How To Unlock Car Door Without Key Or Slim Jim

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Alex Zambrano: Beware, this process was done to similar car and now it leaks water, seems the tool used the wedge to much that bent the door frame

Entrepreneur Vision HQ: Cool! Thanks for the video

Dario Garcia: Not helpful if you don't have those tools witch 99.9% of people won't have

Hussey khanzada: Thanx, You freaking saved me couple of buks......freaking love you <3

jacob schmoyer: On my way to work I saw this locksmith using this exact airbag to unlock a person's minivan for them, now my approach is a bit rougher, but this guy in the video looks very amateur in its use. The guy I saw had it wedged in there on the side and inflating, didn't even use a plastic wedge, used the tool to pop the lock, and had the bag out and door open in about 10 seconds flat. The owner of the vehicle went around to the other side for just a second and when he came back the door was opened, looking very surprised how quickly it was done. It definitely was faster than the last one I opened (pt cruiser, she only had 24 dollars to her name and was in tears when I opened it and told her it was only going to cost her a smile and a thank you.) mind you I also was in a complete rush and had to use a shelf bracket, a few small pieces of hardwood flooring, and a bicycle spoke I bent with a pair of pliers and duct taped to her radio antenna (yeah... That kinda day..) it took roughly 3 minutes to actually do, and didn't leave any damage since I was very careful to pick how I felt my way into the insulation.

I could imagine this being a tool I keep in my glove compartment, and a metal coat hanger and a pair of pliers under the seat. I never locked myself out of my own truck, nor could I manage to stay locked out if I wanted. On a quick roadside repair like that it would be super convenient and even more guilty feeling for charging for locksmithing efforts.

Paul Paz: That was the worst example of how to use an air wedge I've ever seen

Some Dude: El Chapo unlocking doors now ?

Callum Withers: It's a great video to watch,thanks for sharing.

Maui Glide: I'm surprised how much mistakes was made in showing how to use the Big Easy and accessories. I would suggest removing this video and making another one that is corrected.

Shivdayal Singh: need improve ment

Kyle Jones: I woulda been in that car 3 minutes before you even got the lockout rod in there. And you never open the door while the wedge or airbag are in there. And you never put the air bag in the top or corner. It goes in the side 😑

Ramzan Montana: lmao freak you igor

Oscar Trujillo: you have been the only YouTube video that really shows what tools to use and that really work 👍thanks

BakaRed77: Yeah you don't need a slim jim.... Just all this other stuff that no one has available to them when they were searching for help.

Beatrice Adaramola: I locked my keys in my car and use this trick it worked even though I did not have the air pump I replace it a hammer and slightly pull I was able to use an old hanger in place of the rod. Thank to God saved myself $45

Tyler Coffey: where can I buy this?

tripjet999: ALWAYS keep an extra key hidden on the vehicle.

googie: How is this legal?

dani son: It doesn't work in every car model!!

pe mi: You need to be careful NOT to inflate the bag too much or you will have a whistling wind noise coming from the window seal because that air bag can and will bend the doorframe ever so slightly. Had it happen on a 2004 Camry afew years ago. Some eastern european who overchareged what I was quoted on the phone. What a SCAM these people have!

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How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim