Longarm Machine Quilting- Loading Your Quilt

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Janet Erikson: I have a Hinterberg stretch frame and this adds a lot of clarity to their video! Thank you dahling!!!

Barb Boynton: My mom just brought me her machine--and as a beginner, I'm lost! This helps simplify the basics! Thanks!

TheCraftyGemini: do you mean using four way spandex on a quilting frame? Like the quilt is made of that material? I have never tried anything that stretchy and am not sure how well that would cooperate with the frame and the machine stitches. There are tons of companies that offer their services. Just do a quick google search in your area if you want someone locally.

sociallyretarded: can i apply this principle to four way spandex? also are there companies that offer quilting svcs?

Back Porch Ramblings: I bought the GMQ Pro 2 years ago. I sold it. It was not big enough as far as the machine. The throat was too small. I have back problems and I want a longarm really bad. Im considering the SIT DOWN HandiQuilter...you would still have to pin baste but get the perks of having that huge amount of quilting space...just sitting down.

Back Porch Ramblings: Vanessa, did you say that particular quilt you are demonstrating is a free pattern anywhere? I love that since Im not a big advanced quilter? Do you find machine quilting to be hard on your neck and shoulders and upper arms? (I bought the GMQ Pro from Grace Co but sold it.. I really am considering a sit down longarm handiquilter with my back problems) Id love to make that quilt though! Can you share the name of it again and where I may find the pattern? I love YOU!@ Laurie

Suzanne Eutsler: what is disappearing ink?

Suzanne Eutsler: I was wondering if you take photo's and do any textual instructions to go along with your video's? I really like your quilt in this video and want to try it, but unless I have pen and paper available to write down the measurements of each piece, I lose track. It would help if there was a pdf available with quilt size, pieces sizes, etc. Would you let me know if you do this and where I can get them? Thanks :D

TheCraftyGemini: @1MourningMIst Glad to help! Happy quilting.

1MourningMIst: Great video. Just what I needed to get going. Thanks!

TheCraftyGemini: @IAmJustOneMom They come with the frame/machine setup that I have and are called "groovy boards." HInterberg makes them. Hope that helps!

IAmJustOneMom: where did you get your grooved patterns on the back side of your machine? they would be awesome for easy borders.

TheCraftyGemini: @SaffySioux LOL. No problem... no I don't have the same frame you are getting. I have a Hinterberg Stretch frame. You should check out the yahoogroup specifically for owners of the Juki TL98E & Q machines. They share tips, tricks, advice, etc. You should get on it and let them know you are getting your setup and ask for any advice, etc. YouTube won't let me post web addresses but it is: groups.yahoo{dot}com/group/TL98EJuki/

Suzanne Eutsler: Do you have the same frame that I am getting? If so, can I trade out to a better bigger machine later on? Hope you don't mind all the ?'s!

Suzanne Eutsler: @TheCraftyGemini Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep you posted when I get it in and setup :)

TheCraftyGemini: @SaffySioux CONGRATULATION!! How exciting! What a sweet hubby you have. :o) That is a very popular setup and I have heard of many people starting with that setup before upgrading to a bigger machine. He did good! I built my frame and setup my machine all by myself with no help and it was pretty easy. The package will surely come with some instructions and DVDs (usually) to give you some good visuals on setting it all up. Don't be nervous.... get excited! You can quilt your own quilts, now!

Suzanne Eutsler: @TheCraftyGemini.. after checking out quilting machines, my husband surprised me & bought me a Juki TL98Q Long-Arm, Grace GMQ - Pro Frame, Stitch Regulator, Needles, QuiltCAD & Much more! I'm a little overwhelmed, I was expecting a sewing machine and now I have a lot more... was it easy to figure out how to do quilting with the machine and frame your first time? Mine should be arriving this week sometime and honestly I'm nervous. Lots of money on this machine and I don't want to disappoint

TheCraftyGemini: @SaffySioux Congratulations! Quilting is so much fun. As for longarm machines I suggest you do a google search for longarms. There are tons of machines out there and they vary greatly in pricing. The machine I have is one of the more budget-friendly longarms on the market. I have a Voyager 17 that's made by Hinterberg/Nolting. My tips would be to research all the machines so you know what types of features they have. Then you should demo as many of those machines as possible. Good luck!

Suzanne Eutsler: YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for posting these videos. I know how time consuming these things are (my husband does airgun reviews on you tube) so I greatly appreciate it!! I took my first quilt class this weekend (never sewed before now) and I had an awesome time. Made Turning 20 Again and it looks great, but now I have to pay someone to finish it ... my hubby wants to buy me a machine, and get me lessons... what machines do you recommend and what tips can you give me? EXCITED FIRST TIMER.

TheCraftyGemini: @Pianist702 Thank you!! I definitely understand what you mean about paying otehrs to quilt your quilts! After I paid for 4 or 5 quilts I said no more and got my longarm. I have a Voyager 17 from Hinterberg. Check it out! It's very affordable (~$4,000) and a great machine!

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Longarm Machine Quilting- Loading your quilt 5 out of 5

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Longarm Machine Quilting- Loading your quilt