2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive - Long Term Review

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Roger Lockwood: I have the 2015. I love everything about it. I have about 38K, mostly city. I love the power button to save the brakes, just press and it you slow way down. My only negative is when it needs to be worked on under the Tupperware, you have to pay extra to have it taken off and on, which can be "timely"..

Max Leonard: How can you compare a scooter with a car??????. If I woud like to buy a car than I am not considering a motor or a scooter..that is just a joke Sir.
I have one and I love the comfort of the Burgman and so does my wife. I don't like to drive my car...If I want to race I take my Suzuki GSX.
So stay with the subject!!

Greg Burke: I bought one while holidaying in Italy - 2100 Euro/40K km on the clock. After having some oil changes done, and the air filter, this thing carried the wife and I all over the place - 10,000 km's in 3 months ! It had a 45 litre top-box, and with the room under the seat, we went for more than a week at a time on our explorations. The only setback was the previous owner/s had not followed the service schedule, and the belt in the transmission failed at motorway speed - just coasted to a stop - but destroyed the internals of the transmission. 3600 Euro for parts to repair a 2100 Euro bike !!
Brilliant machine - we had it up dirt roads, on the Autostrada, and every back road the GPS took us, and it was comfortable, quick, and being a scooter, we parked it anywhere and no-one got upset.
Is there one in my future ? Very strong maybe !

adaboy4z: The best review I've seen on a Burgman!! Well done!!

ArcanePath360: This bike is looking pretty dated now. I've had mine since 2011, looking towards my next bike as this won't last forever. The latest models offer hardly anything new over my one, so I won't be getting the latest model any time soon, especially if they haven't improved the brakes or wheels which are terrible. The T-Max is looking much better, but doesn't have the essential folding mirrors or other things that this gets right.

cvc: Do they still require manual valve adjustment?

leangchang: Very good review !! Thanks. One point I would like to clarify, you mention that the suspension was "crashy" ? What do you actually mean by that ?? The only reason I ask is that I've got a brand new burgman and there is a strange knocking sound from the front of the bike when going over certain bumps ?? It's as if something is lifting and dropping ?? Just wondered if you had the same with your test bike or not ??? Many thanks

Alexander Ebner: Thanks for good rewiew. Nice Jacket 😉

John Schneiter: Pretty much how I feel about my Burgman. One thing you missed, the power button is good for engine braking. I use it all the time coming to a stop sign. Also in the twistys.. that power button is really great and braking is minimal due to engine braking.

Jack Daniel Vithal: Once u grow up and u realize u aint Rossi .This is one of the best alrounders day to day. Half car half Tron.

Lee Blackburn: Thanks for the review TMF, which I've just been watching for the first time some 5-6 months after you published it. I'm toying with the idea of getting one of these for my new work commute as well as for doing my IAM riding/observing. How did you find the A-road overtaking punch? Did the 'Power' and 'Manual' modes help in these situations at all?

Donald McClellan: What a great comprehensive review. I happen to watch one on this motorcycle yesterday though I only made it part way through because it was so bad you did a fantastic job.

John Palmer: Neat scooter. WRT the fuel filler, seems a little fiddly. Wonder why they didn’t use a capless filler like you see on many cars now (eg my Jeep Compass). I find this works well and eliminates the hassle of removing/reinstalling the cap. They could even offer a lock on the access panel for those who feel they need.

busdrivermike13: By far one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen, I’ve got a friend here who got one to ride around town instead of his big Honda 1800 goldwing, next year he sold the goldwing as the Suzuki did everything including touring from Edmonton Alberta to California.

Kunal Mazumdar: Great review. Nothing fancy or too technical. But includes everything for a normal rider.

Kunal Mazumdar: Man, that is not just a massive scooter, but a giant mechanical beast which can take you to beautiful places you dream. It is big shame that Suzuki hasn't bring it to Indian market.

DR. Smith: Youll look like a flaming homo on dat with your hairstyle..
Or lack there of.

Rod Anderson: I am 6ft 51/2 inches (197cm) tall in my stocking feet, and currently own a BMW K1200LT. It's a great bike, with pretty much everything that the Burgman has. AND it has cruise control. The only thing I find dissapointing on the K is the weather protection when it is raining, as it doesn't keep me totally dry? I have owned both a BMW K100LT and a 1500 Honda Goldwing in the past, both of which were brilliant in keeping the rain off. I am 60 ears of age, and wonder what to replace the BMW with when it gets to big and heavy for me to manage, and have considered the Burgman as an option? Would it keep me dry, and would I miss cruise control?

Toy NG: 2006 burgerking still in service!

William Fritsch: Fantastic and thorough review. Well done!

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2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive - Long Term Review 5 out of 5

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2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive - Long Term Review
2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive - Long Term Review
2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Review
2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Review
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2018 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive - Long Term Review