How To Upgrade Firmware Samsung LED TV Using USB

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Vicente Zepeda: My tv has two firmwares that came out the same day modelln32c350d1dxza

Morris S.: I need to install the latest firmware again on u32j5200. How to make it?

Лазар Лаза Малиначки Масни: Ty very much! :*

Nyenkan Moses: I do have a problem. I want to upgrade my Samsung tv, but it involves using a PC and I have an iMac and the .exe file can't download on an iMac. Is there another way to upgrade my LCD Tv? Mind you, this is a dated TV I purchased 6 years ago, and this is my very first upgrade.

Boneless chicken: Still need help. I can't find a single program to unzip. I tried winzip but it said it couldn't since the file was a BIN type.

rodriguez970: I got 3 seperate folders after unzipping the exe file to the desktop they each contain different items one of them is called jasmin, the other 2 are almost identical except for the folder names do i copy and paste all 3 folders? Or just 1 orrr i need some guidance it would be appreciated thanks :)

Lee Shephard: All Samsung: tv, galaxy tablet and bluray. I cant get them to link, nor can I get the internet tv or SPStv to work on television. Frustrated . Everytime I think I found the info to help and all devices registered on samsung account, still tells me, "cant find", "no account", "no id", etc. Please help

Fletcher Nelson: What bout mac

Shehan Fernando: Thank You for the guide..

J. Frank Parnell: Tried to update firmware on a UN40H5201AFXZA version VF12 television both over wifi and wired connection. Current firmware version on TV is T-N14M6AKUC-1015.0. Current version on Samsung website for download is T-NT14MAKUC-1127.0. Television gave error "no newer updates available at this time". Downloaded file from Samsung website. Instructions say to unzip the file and place the T-NT14MAKUC file at the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick. That's what I did. TV does not even recognize that an update is available from the USB stick, indicating that the instructions on the Samsung website are wrong. Moved the image folder up to the root of the USB stick and now the TV recognizes that an update may be available on the USB port; further indicating that the Samsung instructions are wrong. I select yes update via USB. TV returns error "no valid updates found". I then spend hours on the phone and online chat with idiots at Samsung support telling me to plug and unplug the TV, reset to factory condition (which I told them I had done several times). Then they wanted to remote in. The idiot then reset my country of origin, and it totally messed things up. He then said support would call me back, and left my TV all messed up. Needless to say, I haven't heard back from Samsung support. They are the worst. Even their 2nd tier guys are idiots. So, I decided to take the TV back and exchange it. I knew it was probably fruitless, because the USB port did work on the first TV, as I had played movies from it. I took the TV back, and guess what? You got it, the new TV behaves exactly the same as the previous one. Now I am stuck with a TV that can't upgrade the firmware, and Netflix is buggy as hell. I have multiple ticket numbers from Samsung and not once have I received credible support. Samsung support is the worst in the business. For one it is all staffed by foreigners with thick accents. Regardless of how well they speak English, it is aggravating to say the least to try to decode what they are saying. I have updated the firmware on multiple TVs and this is the first one that I have had such a problem with. Samsung has obvious problems on the server end, since I can't update over the network, and they are more than likely giving out the wrong firmware for this particular TV. I question this because the firmware names are different (eg. T-N14M6AKUC VS T-NT14MAKUC). Whatever, if Samsung is going to veer off into the SmartTV business and not even offer up any dumb TVs they have to make this firmware upgrade business easy and painless.

SandytoesCruiser: Having major issues downloading Firmware. File is saved in Download Folder. (Firefox)T-T-MST10PAUSC. If I open it it says - image. Can't unzip. Just a bunch of files. Wish there was an easier way.

Fabian Boersma: How do I do this on a Dual TV?

Sloom: Thank you that really helped

Mira Piros: Thank you thank you thank you! Other sources have not helped, but this has been perfect thank you!

George: Hi,
I think there isn't any firmware available for the Samsung LE32A330J1, am I right? I tried going on the samsung website but could see only manuals and guides.

Adel Alaauddin: how to know the tv model

Fooler Cz: it's not working for me

Nick Singh: Great

rajesh sharma: Good

West Jerzey: Hello, +SPSN I have upgraded the latest software version of my Samsung TV but when I turn on my PS4 it shows me a clear resolution but there is some tiny pixels especially on curves and circles which are more noticeable. Could you please help me with that and why is it happening...

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How to Upgrade Firmware Samsung LED TV Using USB
How to Upgrade Firmware Samsung LED TV Using USB
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How to Upgrade Firmware Samsung LED TV Using USB