Free RC Plane And ITunes $15 Gift Card Giveaway

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oday1395: Hey Eric giving thing away like this is really nice of you. I havent been able to fly much since my dad crashed my firebird since I dont have any other planes at the moment so I sure could use that firbird haha. Good luck with your channel and god bless. This is really great of you man!

z3325bmw: he should gave that glasses he wearing looks like tom cruise hahahahahahaaha

jlharv64: I am interested in both. Congrats on the new mancave and keep up the videos, I enjoy them!

Caper_4_Life Caper_4_Life: i'll take the plane,,,

Brad Chasenore: hi love to win both hi eric

MicheleMidnight: my fear would be, if i won the plane i would crash

Josh Aston: Nice vid

crowe73: I would love to have the plane. As always your vids Rock! Keep up the good work and happy flying.

andrez123100: Itll be sad if i win the itunes gift card i dont even have a ipod :(

njal2: Im interested :-)

HoodBehindMe23: I WANT THE GIFTCARD!!!!

0TOM007: I would really like the Phantom!:D i'm still quite young,,, and i'm trying to save up for a plane, i've got a belt cp but i really want a plane too!! Great video!

emill151: Choose me because your avesome :D

eggyhed: I'M interested, I'm interested, ok!!!!, lol

Anthony Desantiago: I like both the prizes cause I have an iPhone and I crashed my other firebird phantom Great vid!! Awsome prizes!!

iloviphone3gs: i like both

CowboyLH: I'm very interested in the iTunes card Eric. I think it is very generous of you to be able to give away prizes for your subscribers! And keep those videos coming!

zinkfv61: Hey Eric, love the Firebird. How about a vid of it flying before you send it out?

Nathan Wheatley: Hey Eric. I'm interested in the I-Tunes gift card. I love to listen to music, and I could get some of the songs I've been wanting. :)

Andrew Moore: Hobbyzone planes are a great start. I have a challenger, extreme and a swift. Great planes to start off with.

horizonflyer9: I am interested in both!

apinapapana: I am interested in airplane!!!

Lithoushine: hey Eric your awesome for giving away all this stuff. it would be real cool if i could get that plane not for me though but for my friend he likes to watch me fly but would love to get one for himself. i going to have to make a video about the look thats going to be on his face when i show up at his door with a plane for him! thanks

jonescan88: i like the RC Plane eric

AcidParadice69: you sir.. are a gentleman and a scholar although i would love the phantom.. i believe theres probably others who are far more deserving.. so i just wanted to say kudos for being such a good guy and entertaining and educating all of us....

TheRCguy22: ooooooooh (: i like plane

Justin Hoang: I'm interested in both of the prizes! Woo

Kathryn Brownlee: Hey guys if you're interested for a free itunes gift card you can check " free itunes gift card", I suggest to give it a try.

Leah Cooper: im interested in any of the prizes!

SuperChargedRC: Send me everything.. lol..

Michael Andrews: My wife could use the phantom. And heck she even uses itunes, But i would want to have a reason to drag her to the field with me :) hahaha. Good man. Thanks alot!

heliparkflyer12: cool dude!

twoslick2: Nice start on yr man cave. I am interested in both prizes! Thanks

jambuttymegasize: hi eric im interested in this stuff that u r giveing away

joehandsome99: The 3,000th subscriber happened today! Thanks to all that have watched my videos and left comments. The winners video will be up Friday or Saturday. Thanks again, Eric Around Tuit Videos.

CrippleBoyProduction: Hey Eric! The Prizes sound great! I am interested in any of them! Congrats on nearing 3,000 subscribers! ~Cody of the CBP

cy2kill: uh uh i want the firebird^^

08maxout: Another very professionally done video. Your videos are a plus for the RC hobby.

isegoria1: I never win anything - but there can be a first time. The plane sure would be nice.

trollydodger: I'm interested in both lol

NightFlyyer: Very good. Good luck with the contest. I like the shop. 5 stars.

THOMIEKA: great fun, the firebird.

whoamagic: im interested in both (u r awesome!)

ParkFlyyer: I'm really interested into the plane because I made this channel to review RC airplanes like you. But I have none. So if I win than i can review my first airplane.

sheasarge15: i am interested in both mate:) ur contests r awesome btw.

josh b: i'm interested in the phantom eric

Flying Fish RC: Thanks for doing this, and for the vids ... keep it up! I am new to RC Flying and enjoy learning as much as I can through some of the great vids on here. Of course I would love to get lucky on your give away, but mostly just want to say thanks for the vids.

partyhardybill: I am interested in both! You ARE awesome for giving this stuff away!

Aaron Gold: Both those prizes are awsome, congrats on almost 3000 subs

jonescan88: COOL

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Free RC Plane and iTunes $15 Gift Card Giveaway 4.8 out of 5

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Free RC Plane and iTunes $15 Gift Card Giveaway
Free RC Plane and iTunes $15 Gift Card Giveaway
$15 iTunes Giveaway!
$15 iTunes Giveaway!
Around Tuit RC Giveaway. Free RC Airplane!
Around Tuit RC Giveaway. Free RC Airplane!

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Free RC Plane and iTunes $15 Gift Card Giveaway