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Kevin Craveiro: obviously he carries no real permit of any sort with the way hes handling the firearms lol

marco gonzalez: Will it blow up after a while 

j lin: Oopf I'm a cop too dam it that know lol let get high and got shoot at the cops. Or over run the government 

Nene Aaron: JewishjouleGenerator I own a zoraki M906 can you tell me or show me how its done please and thank you

God Son: The zoraki 914 is waiting for u man u did all the rest of the FAM mine as well do the baby beast

Cero Matala: Honestly, pistols of that size and caliber already have accuracy problems, but a SMOOTH BORE pistol is TERRIBLY inaccurate. By the time you pull your' dumb toy on me, ill have my 9mm glock with 4 times the accuracy and this bitch is no joke. 

geoff: Your using the stock barrel on that 906 it has all the zoraki stampings and markings. I don't know if I'd be firing live out of that thing its a two piece design that will break apart sooner than later.

Joseph Meko: Now I get it Thugs with a record a mile long, Can't buy Real Guns, so they take toys and make then work for them. that is just so sorry, even if you can get them to live fire real AMMO question is how long will they do it before they Blow Up in your face, but that's ok because you will have the cool name of Short Two. that's how many fingers you will loose, so just keep playing and having fun with your Bang Guns, LOL sorry it is kind of funny.

neffets kivøh: Is this legal? 

RealFightfrog: Can u send me the dimensions of the new barrel? inner: 9mm camber: 9,5mm but u have to fit it in the old square thing after u sawed off the Barrel so I guess it has 2 different outer Diameters front one probably 13mm and the other at the chamber is 11mm? 12mm?

fisherman721: and this is why I love texas. because we can just go down to the sports store and buy a pistol. 21+ obviously. plus .380 auto is such a bitch round. crap even if you're broke there's .40 s&w hipoints. granted that's the one gun that's uglier than a glock but its only $150 ish. makes me laugh all these oppressive gun laws.

Στολτιδης Κωνσταντινος: very clever ,and intelligent,bravo my friend.

Peppe Musolino: whats the different between zoraki 906 , stalker 906 and shark 906 model ? Which is best quality to shoot projectiles with

Ivor Biggun: If you carry a pistol, it is only a matter of time before you use it. Then, you will put in prison and be butt f***ed by an older con with no teeth and a diseased pencil. Good luck with that plan.

James May: So do you just buy a new barrel and replace the old blocked one 

WHOSHOTYAVIDEO: you only need it to fire one time

Eric Durant: Rich kid with rich toys...that look unused. Idiot.

Jobe Jahova: How reliable are the blank firing conversion guns? Just wondering. I've put thousands of rounds down range and there is nobody on this green Earth who can become a good shooter without going to the range often and practicing multiple platforms and safety operations. I go to the range at least twice a month, maybe more. Can one of these blank conversions hold up to range time that often?

Voluspa / Asatru: I would like to ask the most obvious of all the questions. WHY would you ever even try to convert a toy "gun" into a real one, instead of just buying the real gun in the first place??? I know quite well about firearms. These "experiments" are just too dangerous. May blow up right in your face. Sorry. But I just do not get this "jewish humor". Just buy the REAL handgun, in ANY caliber of your choice. Safe, reliable and effective. And that is advice for ALL who watched this.

Straznov: Fools! The lot of you.

Nayim Al-Nayim: There are many of them converted and ready to shoot live ammo 7.65mm in our black market. They call it here Tactical Hulk. check this videos on youtube "if you know how to do it dumbass" watch?v=0Dcq3-EbMao watch?v=6MTOFye73xw watch?v=YCtK-Xn1Y1s watch?v=z_d-f3A2XsY watch?v=1sABHt3N_x0 watch?v=Uq3ffMt6H_A watch?v=kidZ4R2TRzQ

Eff Yoo: Loose lips sink ships. Why post this illegal crap. I understand why you would need to do this but freak man, keep it to yourself.

apt_nova: It's pretty stupid and pointless to convert a blank gun. Also, moron, you never point the muzzle in your face..

pa gallegos: Hay guy what size pipe did you buy. And were u able to put it on with epoxy.

leurbanparkour: i enjoy your videos vato

Roger Gurman: Try converting one of the Umarex blank guns...

Diego Curihual: what if I convert this kind of weapons (blank pistols) to shoot some sort of wax bullets, if i would protect my self, i'd rather to injure my assailant and not kill him, in my country, buying a gun is extremly expensive and difficult, besides, every day you risk the fact to get robbed, injured or in the worst of cases, be killed. Is it a good idea? xD. I'm just asking....

Hasan YÜKSEK: Süper colleksiyon

santy fox: Zoraki 906 converted to live firing(.380ACP Subco…: http://youtu.be/2f7EiqRDC04 Esta esta modificada para el calibre 380 a.c.p ó 308 auto ,9×17mm comúnmente llamado 9 corto Munición letal

j lin: I'll give 300 for it. Don't tell the atf lol

Nigel Williams: Where do you get the bullet parts? even when buying in parts in Germany you need a firearm license?

Motiur Hussain: Got a few questions about blanks plz contact me on motiur9786@gmail.com 

CigarGuy Frisby: there on ebay right now 4 days

Jason Blake: I think this is dangerous.. Real guns are made with massive steal that can handle the pression and explosion of the bullet. But i'm not judging,maybe you're a professional! Somehow the barrels looks well. 

Logon Handson: I see there are still a lot of people on here who still don't know what they are talking about.Converting blank guns have been going on a long time way before he started doing it.It is perfectly safe if you know what you are doing. .9mmPak & .380ACP are pretty much the same round.

tony Montana: Great video where can I order these barrels 

Vincenzo Pirozzi: hello, I also own a M906 zoraki equal to your ... well I would like to convert it into 380 or ACP or 32 acp .... I would like information on how to convert how to unlock the barrel and make a thread thanks you are a great compliment xi your works are fantastic ... as a result I want to buy the zoraki 917 if I can convert it from your friend vincenzo ... hello from Italy ....

DAcanyousaymreyes: you are my hero lol , wish i could learn from you 

MsUncleKevin: Do you even have flutes in those barrels?? Gun is very inaccurate with out them.

Andrew Varone: Hey JewishJouleGenerator please shoot me a email at AndrewDeeKing@gmail.com I am a life long gun nut as you and have a few questions :)

Cory Blackley: Where can i get this done?

jordan horst: +JewishJouleGenerator if i were to buy a ekol or other brand blank gun, could i drill out the bore and add a steel insert, would that be strong enough for .22 or .17hmr 

sloppy joe: Yes yes yes yes yes yes........... 

Ray Ray: why do you keep saying yes?

Richard Phillips: Shoot a Muslim 4 me 

Vincent Gilliam: Hey man we need to talk?

Vincenzo Pirozzi: I await your answers with useful information, accurate and detailed .... thanks

Junie Rivera: Can u email me I have a few questions on how to convert them my email is junie603@gmail.com

santy fox: Zoraki 906 converted to live firing(.380ACP Subco…: http://youtu.be/2f7EiqRDC04 Zoraki 906 liverada calibre 9×17mm-380 a.c.p- 308 auto-9mm corto

swalmima: are you a zionist?

Zoraki 906 .380ACP - BUY GUNS ONLINE 3.7 out of 5

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Zoraki 906 .380ACP - BUY GUNS ONLINE