Luxury Lites E-Hookah (Cherry Limeade) 1st Impression

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sergsrt8: Does this brand contain nicotine? 

sergsrt8: Ok thanks. I bought one today at 711. How do i know if i got the 0mg or 6mg one? Does it say somewhere on the box?

i_crave_dominance: just got mine as a gift and there's no smoke and the light keeps going out

Kirk Duncan: I just bought these for my wife and I and we like them!

cclarkk77: I got mine last night. It's cherry lime ade I love it. Just waiting to see how long it lasts. No complaints here. Tastes good too my son's liked it. Just wondering house many mg of nicotine it has.

Joe Martinez: Would anyone say these are cheaper than buying a pack of ciggerates? I dont like cigs and from experience they only last a few 6 - 8 puffs. These have nicotine but I'm not going to get addictited I just like how these no rat poison crap in them and I can just smoke it anywhere

Dan L: Actually, on these, the pull tabs are to cover the air intake hole. The tabs are purely on the surface. I was actually able to get the Imperial to work without the tab being taken off.

Dan L: I quit smoking it due to the harsh taste that never went away. I have a followup video on my channel about the e-hookahs.

Paul Morin: Hmm. Shows what I know.

linda p: You have no clue what your talking bout. These are the best and the flavors are amazing

Elijah Lobato: Try the melon slush. It is really good.

MISSGRIMM85: The melon slush is really good. I've only tried hookah a few times, always an apple flavor. The first few puffs of the luxury lites are a bit harsh. After that the flavor of the melon really comes through.

KODmasta07: Awesome review!

David Garcia: Whats the best e hookah youve Tried ?

Dan L: The flashing means either you try to take too long of a draw or the battery is dead. I don't think the color itself means anything, just you got a yellow light instead of green or red like most other 'e-hookahs'.

Dan L: The button it has must be pressed each time you wish to smoke.

iluvfish111: Did u get it? if so how long has it lasted for u

Bakernee: Why is mine flashing yellow when I try to puff on it? I loved it! And it was amazing! Only used it for one day! I want it to work again... Every time I push the button it just flashes yellow, which is the color it turns when it's 'on.' Any ideas?

rosesbite: just ordered a vanilla flavored one.. hope i have better luck haha.

FeTti lOw: I had one last night and no it dosnt taste anything like cherry or lime it's just sweet

Shaquana Abrams: on the website the do offer non-nicotine

Shaquana Abrams: the passion punch is my favorite

dunnandpj: I just smoked the passion punch, and it was i lil warm, but the flavor was good.

Dan L: That was actually my uncle.

Dan L: I know the taste and effect a "tobacco flavor" has in vaping. What I got was more of harshness, similar to a cinnamon vape.

iluvfish111: How long has it lasted for u?

Dan L: Some smoke shops may carry e-hookahs, but I've only seen them online.

imrannabeekhan1236: I totally agree with him. just got one for my bday, but its more warm flavorless vapor than flavor. ill try starbuzz

Davi Salazar: The berry flavor is good to

tydollaz: try melon slush!

jennystime1: can u get these at a smoke shop or only online?

Lauryn Page: My girlfriend bought the cherry limeade and it made me go try the melon. I think that you're tasting the 6mg of tobacco that it has. The Starbuzz doesn't have tobacco in it. So far I like the melon but I will try the berry next.

Dan L: These can contain nicotine, which can become an addicted substance to most people.

xxkilla59xx: Dr. Stu?

IllegalIllness: I got the Melon Slush...Definitely only lasted a good 200 puffs! idk what;s wrong with it, but it just keeps flashing green.

Dan L: I would not recommend anything labeled as 'e-hookah.' Save your time and money and buy a vaping kit like an eGO Twist with Kanger T3 tanks. You never have to worry about when it might run out or if you even get a flavor that taste like what it's supposed to.

JRMonster414: I love that flavor! First one I purchased

thestrid82: are there any reports on the health issues associated with these. Id like to use one once a week, but unsure of health risks. i want to use non-nicotaine and just enjoy the experience etc

SkanenakS: Actually luxury lite e-hookas offer 6mg or 0mg nicotine. Smooth e-hookas have 0mg nicotine.

David Castillo: @Dan L has yours stop working after two days due to lack of smoke

jess pre: i recommend the smooth e-hookahs they are fantastic taste is good and smoke is nice smooth, cool and produces big clouds HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

justchen563: mine just tastes burnt? it's only been two days!

Bakernee: Did it ever fix itself? Or did you figure it out? mine is flashing too... :(

Dan L: Unless both Smooth and Luxury Lites wish to send me some samples for free, I won't be doing any comparisons. These items are too expensive for what they offer.

Dan L: No, they do not.

iluvfish111: How long did yours last for? How many puffs did it have

Dan L: I could very well have a defective one. I will try to contact them this week to see if I can get a replacement or if they have an idea why the flavor and the vapor temp are way off.

Dan L: I'm never buying anything labeled as 'e-hookah' again. They aren't worth the price nor have the range you can't find with vaping kits.

TheBlank77: I bought a lux lite cherry limeade 2 days ago......i enjoy it. Im not a cig smoker...i puff it like a cigar, and i have no complaints

Dan L: The burn never went away from me. I had a follow up vid where I got to 200 puffs and gave up since the burn was still there.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Luxury Lites E-Hookah (Cherry Limeade) 1st Impression 3.2 out of 5

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Luxury Lites E-Hookah (Cherry Limeade) 1st Impression