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Shane Baker: Bruh chill ur on here going full retard with a illegal toy loaded with live rounds.. roostering an deroostering in a unsafe manner phew u love living on the edge baha i love it 

thilan anjana: this video s great mate, i want one buy of of that 906

P. valco: yes

Awesomeness gun guy: Did you use the original barrel and drill it out or buy/make a new barrel, can you make a video showing how to convert it

miller300zx: how do you shorten the 380 rounds to fit 17mm clip

qwrqwjaqwr qwrqwr: i want to buy

Kold Prince: How can I get one 😩

John Iron: your a criminal and i will stop you

Kev c: obviously he carries no real permit of any sort with the way hes handling the firearms lol

j lin: Oopf I'm a cop too dam it that know lol let get high and got shoot at the cops. Or over run the government 

j lin: I'll give 300 for it. Don't tell the atf lol

Cero Matala: Honestly, pistols of that size and caliber already have accuracy problems, but a SMOOTH BORE pistol is TERRIBLY inaccurate. By the time you pull your' dumb toy on me, ill have my 9mm glock with 4 times the accuracy and this bitch is no joke. 

san lucchese: whats the different between zoraki 906 , stalker 906 and shark 906 model ? Which is best quality to shoot projectiles with

RealFightfrog: Can u send me the dimensions of the new barrel?
inner: 9mm
camber: 9,5mm
but u have to fit it in the old square thing after u sawed off the Barrel
so I guess it has 2 different outer Diameters front one probably 13mm
and the other at the chamber is 11mm? 12mm?

geoff: Your using the stock barrel on that 906 it has all the zoraki stampings and markings. I don't know if I'd be firing live out of that thing its a two piece design that will break apart sooner than later.

neffets kivøh: Is this legal? 

WHOSHOTYAVIDEO: you only need it to fire one time

Nene Aaron: JewishjouleGenerator I own a zoraki M906 can you tell me or show me how its done please and thank you

marco gonzalez: Will it blow up after a while

Zoraki 906 .380ACP - BUY GUNS ONLINE 5 out of 5

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Zoraki 906 .380ACP - BUY GUNS ONLINE