Echo Zama Carburetor Hidden Hi Jet Screw

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blosom2315: my trimmer would only run on choke. I did this and now it wont run at all. thanks. i'm sure I just voided the warranty too.

Harry Pappas: does this help my blower when it bog or run half speed th dw

bsox67: My buddy has an echo backpack that is running ok..Starts and runs fine and throttles up ok.. He says it just doesn't have quite the power it used to have. Before i rip it apart, would this be a potential problem for lack of full power? Thank you

wcjcnc: I cleaned this jet screw out but my trimmer still won't run. Are you sure it needs to be snugged up when reinstalled? Wondering if adjusting it will make a difference. I had a Tecumseh carb on a post hole digger once with a screw kind of like this that I read should be snugged up when installed but I turned it out just a bit and it made a difference. Thanks for the vid!

Ric Barnett: Got my PB 250 blower running right again. Thanks a lot! With the jet fully seated, it wasn't quite right, so played around a bit and settled at 3/4 turns out.

Peter Artemenko: This works! Thanks so much.

on a mission: thank you dude

Maxwell Smart: I will add my big thank you as well! That's the only video I could find that reveals that "secret" and the only way that I could get my trimmer running again. Great job.

Drew Speirs: Hi Double Wide 6, great video. How about the echo pas 265?? Does this have a similar screw?? Much appreciated video!!

James Lauer: Just want to say thanks it worked great

Jeff Poppe: This did the trick. I bought my Echo srm 225 trimmer last spring and when i pulled it out of hibernation this year it was bogging really bad. Thanks for this video!

David Donaldson: Worked for me! Mine was idling fine but would sputter out once you gave it throttle. I did the rebuild and it didn't help. Then I took out the jet and cleaned it and it got much better. Last, I backed out the jet a turn or so and it ran perfectly! The trimmer was only about a year old! The jet didn't look clogged but cleaning it made all the difference. Thanks!!!

Troyvidihoo: Thank you man, I been frustrated with this model carb several times and now see where I failed to notice this deceitful little feature! Appreciate your efforts and insights!

Armando Pulgaron: Thank you so much for this post. You saved me from having to buy a new carb, or a new machine. When the pe-225 edger stopped running, I determined the problem was the fuel system. I thought easy" just clean the carb, throw a carb repair kit on it, check the filters, we're done. Wrong! I was not happy. It still pointed to fuel but i checked everything including exhaust for blockage, every thing. I must have tore that carb down 10 times, wondering why it would not run. Till I saw your video. thanks so much. Now it runs like a monster. Until now I thought that unit was under powered. It was probably not set right from the factory. It was always feeble. Thanks again.

wcjcnc: I adjusted this screw out just half a turn and the trimmer runs great! Finally! The screw/jet is really snug so I don't think it will turn on it's own. I was ready to smash that trimmer against a tree. lol 

wcjcnc: Well damn it!!! I have an Echo trimmer with this exact same carburetor and I've replaced the entire fuel line assembly and carb kit and it still won't run right. It will crank but it won't throttle up. This has to be what's wrong with it. THANK YOU!!!! 

JB Bass: great job, getting ready to buy a carb on ebay and seen your video....mine runs like a champ, this is the high speed adjustment. i ran mine in till it stopped then backed it out 2 turns, then adjusted while wide open-will not run if screwed all the way in. THANKS D WIDE

Stefan Granhaug: thanks man you just saved me 40 bucks on a new carb.

doccpu7: Sweet and helpful vid Butttt bit boring. Also the cylinder is plastic so after a while the little wheel eats the track and it runs leaner. Sad. the echos used to run forever. Now the plastic is so soft a lot of throttle action will wear out the ramp on the cylinder. So dont do a lot of revving.

Peter Goltzman: Thanks. That did the trick for me. I was surprised at just how tiny the hole on the bottom of the screw was. I was afraid the fine wire I stuck up in there would break off inside. It's no wonder it gets clogged. Any how without someone telling me about it, I would have never figured it out. Thanks again.

grutubevideos: This solved my problem with my Echo PB 250 LN blower. I first checked the spark arrestor since that was another common issue, but there was no blockage there. For the blower, i was able to remove the adjuster plug with the carburetor still loosely attached to the blower. You'll need a Torx T25 or preferably T27 to loosen air filter/carburetor assembly then remove the fuel bulb assembly and you can access the plug. I didn't use a drill but simply used a small regular screwdriver to ream the brass plastic assembly till it came out. I removed the fuel needle valve and ran a wire from a wire brush through it to make sure it was clear. Reinstall the needle valve all the way and back out 1/2 turn. Reattach the fuel bulb assembly to the carb and the retighten the air cleaner/carburetor assembly. Started right up and adjusted the fuel mixture at full throttle. Good luck!

Keith McDaniel: My Echo trimmer would only run at idol with the choke full on and would stall out when I pressed the throttle. Cleaning the jet with a piece of wire from a wire brush fixed the trimmer and it now runs like new. Thanks!! 

Marc Heritier: Suggestion for wire ; use a 10/1000 inch (top E ) guitar string . It works perfectly.

Kalkaekie: Very helpful ! Thanks !

David Thorne: thanks man....big help! Is that a piece of plastic on the kitchen table I see ... hope your old lady knows what a gentlemen you are ... that's worth some points man! DirtBoy32

dtrain138: 2 months later, but yes. I'm about to go to the shop for some fuel lines. My dad cut the bulb and the dealer said that''s an old-school fix thing, but this machine doesn't work like that so now it's not the blb, so I hope it's the fuel line. If not, I'm going to try some other things. I'll try to find you if I happen to fix it somehow. On mine, you can kinda hear air coming out somewhere. Good luck...and let me know if you fix it first. Thx

mark Farrer: your the man i bought a echo sr230 for 40 bucks... it would idle but would allow me to give it gas.. i took it apart and it did nothing.. i did what you said to do and wallah it worked.. i had just ordered a new carb tonight. i was able to cancel the order.. you just saved me 40 bucks thanks again

Jay: Anyone else have the issue where you push the primer bowl an gas flows backwards out the air intake? Can't seem to fix this issue . it's been a few years now

zamarro94luigi: Luigi Marro

biron foster: dude it worked i need a phone number and adress to sent you 20$ money order

joe fishman: you do have to replace the carb you have no choice the carb is a piece of crap now there is another adjustment did you know that ?

baileyslip: Hi again, I just gotta say of all the videos that I have watched no one says anything about the two line connection on the primer base ASSY, as the fuel side on mine is clear, but the other one the primer side on mine is cloged.... It's a zama also. Thanks again for any help.

xarlock667: You are awesome! Much appreciated!

beechwood619: Great helpful video. Your right, it's a jet not a needle valve. It should be seated fully and if you cleaned the hole from the tip to the two larger holes completely, it will meter the fuel flo for the high speed operation. It took me a good half hour to get the hole completely clean, at first I just broke thru with the wire and reassembled and it, still wouldn't rev up to top speed, went back and cleaned it fully and it worked perfectly. thanks, ks

Todd Malone: you are my hero too. Be sure to adjust that screw. Mine had to back out about 1.5 turns from seated to get it to rev up to top speed without cutting out. I think this adjustment has made my Echo trimmer run better than when we bought it. Thanks!

yenot75: Awesome job!!!!

MrRmh3481: Great Vid. This carb looks like a Zama? The Walbro Barrel Carb has a couple hidden jets, one on the top and sometimes another one on the side hidden under plastic plugs. The Walbros are adjustable though, unlike this zama. Did that jet have a number on it?

pertgoforit: You just save my Day :-)

baileyslip: Hi doublewide I have this carb on my weedeater., my question is the BASE-ASSY that white plastic the bubble sits on has the two connections for fuel and primer lines.,, the smaller one on mine is cloged should it be? Or should I be able to blow through it?? Thanks for any reply Linda from Ga.

JOE Z: I have not run into this yet but I am sure I will at some point. This will save me a lot of time. Thanks for the great tip!

biron foster: if this works i will send you 20$ i will dude

Randy Burgess: This video just saved me $50 bucks. I'd just rebuild my carburetor and no joy. Been messing with this for days and just found this video, turned the screw and my machine works great.

doublewide6: LOL, great to hear that I could help you. I have paypal. emailbob2day is my paypal address. All money will be put back into my channel. Thanks dw6

Wise Man: Thanks a million! At last I will hear my engine sing to me again!

lawnboy1100: I am suprised i did not know that. What does dw6 mean? I ahve the same cure for the tecumseh non adjustable bowl nut on the carbs. You just pop off the plastic cap and undo the small brass jet and run the wire in the same directions and put it back in and you do not have the hunting and surgeing anymore. Cool vid man.

Saeid Assadi: doublewide6, very nicely done! i took my carburetor apart and checked and clean every inch of it. looked at many forums which try one or two things, then say to order a new carburetor... i thought to myself, so what, buy a new carburetor, then i still don't know what the problem was. sure enough, the hidden jet screw was partially clogged from old gas/oil or whatever. runs as good as new. thank you doublewide6.

David Thorne: don't know if you tried heating up a small screw driver and just pressing it into that plastic cap...hold it there for a sec. to let the plastic harden back up ...then unscrew it. you can hit the jet from there ... no need to put the carb. try it! you'll like it!

Jim Milligan: I want to thank you for this video. I have a hedge trimmer I couldn't keep running and was going to take it to the shop Monday. Mine was plugged so hard that I had to soak it in parts cleaner before I could get a wire through. Thanks Again.

Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw 4.9 out of 5

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Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw
Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw
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Echo Zama Carburetor hidden Hi jet screw