Echo Zama Carburetor Hidden Hi Jet Screw

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Gil Garza: Brother, I owe you a beer. I've had my SRM-225 since '09 and it finally started acting up. Changed fuel/vent line, primer bulb, spark plug, adjusted the coil air gap. Nothing! Until I clean out the little jet. It was CLOGGED! Took about 10 minutes to punch through it with my torch tip cleaner. Runs like a champ. Thanks again!

Roger Lund: ........thanks for the great vid,,,,,,,runs like a champ.

Fish Whisperer: Thanks a bunch for this video! My screw actually was not hidden on my PB-251. It was a phillips and i removed it, Blew compressed air thru it then started it and had to work the choke to keep it running, the same as i was doing before to keep it running and within about 5 seconds it was clear and more powerful than it has been in a long time. Funny thing is it was not a jet, Just a fine threaded screw.. And it was not holding anything in place that i could tell. Thumbs up! Subscribed!

lilgcsrt8: Thank you

geebobwiz geebob: This HELPED a LOT! Thanks man!

Atom Atom: Exactly what is rare to find on utube or anywhere else. Funny that you can now get a complete repair kit: Air/ Fuel filter, plug and fuel tube assembly and a new carb for 20$..

BigAl1381: Thank you! I needed this

wcjcnc: Adjust that hidden screw while holding the trigger at full throttle. I've noticed on the last two Zama carbs I've purchased they have stopped putting that black plastic plug over the screw. They still put the little brass ring over it but you can see the tiny screw down inside the hole. Finally! i'm sick of drilling out that black plastic plug.

juicer52: Great tip but even after finding the little bugger, I wasn't able to keep it running beyond idle, even spraying ether directly in, it bogged under throttle. Checked the spark arrestor and while not spotless, seemed OK. Then BAM pulled the muffler off and the exhaust port was nearly completely clogged! Moved the piston to TDC to avoid shoving the carbon back into the cylinder and using a plastic tool, cleared the carbon away. My Echo PB250LN leaf blower runs like new.

J Jjjj: EPA will fine you for that ,

fakeusa: What echo equipment is this carb off of?

Allan Wells: Thanks for this information. Zama; what a piece of rubbish compared to the old Walbro and Tillotson carbies. I wouldn't mind betting my Stihl grass trimmer has a similar Zama carbie; wouldnt start or idle properly and the dealer couldn't fix it! A mechanic mate sorted it out, shook his head and commented that he never thought Stihl would produce such crap. Having said that my old Stihl 031av Farmboss continues to perform well after 36 years of firewood cutting. (It has a Walbro WA carbie).

EarthLoc: Best FIX IT video for Echo carburetor, period! . . . Somebody ought to file SUIT against Echo/ZAMA for hiding that fuel jet! I had looked at that brass insert for as long as I can remember. No way to know there was a slotted screw under a plastic plug! Grrrr!!! . . . I've jacked with the carb on my Echo SRM 665T for years . . . bogging down at full throttle for a long time. New carb lasted less than 2 years. Even taken it to a shop and the guy just shrugged and said, "Get a new carburetor." . . . SAW THIS VIDEO YESTERDAY AFTERNOON . . . and it was running as good as brand new in 20 minutes! . . . All three holes in the jet were plugged such that I could not see light through them. Carb cleaner, soaked it a bit, then compressed air. Should have used a tiny wire, but didn't think of clipping one from a wire brush until I had reassembled. But it it apparently was clean enough! Run great now! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO!

Carlos Chavez: thanks for the video my trimmer kept dying out so i heated up a small nail and took out the plastic and backed out the hidden screw and now it runs good.

Pete Froud: Great information .

fleamine: Thanks for the knowledge, working on 2 right now...

Barry Hand: It took more time to get tools out than it did to fix the problem. Worked great!!!!! Thanks for the Video!!

Mike Rue: Thanks for video , but the safest way to clean jets/needles is with a strand of copper from an old extension cord, unlike steel it's softer than the brass and Laura be careful with that propane torch I guess I should have spelled it without the "r".

Robert Talley: Thanks a lot!!! save me money

Steven Gilchrist: This video saved my Butt, Thank You.

Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw 5 out of 5

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Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw
Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw
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Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw