limit it's range and may even blow out the transmitter stage. The length of RG58U should be cut at multiples of the desired transmitting wavelength. I would also use the type of RG58U coax with the copper braid, which can be soldered to the PL259 connector body. The antenna should be calibrated (adjusted length) for minimum "SWR".

SV Seeker: Sorry. I have no idea.

SV Seeker: So enlighten us on the proper method.

SV Seeker: Right, both ends are the same length but that are not taped together. The core goes up, and the exposed braid goes down. Now the braid does go down along side the coax and it's taped to that. That is not the recommended arraignment but it works.

Tviki007: How many decibels in the antenna?

T Mann: Less then $10? The coax (50feet) has to be more then $10. The pl259 coupler is about $2. The GOOP glue is about $5. The PVC pipe is about $4. Add the soldier, black tape and the time: Cheaper to buy a new one. And you can safely transmit with a new one!

SV Seeker: I did what? Speak English. :)

kd4adv: SO-239 is the name of the connector on the radio that accepts the PL-259 connectors

muddymuddymuddmann: pl259 is the male part of the connection. so-238 is the female counterpart of the pl-259 conmnection. nice antenna and video. thanks. MUDDy

Donald Heathcock: Ok here is to all you people I'm Donald heathrooster I live in caruthersville Missouri I work on all cb radios and handhelds I also sell real antennas cheap and I work on antennas and make antennas and I made this one cuz I talk on marine radios and all other radios and I hooked this one up just like he showed and I reached 35 miles over land I operate over land on base radio for boat or house either one pluss I talk on my handhelds even tho your not really suppose to but everyone does..

Corynick86: The proper way is to put braid and all up through the reducer, then fold it down over the reducer. Then thread the two parts together. you should now be able to see the braid through the four holes. Use the holes to feed in the solder to bond the braid, connector, and reducer together. Then go ahead and solder the centre pin, trim if need be then thread the sleeve over the lot.

Radionut R: What did I miss/ You made a dipole then taped it together? /

Radionut R: @submarineboat Well you might be surprised! Try it BUT don't forget you need to be on the water in your boat when you do! (ha ha ha) I am going to build me one today Thanks for the great how to video

Michael Marzec: I'm sure someone has mentioned it already, but your UHF connecter was installed incorrectly. For receiving it may not cause a problem but if you plan on transmitting it could cause issues. The braid of the coax should have been folded back over the reducer not folded over inside of it. JS

smokinghull: Good video, simple solutions usually work! BTW, this antenna is called a Vertical Bazooka.

SV Seeker: Sucks when you do it wrong and it works anyway. :)

Dj Kurlee: why wouldnt you have used REAL PVC caps rather than using the goop? a 10' stick of 1/2 PVC pipe is LESS than $2 a piece, 2 caps, ( instead of goop ) is less than $1, and i just paid $15 for 25' of rg-58 cable, and $3 for the pl-259 and the reducer. CHEAPER than a new one.

Mike Abraham: Godd, Great, and best and priceless DIY Instruction ! I build right now and works great for my Stabo Magnum M. Thanks

Mark Mcnutt: The PL-259 is the male, the female UHF connector is a SO-239. Ironically, the "UHF" connector is less than ideal for UHF. The PL-259/SO239 is better suited for HF bands. Breast vidz. What was the VSWR like?

SpectreOZ: Voilà... and there you have a "quick and dirty" VHF coaxial dipole antenna, thanks for going to the trouble of uploading your build process. If you like that style of construction then maybe you would be interested in the VK2ZOI "flower pot" antenna designs as well albeit a little more involved. BTW the braid in this antenna type is actually the counterpoise not the earth...

gooza77: It is nice that you show all steps to your viewers but you reduce the quality and range of that antenna by doing what you did with the braid. You should slowly push it back so it widens and roll it over the rest of the coax (in the direction of the connector end). Once it is rolled over just pull the braid so it tightens and secure it with some tape. I also fold back the aluminum foil over the braid since I get better results compared to the antenna I made without the foil (I cut it off).

Shannon Duffy: thats cool i got a 1 meter 10cm pvc pipe a 15mm and some coax cable will try and let you know how i went

LCmusicBlog: Im going to build mine for free tonight. Total cost = $0.00 I have everything I need, from "junk" as people call it. just have to clear an area and get to work on it.

SV Seeker: Copy that Uncle Dougger, thanks for the correction.

Radionut R: O i see what i missed! You folded it back (the shield) along the coax in the PVC and you made a folded dipole! Have you tried it on transmit? thanks for the video!!!!

SV Seeker: Thanks for the tips.

Corynick86: Now you have a nice electrically and mechanically sound connection. In a marine environment it wouldn't hurt to fill the connector with some white di-electric grease and put some goop around where the coax jacket meets connector.

SV Seeker: Sorry, no idea. We only used to the talk a short distance from a submarine to shore.

SV Seeker: The PVC pipe does not matter at all. You just can't change the length of the exposed wires without knowing what you are doing, and I do not know what I am doing. :)

lppessotto: thanks mate just that we had a guy come in the other day and he is using the same design and we had it On our SWR meter and the lowest the the reflected power we could get was 7 watts reflected cheers mate ...

SV Seeker: You must work for Radio Shack. I spent less than $10. I also enjoy building things and apparently living dangerously.

SV Seeker: Thanks. Glade it worked for you too.

Philiphfisch: Good job boy !!

JWalkind3: Thank you very much for this video! I'm gonna try this as soon as possible to replace my small antenna on my old radio scanner.

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