How To Unlock Car Door Without Key Or Slim Jim

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FoolishDoug: Now how do you reinforce the door so that this method cannot be used by a burglar?

igor6969: Had phone call at 10:30 this morning from friend who's sister locked her keys in her car. Took me an hour to get it open. Charged them $40 but they gave me $60. So all you non-believers of this technique keep believing that. I'm laughing all the way to the bank, LOL. 

MrSmizell76: you use the wedge first then the bag to make the hole bigger. Then you use the rod to unlock the car. 

Apinkgirlt: This mess just happened to me a hour ago. My mom locked my keys on my car. A screw driver pill the top part of window back. Used a bent hanger 5 mins later doors unlocked. Thanks mom. 

gousau: motherfreakers talk too much, im in a got damn hurry !!! freak it !! 

telballs420: Pull your rod out!! N ther ya go lol

igor6969: 3rd call in 2 weeks..45 second job 2 miles from my house..for all you non-believers of this tool be sure and don't buy one..more customers for us, LOL

Nigel Cleland: Neat video! But the camera guy could've opened it for you ; )

Wael Salman: its better o unlock passenger side and placing the Air jack on to side of the door (top of it) to prevent damaging the frame , you can easily notice the opening left on the driver door 

Tony H: Most people aren't aware that having a lock out set is illegal to own if your not licensed to use it. It's considered "possesion of criminal tools" i'm not trying to cause any problems on here but instead keeping any one from getting in trouble.

igor6969: i have no clue why anyone is saying negative stuff about this..just keep on yapping and i will keep on making quick easy g/f works at the hospital 2 miles from my house and i opened 2 cars there last month $30 and $20.i gave my number to a gas station by the parkway and they called me twice in one week..4 miles from my house and 3 minutes work i made $20 and $30..most customers tip you also because i get there faster than a wrecker and sure much keep on talking trash and not buy one..just leaves more customers for us...LOLOL 

m sh: and after that you need to adjust the door which cost more than the door glass 

Keith Kelly: I must agree whole heartedly with Jesus Alberto Lopez on this one!!

Damith Dananjaya: Thank u So much. Thousand times...!!!!!!!!!!!

Forsake Pariah: Alright, its clear from the comments that this is not the ideal way to do this. What is then?

yungfresh2def24: what if you have frameless windows?

Charles Norris: Sure if you don't mind bending the door. Some jackass from a nearby garage used this method when my wife locked herself out. Now the door whistles when the wind hits it. The Body shop wants $1300 for a new door painted to match, and lock re-installed. A few people below me said the same. 

MrMikebeben: You are an idiot!! That is not the proper way to do it lmao. 

igor6969: i have one of these and just unlocked a truck for a lady about 2 hours ago...easy $25 for 5-15 minutes work..i've done about 30 or so vehicles with it..easy $$$..every man needs one..cost me $32 to get one shipped to my house..yes it CAN bend a door if you pry it too far up by the front..for all you that think this is a horrible product, call a wrecker service and ask them how they unlock doors..the SAME way..slim jims don't work on a lot of newer cars either..

Jesus Alberto Lopez: For real?, Who has all the Tools in your garage to pull this out? Hey let's go out o yes don't forget to get all the tools in you purse just in case you live the keys inside the car. yea right...

Dirk Segerius: your better off going from the side not the top

Kholdstare2010: You suck at unlocking cars. 'Special Rod' lol

MiddyMagoo: This doesn't damage the door at all. This is also how the AAA tow truck drivers do it.

Jesús Salazar: Q chafa mejor piquese el culo

fuffy442: Why not just carry a copy of your key in your wallet???

Luis Pulido: Good thing i carry about negative 5 of these things with me at all times.

ali amiri: What if your car isnt crap and has seals on it and a door lock that is unable to be pulled or pushed?

Esiggies Cigarettes: Another person that doesn't know what there doing.

Elena Salazar: No no no no. To all the people how are watching this, there is an easier way! Take less the 1min. (If you do it right) and all you need is a cot hanger......that's it! No air bags, no pole thing, no what ever else 

emenot: After these tools are use, you upper door/window WILL BE BEND, but fear not as it is really easy to bend it back to the correct contour All you need is a 2"X4", cushioning material(towels) 1) Open the door. 2) Roll down the window all the way down. 3) Put the stud through from the outside of the door and rest the other end inside against the inside door panel(be sure to use cushioning material between the stud and contacted area of the door. 4) Start and apply pressure as needed progressively yet gently at affected contour. AND NOW ITS FIXED...

nhojyelbom: This guy has no idea what he is doing. The paint protector is for the metal rod. Also you dont use an air wedge there hahaha

gamingstine: Its A BMW good freaking luck.

MrJohnsonx3: good video however that plastic protector is for the rod so that the rod does not contact the painted surface. the standard wedge is made of plastic so that it does not need a sleeve to prevent scratching

Donnie Vlog: They already know....probably even better and faster ways to break in.

Ahmad Khalid: not a professional and using the tool in wrong way

lokpikr999: You're not supposed to use the air wedge as a pry tool,your supposed to use the plastic wedge as the starter wedge and the air wedge as the main wedge.When using the air wedge it needs to be inserted at the side of the door(Roughly 4 fingers from the top corner so that you have working room for your long reach)and it needs to inserted at least a 1/4 of the way between the frame and door.In other words at least a quarter of the air wedge must emerge on the inside of the car.Best regards Alex

jaiRo montoya: Where did you get that kit from? I'm tired watching my roommates paying a tow to open their cars whenever they leave there keys in the ignition when they could be paying me instead

david sanjose: Good vid I use that thing a work except for the air bag somebody lost it the only car that I couldn't open so for are some BMW's for some reason. Thanks for the vid

Donnie Vlog: I have not tried the BMW. A agree, it's an excellent tool to have. Thanks for watching!

FatalExtremism: "How to break into your car without a slimjim" you will just need these three random tools that everybody has laying around. Thanks for not helping.

TheWiley15: where do u purchase the airbag?

lokpikr999: Just about all BMW's are equipped with a deadlock mechanism that disables the manual locks.In order to unlok The older ones you have to pick the lock or fool the crash sensor,On the newer ones(2002+) you can use a long reach,but you have to press the deadlock button(Which is a black button with a white drawing of car door with a key on it)that is located on the center console or gear selector and then quickly pull the inside handle which will raise the button and unlock the door.Hope this helps

Big John: The reason you most likley could not unlock the bmw was it was dead locked you have to do a few things with the longreach tool to get it to unlock that way this article lays it out reall well just remove the spaces and put a period where it says dot you will have the link that explains how to do it (ps some land rovers and deadlock as well) lockmasters dot com/ecommerce/site/pdfsJIffy%20Jak%20Unlocking%20Deadlocked%20BMWs%20article dot pdf

Daniel Gonzalez Silva: It's a great video to watch, BUT I'm wondering how many idiots are going to try to steal a car with this tool.

RollingStone30: how can one get an air bag, door wedge and steel cord in the middle of no where. This is easy becuase you are in the garage. Check out YT, there is a video to open locked car door with a simple string that you can gets anywhere.

Donald Winter: I have used this several times as a locksmith to get into cares. It is called the Big Easy and you can get a whole kit from several locksmith supply companies. You can use it to unlock the door, pull the handle or even get the keys out of the ignition. Very useful as a one tool does 99% of all cars.

Donnie Vlog: Visit CollisionBlast(dot)com/LockOutKit

Donnie Vlog: Visit CollisionBlast(dot)com/LockOut­Kit

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