Vitamin C Serum Comparison ~ Timeless, Paula's Choice, Cosmetic Skin Solutions

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Anoushka Dumka: Hi ...I am from india ... kindly provide the details as how can I buy timeless product ..

Caroline Paquier: PS Angie I found a way to preserve my serums/oils far. When I get a new bottle I transfer about a month's worth into a little plastic squeeze bottle for daily use and keep the stock bottle in the fridge. One woman on youtube stores hers in the freezer with no ill effect but the fridge is working for me. So far none of them have even darkened, let alone change color and it's been about 3 months. Like you I hate spending money on stuff I know I'm going to throw away so try this. You can decide what type of container to use as your daily one. I just found some cheap squeeze bottles on Amazon . I don't even label mine since I group them into Am/Pm batches that I know I will use everyday anyway. I has been worth the 5 minute hassle since I've been able to use 99% of every bottle which is a real cost saver.

Jules Garcia: Thanks for another informative video, Angie. Yes, it is definitely time for me start incorporating Vitamin C serum into my skin care regimen. I hope that I find one that is best for my skin. Your Awesome!!!

Aja, Já! Jaqueline Tavares: Love

Caroline Paquier: Angie I know it's an old product but I've successfully used Porcelana spot corrector for years. I spent literally two decades on a horse in the Texas sun summer and winter so I had plenty to experiment on. It is truly a geezer product but for the price I have yet to find a better one and I did look. You might give it a try...test your hands...and see what you think. The only down side for you might be that it's truly a thick cream, like the CeraVe so it could cause a breakout but hasn't on my skin so far. Thanks for another outstanding review video. You're pretty much the gold standard on beauty/skin care products for me and I always learn from you.

Kaddy j: this video is so goood !!!! so informative

Amber Buza: Have you or anyone else tried the Peter Thomas Roth one? It has 20% vit C, 3% E and 2% ferulic acid.

J LS: As soon as you discussed the prices and your justification I subscribed!! I asked for a Clarisonic for Christmas and your channel is exactly what I needed!!

amandeep kaur dhillon: Hi Angie.... I love your videos and I have started using vitamin c and retinols after watching your videos... Thanks a lot... I'm using Clinique vitamin c 10% serum.... And want to take it to higher percentage.. may be like 20% for day time and 30% for night.. but I'm not sure should I really go for 30%... Do you have any experience of using 30% vitamin c?

julissa ponce: In new in actives, a good start is with low%, but which one, i see in the ordinary, vitamin c, ascorbic acid, and others, so where to begin, im 35 years combination skin, i bought a serum vitamin C low% from its skin power formula VC (korean) i hope thatss a good start....

Max Germain: Thanks for a great video! Don't throw out the oxidized serum as you can still use it on your body. I use the Timeless vitamin C + E serum everyday on my body before applying Gold Bond moisturizer to help with crepey skin. It took me about 2 months to see a difference, but it works! My skin has an incredible glow! My chest, thighs and knees are firmer. I saw a reduction in the appearance of spider veins on my ankles and stretch marks on my hips. Another tip to help it last longer is to put the serum in a 1 ounce glass spray bottle. I buy them from Sprouts market for $2.99. That way you don't have to expose it to air.

JandT Furman: I tried the Drunk Elephant c but for the price, I wasn’t impressed. I have been using the TruSkin with good results, but I don’t think it has ferulic acid. Will look into that.

Luciana Alonso: It couldn’t be more complete! Thank you so much, Andy! I love your videos. I am Brazilian and will be visiting Orlando in November. Can I buy Timeless in stores or just online?

gab zolo: Thank you for the code!!! $5 off 😉

Sally Sally: Omg i love love love this video thanks for doing this greets from amsterdam

Callme Aanaway: You are so thorough and thoughtful at what you do for us, your followers! Thank you so much! I always learn something. I was just trying to decide which vitamin C to buy for the last 3 days. It is a little difficult because I am 58, a bit older and wanting to not to look it!
Love, peace and healing to you and yours! 🦋

Joe Sanchez: I'm doing product research and I came across your video. Fantastic review!

Sherri G.: Thank you! Vitamin C serum is my holy grail! Mario Badescu's is my fave by far. 🍊

christiebelle1972: It is so crazy how much younger you look now! You have lost about ten years off your face since you made this video!!

Lori Ayres: How do you feel about Maelove love glow maker vitamin C?

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Vitamin C Serum Comparison ~ Timeless, Paula's Choice, Cosmetic Skin Solutions 5 out of 5

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Vitamin C Serum Comparison ~ Timeless, Paula's Choice, Cosmetic Skin Solutions
Vitamin C Serum Comparison ~ Timeless, Paula's Choice, Cosmetic Skin Solutions
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Vitamin C Serum Comparison ~ Timeless, Paula's Choice, Cosmetic Skin Solutions