Design For New Homemade Compound Crossbow (Inverted)

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Aeshma Deva: not is good, wont do

Airkiller99: My suggestion if you have not finished it is to add 2 pieces of wood flush with the pulley to stop the string from falling off the edge of the pulley.

Jesse M: The fiberglass things might be alil too long

Dan Patrick La Rosa: He never finished the build.

4834n68dr: what a pickle! GROWUP

skydragon4ever: that's not a crossbow. That's mere an inverted bow. It has to have a trigger mecanism.

Omar Hameed: hi. if u r not dead right now. make anew video for your project.

RatFinkRod: Here's what's wrong with your design: 1- Rods are too long causing rebound on string release. You only need 10" to 12" of power stroke. 2- Rods are round and skinny. This causes them to twist. Both these can cause the string to pop off the pulleys. Try this: 3- Fiberglass 1/2"x1/4" chainlink fence bars, 2 each side, about 18" long. Mount them at 30 deg on the center frame. These will give you the power you're looking for. 4- Add a second pulley on each side. More power.

Ivo Arbalist: @mckinney886 Lol, you talk about my mom and thought I'd let that drop? The woman passed away years ago, so jokes and games may be what they may, but have some self respect and fight your battles with the ones who started them and not their mothers. Till that'll just keep trolling the tube and getting pissed about small crap. Peace.

joshwcole11: @CrushingNeonBabies Thanks, I'm pretty new to the concept of compound crossbows, so I wasnt aware of the terminology. And though they look heavy, those blocks of wood are actually very light, very soft wood. Not balsa, but similar.

Ivo Arbalist: @mckinney886 Sorry son, game over >>> go do your homework.

Ivo Arbalist: @mckinney886 Actually she hates it, but I thought you might like fact I think it's really versatile and can be used in place of Visine for those tired eyes of yours. :)))))

Ivo Arbalist: @mckinney886 Perhaps you're right, but did you know that if you put a few drops of formaldehyde in your weed it tastes like strawberries when you cough? >:)

Ivo Arbalist: @CrushingNeonBabies ....All in all, do some research :) ...there are a few places on the net that deal with crossbow building. ;)

Ivo Arbalist: Problem 1: Those are not cams...they are called pulleys. Problem 2: Strings should be of non stretch fiber, what you have is almost like rubber. Problem 3: The tips are too heavy (with those blocks of wood attached) Problem 4: The fiber glass rods are tempting to use due to their low cost and can make a cool plinker study model to experiment with, but performance wise they will not go further than plinker material. Ivo

JASONWEMP: Hey you've got a good start there keep it up. I have been working out plans for an inverted style myself. I have a few videos of making homemade compound style prods (bows) if you want to check them out. From my experience the more stable and solid everything is the better. Anyway good luck and nice to see something different. Cheers Jay.

TheFagsMagic: Keep it up..cant wait to see it finished

ScarletSpectra: You're cute. We should date. :)

Design for New Homemade Compound Crossbow (Inverted) 5 out of 5

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Design for New Homemade Compound Crossbow (Inverted)