How To Put Weapons Into Display Cases (Skyrim Armory) (Xbox 360)

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Jeffrey Woods: Wont the items disappear?

lewis thomas: Hey I was wondering what house have you got? It's a really nice place 

Taki-chuu: "Hey baby, shut up." XDDDD That was funny xD Also, I knew it! But I was just wondering, will your weapon disappear? Thats what bugs me, I dont want to lose a cool weapon. XD 

shat hat: will it dissapear???

WoozyWildcat: Thanks!!!!!

arridcheese: Thanks :-)

Lycan Slayer: Hey rob what weapon do you have equipped in this video?

Shocker120: Are you kidding me? I picking up and moving things like that is a basic function, it was literally one of the first things I new how to do. This video is basically saying "To put things in display cases, just put things in display cases." Who doesn't know that you can move objects around by holding down the button?

brenden554: Calm down 

Nick Edler: I'll put stuff in my display case the way he showed it. But when I leave the house and come back, it'll be on the ground where I initially dropped it. Is this a glitch? 

CESAR HERNANDEZ: I keep doin this and they keep falling every time I come back to my house? ???

dante chips: What house is that!?

frank doster: nice armory

Chris Gonzales: What button is the "pickup button"?

Jason Roper: This is actually a glitch because I placed something in my display case and now I cant thats why I watched this vid

John Pridgen: Is there any particular reason you play the 360 version when you've got a good PC? 

samueladams017: Wow i feel like a complete dubass right now. I was trying to figure out how to do that last night. Thanks for the help!!! :)

HellScythe Necromance: what a dumb rip off, if weapon disappear if not on a correct display case without the activate button wish they implement that instead

AGT Llama: Why do I feel so stupid now lol. Thank you bro! :D

Jake Walker: Thanks it helped very much

RobJunior21: watch?v=Txstw4aj5Do

Tomas Petronis: I do! How do I do that??

aces9876: because its so obvious that bethesda rushed this and it came out as a piece of crap, no display case activators, lightning indoors sucks, no lighbeams shrining through your windows, interior is one big object-clutter mess.

Ryan Chastain: I'm on the computer. But my house is winterhelm or whatever has display cases that work like the weapon mounts and stuff. Don't understand why they wouldn't make these cases like that also. Where what ever you have equipped goes in the case.

Zack N.: won't it disappear after a while like things you drop anywhere else do?

RobJunior21: no:P

Caleb Hardaway: Show your whole house ine the in and out

Joshua Taggart: Funny to see this, I tried this before searching the subject and it worked for a minute until i bounced out and came back lol all my stuff was in the exact same place but on top of the display cases... 0.o

Mikael Jensen: That wasn't a help. Honestly i thought it was a joke..

RobJunior21: If you have pc:P

Laserzrock: No, it wasn't when you put it in it wont stay in, if you leave and come back it will be on the floor.

Bilbo Sake: I know but they could have done it the same way as on pc

RobJunior21: Your ps3 right? This is for xbox xD

Sean Bautista: If using a pc, you can use the console command to get the spell "Telekinesis" and use it to put stuff in the cases...

Mister Mouse: Items that you drop do not need to worry..

RobJunior21: Also tell that to the 53 that liked it :P

David Burnett: where do you get the bloodskal blade?

m0nde: this is useless when i put anything into a display case and come back later, i find it on the floor the only way to fix this permanently is to apply a display case mod/fix

Alfred Heimersson: Why haven't Bethesda patched this?

Matthew Siegel: What house contains that armory?

jezee91: This made me laugh because I also forbid my children to enter my armoury!

Nate Hart: i have that sword its rely good

edmonds8209: Thank you

xlheatedsoul: It requires the Hearthfire dlc it's the land you buy in falkrreath that you build

zerogeass21: you look like that dude from that new die hard

RobJunior21: Well I say death to him!

RobJunior21: sometimes it is glitched:(

Filo Blud: Think skyrim need to update this, this is a terrible way of putting you things inside a display case.

Sherry Williams: what is the last armor with the quest marker on it ?

RobJunior21: Thank you like I said in this video when it was made. I didn't know how pc and ps3 worked with that :P

How to put weapons into display cases (Skyrim Armory) (Xbox 360) 4.4 out of 5

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How to put weapons into display cases (Skyrim Armory) (Xbox 360)
How to put weapons into display cases (Skyrim Armory) (Xbox 360)
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How to put weapons into display cases (Skyrim Armory) (Xbox 360)