Easy EKG: Interpreting Rhythms

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Onytz: Really helpful!

Michael Morris: hey looks really good but how do I get to your first video?

Peggy De Boer: thanks

abid abid: thakyou

Camal Joker: Omg thank you. In a monitor tech class with rn...I just needed to focus on reading the strips by I can't help with anything else. I need you to go through each one..by now I finally get it!!! Thanks youndoc

gaige smith: Thank you for the help! This definitely will help with paramedic school

scrappin2learn: Many thanks for sharing this video. I am an RN studying for my ACLS cert and your video made strip interpretation make SO MUCH sense. I need to know the "why's" not just the "what's" and I understand so much better now after watching your video. You are a top notch presenter and a gifted educator. I look forward to watching more of your presentations!

NBraz: Hello Erik, thank you for the video!

I’ve been having frequent arrhythmias for the past 3 years or so. They come and go. But when they come they are very frequent (50 per day), or maybe i'm very sensitive to them. No previous heart conditions, I already did Holter, Ecocardiogram and ECG’s a couple of years ago and all doctors say everything’s normal. However as you may know, only if one is symptomatic when wearing the holter device or doing the ECG will it register. The last ECG I did 1 year ago the doctor said one Sinus Arrhythmia was detected but it was very normal.

Now, I’ve always used Polar H7 HR belt and EliteHVR app which detects the arrhythmias like a spike on the RR graph (please see link: https://postimg.org/image/hvx4ya0z7/ ). My question is: to further identify what type of an arrhytmia it is i need an ECG recorder, right? I guess the spike on the image is unconclusive?

What do you think about Kardia Mobile from Alivecor?

Thank you! :)

Laura Long: Hey Guys, as i am too am a little confused on the counting between the qrs complex. You mention that each box is worth 300,, if in fact i am counting down 300,150 etc, in my head I am counting as if each box IS 300 example: 300,600,900 etc.
How are you getting the calculations you did by dropping 300 to 150, to 100 etc.
can you explain?

francis osei: very good video brother.God bless you

Ceil P: I really appreciate your presentation.I need more practice to name the rhythm. But it is incomplete .Do you have a video about NON conducted PAC, PAT, Thank you so much for taking your time of doing this.

George Torres: I teach ECG/EKG at my Institution, And I really like the software that you use.... What is it called? and Where can I get it?
Thank you for all your info. Its truly great!!

Victor Mazzella: Great video! Im a paramedic student and was having a tough time distinguishing each rhythm, thanks for taking the time to make these videos, they are helping me tremendously. Just know you are definitely helping people out there!

Burak Şimşek: thanks

Amy Holiday: this is a great video, short but informational

Bahadir Simsek: which website is that sir? can we use the website as well?

Ahmed Obaid: Really good job with this video, do you have another where you manage each type with medications?

Aleen Clarin: this is from SkillStat

Saranya Thavarajah: hey which website did you gets those ecg strips from ?

rita spratlen: Very nice!! Thanks!

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Easy EKG: Interpreting Rhythms 5 out of 5

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EKG strips for the NCLEX & beginners
EKG strips for the NCLEX & beginners
Heart Blocks Review by ACLS Certification Institute
Heart Blocks Review by ACLS Certification Institute
Easy EKG: Interpreting Rhythms
Easy EKG: Interpreting Rhythms
Cardiac NCLEX® Quick Points
Cardiac NCLEX® Quick Points

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Easy EKG: Interpreting Rhythms