How To Unlock Car Door Without Key Or Slim Jim

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Jacob Whitt: I used one of the steel wire rods from a tomato support cage and a couple bits of random wood as wedges just now. The idea's the same without a kit. Wire clothes hangers might work, two (very well) taped together wires for strength.

M R: I just paid $70 to get my car open this way, after 2 hours of struggling I gave up with my screw driver and coat hanger, the locksmith guy came with 2 air bags and the rod and took him 2 minutes to get it open :(

Andy Hooser: I drive a tow truck. I unlock cars every day. What you did got the car open but it was incorrect. Never go in from the top. Start on the side. The top metal is easier to bend and you're more likely to break the glass. Also. Remove all tools before pulling the handle. Good luck.

brian32harris: The paint protector is for the rod not the shim. SMH

Cee and Em: You can buy all of the tool he uses for about $30, if you want some higher quality tools of course you have two spend about $60. Mostly just for the air wedges, they vary anywhere from $14 to $40. I would suggest Home Depot, I got some decent quality air wedges for $14 each.

Anna: Today A Nice Guy had my car opened in 30 seconds-45..FAST and EZ with the balloon and long plastic hook tried but didnt have any tools etc..I will do it myself as this happen sa lot with darn auto locks ..I only have 1 key lost 3-4..old age

Ryan Simmons: why didn't he just have the guy inside the car unlock it

Illuminati Creed67: "how to open your door without a slim Jim while I unlock my door using a slim Jim"

Richard Burnett: The Absolute BEST TUTORIAL!!! I Could Not Figure How To Open Without Damaging

akbar hossin: I am so mane try but I can not find

DannaGoat: I wonder if this works on newer cars

Muhammad Nadeem Malik: How much is this kit pls tell me the prise

billie crouse: Donnie, when I was a kid, you could use the dip-stick as a slimjim on some of  those older cars.

Gene Smay: now your door is tweaked and water and wind will be flowing in..

Alex Zambrano: Beware, this process was done to similar car and now it leaks water, seems the tool used the wedge to much that bent the door frame

Entrepreneur Vision HQ: Cool! Thanks for the video

Dario Garcia: Not helpful if you don't have those tools witch 99.9% of people won't have

Hussey khanzada: Thanx, You freaking saved me couple of buks......freaking love you <3

jacob schmoyer: On my way to work I saw this locksmith using this exact airbag to unlock a person's minivan for them, now my approach is a bit rougher, but this guy in the video looks very amateur in its use. The guy I saw had it wedged in there on the side and inflating, didn't even use a plastic wedge, used the tool to pop the lock, and had the bag out and door open in about 10 seconds flat. The owner of the vehicle went around to the other side for just a second and when he came back the door was opened, looking very surprised how quickly it was done. It definitely was faster than the last one I opened (pt cruiser, she only had 24 dollars to her name and was in tears when I opened it and told her it was only going to cost her a smile and a thank you.) mind you I also was in a complete rush and had to use a shelf bracket, a few small pieces of hardwood flooring, and a bicycle spoke I bent with a pair of pliers and duct taped to her radio antenna (yeah... That kinda day..) it took roughly 3 minutes to actually do, and didn't leave any damage since I was very careful to pick how I felt my way into the insulation.

I could imagine this being a tool I keep in my glove compartment, and a metal coat hanger and a pair of pliers under the seat. I never locked myself out of my own truck, nor could I manage to stay locked out if I wanted. On a quick roadside repair like that it would be super convenient and even more guilty feeling for charging for locksmithing efforts.

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How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim
How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim
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How To Unlock Car Door Without Key or Slim Jim