Ghostbusters 2 - River Of Slime

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CausticPeanut19: "Ain't that right, Ziggy?"
Camera pans over to Egon
My absolute favorite moment in this movie.

Alexander Edward Pytko: The Pneumatic Transit system was a 19th century subway system that used cars that moved by air pressure through the tunnels. It was built in 1870 but it didn't work very well. As cars would get stuck in the middle of tunnels and such. It was shut down in 1873.

Alexander Edward Pytko: Ray: "I can't believe it. It's the old Pneumatic Transit System. It's still here."
After that Peter was supposed to look confused and Egon explained to Peter that the Pneumatic Transit System was experimental subway system that used fan-forced air-trains. It was built around 1870.

HonestEagle98: That river is made up of booty tissue.....I would want to swim in that naked....of course without the monster.......Stuff is like the texture and viscosity of rectum tissue......

The Hoopsters: we've not managed to get slime to work yet. What is the secret?

Armando Sanchez: Arbolito
Lava river

Kota Marchri: This is probably my favorite Ghostbusters joke ever, that they tell Venkman to tell them another one and he actually tries another one.

Jesper BĂŠk Overgaard: p

Alex Hollst: Peter bashing Egon on the head kills me every time

turtlelover789: I would've preferred having the slime be green instead of pink.

Charmaine Bear: 0

Undertale Pasta: QU1 3ST 1C1 4 C4US3 D3 " CUR1OS1TY K1LL3D TH3 K4RK4T" ? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

Joshua Greenslade: i loved ghostbusters 1 and 2 as a kid. i had everything about them

Christian Battestin: No fair! That was my comment! I teased Grace about her bubble gum habit when I showed her this movie. I was her provider of gum.

Rufio: It rises when he panics and is telling them to pull him up, maybe the ooze responds to fear much like the slime that responds to anger

Michael Nascimento: Always loved this scene, especially the eerie score in the background, finalizing with a shot of Lower Manhattan and WTC (still standing).

Blue Jay: Why do people hate this movie so much? Yeah, it's not as good as the first but there's not too many sequels that can out do the original. The only sequel that comes to mind that out did the original is Terminator 2. When I watch this movie, I have to put the first movie on the back burner and watch this movie as if was the first movie.

Jessy Leppert: The slime is actually Bubble Gum

losers club: I remember being scared to take a bath after watching the scene when Dana was giving Oscar a bath and the slime starts to fill up the tub ! I was so scared that I didn't take one for a week until my mum finally got me to 😂

Nicoswag 2.0: funny so funny

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Ghostbusters 2 - River Of Slime 5 out of 5

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Ghostbusters 2 - River Of Slime