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Keep Learning: Does it works in India?

jayr122001: my girlfriend is in the philippines and im here in the US , I have a phone with at&t and my gf have a i need to download the magic jack app also or my girlfriend is the one need to download it on her smartphone ?

Lin Sil: I have the Magic Jack on my ipad2....worked fine....but now it keeps telling me my subscription is up. I thought is was free?????

Thomas Zulli: I just discovered the app. My magic jack for some reason wont work with my modem right so had to connect it to my laptop. Trouble is I like to use it while watching tv...cant if I need a phone. So searched if I could use my ipad instead...found the app.

But I didnt realize it basically makes my ipad a large cell phone. Which is cool. If I'm way and someone calls my home phone, and I have my ipad with me near me. I'll be able to answer

EnderSlayer988: How do u cancel a magic jack account

Scott Taylor: How do you get your home Magic Jack number to work on your cell phone app? Is this even possible?

Scott Taylor: Let me know if you found the answer to your question. I would like to know if I can use my Magic Jack number at home on my iphone app, thanks!

mono0187: How can I recieve calls in this app? It gives me a # in settings but while I try calling it doesn't work. Help

Amanda Lutterman: What if you already have a MagicJack account and MagicJack number? I would love to take my calls on my IPad while I'm visiting family/Restaurant/etc. Anymore you can find WIFI free just about anywhere.

lovingorca: net talk is the real and first invented VOIP. the alleged inventor of Magic Jack stole the patent from Net-Talk. Also Magic Jack/Plus no longer has any customer service of kind.

AZNBOY Simon: Can you put your own phone number on magicjack?

Icemannpr: cool vid but how u make a call magic jack to magic jack u dont show that i love to see that because lot of my friend have magic jack how i can do that?i know u can call any cel phone or Home Phone but i wanna know how make call Magic jack To Magic Jack BTW!! nice Vid hit the Like

James DePass: android app available!

JacklyTran: can you help me! i am a magicjack customer and i cant call other magicjack customers

ItsDawnuhhh: I'm from hong kong and i downloaded this on my ipod touch the app gave me my own USA number. So now I'm calling my bf's cellphone who is from USA using this app. Now I'm wondering, is it going to cost him anything? Cause I don't want his bill to go up cause of me >.<.

str8out: But you said North America...

str8out: Cool! Now I can call Mexico for free!. Thank you.

Involvement82: magic jack for android yet? crap

Jose Martinez: How long can you stay calling? Cuz i use icall voip nd it only lets me talk for like 4 mins

Sergio Reyes: work in iphone 3gs?

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