Farming Simulator On Playstation Vita

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BikingMadVlogger: I have to say this looks good,I'm going to get it

Top2000Gear: just android port

clash clans: Why would somebody reallllllllllly buy this crap game oo my god!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

MrVercettti: Pity the camera is Iso Eric not fully behinds :(

Carl Jennings: It's out now!

Carl Jennings: I have no idea - shouldn't be too far away though. Within the next few weeks, i'd guess.

Shane: You need to play farming simulator like pewdiepie man XD ill get this game for the lolz

Carl Jennings: Thanks for pointing that out, i forgot to mention it. It's 74MB so pretty tiny.

szexpir2012: Best game for Ps Vita (for me)

Carl Jennings: The demo is now released in the US! Full game shouldn't be too far off.

Rihad: I wnna get this, i got my ps vitw n launch day and there where no game and now there are tons

SMN Jack: I wnt this

Jordan Sell: Wow. See i got this game on andriod and had to get rid of my andriod. So then i found out its on the vita so i can't wait for it to come out in the USA.

FL4MINGCH1PMUNK: Do you have any idea why this isn't out in America yet?

Carl Jennings: Certainly does. Even has a platinum.

HithereJimHerald: Just found the demo before looming this up here in the U.S

Carl Jennings: You're welcome! It's more "fun" than i give it credit for, i was taking the piss a bit. It's genuinely really addictive (now up to 12 hours logged). It's a good "podcast game" - whack a podcast on in the background and do some farming!

Christos SleeperWolf: Can't you actually walk here lime the other Farming Simulators?

DJTarran: can you farm animals?

Sebastian Fricke: No

JettoSettoJustin: yessssssss cant wait for this in a couple days

Kim J: Looks awesome. I want it!

SuperSkills: When full game?

Crimson MOON: How much memory?

Jordan Sell: Does it have trophies?

Sam Hambly: thx

Jordan Sell: Im in america. I cant find it

Carl Jennings: 75MB :)

OverlyAttached Bean: yay

Carl Jennings: Hehe thanks.

Anthrax2404: So why did you purchase it? Surely you knew what to expect when read the title!!

MaiYooToob: Amirox enjoys the company of another man.

BubbleDragoon: this game has a pretty bad content, it's not a really good game, but i don't know why, it's really addictive :)

Carl Jennings: Don't think so! If you can, i haven't worked out how.

Oscar Skaarer: Fs are the hest game ever

Carl Jennings: Full game now released in America :)

Carl Jennings: You should be getting a demo tonight sometime - hopefully a sign that the full game isn't too far away!

colmcarrigg: No animals... Just crops... Pretty one dementional. Thank you for saving me from this utter crap.

Carl Jennings: If you open your map (tap the icon at the top right then click map) it's somewhere around the middle of the area. The icon for it is some corn(?). Grab your seeding machine, and drive it to the area there and you should fill up :)

jessie beam: why not in the u.s ? thats soo stupid. sony is scwearing them selfs

Carl Jennings: Farming Simulator has just been released on PSN in North America. Go grab it :)

keelan finn: Can u not go into first person view in this one

iiU2: Great video mate, thanks. Wasn't sure what this game would actually look like on the Vita lol. Looks likes a great time killer and somewhat "fun" haha.

RiZKAssassin: Let me rephrase that question is this game in the USA

Carl Jennings: Not out in the US i'm afraid. Giants Software have said it'll be out sometime in the next couple of months.

RiZKAssassin: How much space does game take up

TotallySoldierML: I got it :) I think its the amazing big title what sony said.

Carl Jennings: Tractors and several different kind of harvester. That's all!

Sam Hambly: How much did it cost and will it come out on the asian store - i want to play it for the lolz

Carl Jennings: A demo released today on the European Playstation stores (well, some of them anyway) - if the demo is on your store, give it a go!

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Farming Simulator on Playstation Vita 4.6 out of 5

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Farming Simulator PS Vita Gameplay
Farming Simulator PS Vita Gameplay
Farming Simulator on Playstation Vita
Farming Simulator on Playstation Vita
Farming Simulator - PS Vita
Farming Simulator - PS Vita
Farming simulator  Demo PS Vita
Farming simulator Demo PS Vita
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Farming Simulator on Playstation Vita