Quadcopter FPV Crash After High Altitude And 1km Range

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pticeratops: I wouldn't call this a crash..

Pier Lim: Was wondering, how long did you fly it for? What's the max flight time for this? 

elsinidentidad: Did you have the opportunity to recover the model? 

FPV QUADS: Quadcopter FPV crash

Merlin Spiers: could have been far worst

TheFoxlad69: Its a thing in Aus!

smoothvirus: what size battery? mah?

theeltea: My bad then!

pinoydad0811: nice flight ...how far out were you ..and how far is home from where it hit the tree ..one more thing ..what board were you using ..i can see you have 450 frame if thatis a quad

r1turk80: you need manual mode selectable so if you need a fast decent just flip it upside down for a few seconds :)

vpoten: Fat Shark predator v2 bundle

Rene Kreher: 20k clicks for such a baaaaad video...... omg......

Sagehillspilot: I lost my home made FPV plane 2 and a half miles from launch after getting footage of flying over a cellphone tower. But I got disoriented and made a power off landing. Bent the nose. I spent 2 hours searching for it, I found it right next to where I parked I put a beeper on it after that :)

vpoten: I went 1km away and it crashed 100m away from home. Using Ardupilot APM2

Anders Iversen: If i one could jump to the crash...

Zac Mitchell: sweet landing man

Roger hammond: Great tip! I have a f450 with dji naza and really struggle to get it down, fighting with its own wash... any tips for that?

Eren Topuz: Nice landing, and thank the tree :)

FPVav8tr: Ouch....funny....but ouch. :)

oliverg98: I don't think that's a quad

Weston Gleave: Are you serious?

G Rees: It will basically just tumble through the air until it hits the ground, and the motors are direct drive.

Loke Man: Gotcha. I knew it sounded kinda low compared to mine. You have the factory ARF kit or are you using different motors and ESCs? I am thinking of building an F550 soon and don't know how the factory motors compare to others.

Visi H.: I need to ask you something, do you have any knowledge, if I want to travel with it, how the compass survives the security scanning at the airport ???? Sorry my English I am german and my son bought one

peepsdayz: 7:00 thank me later :p

prosperomage: Not likely. Even if there's a collision. And that's pretty unlikely in the first place.

NoahStudios: The public will see drones as a BIGGER threat if they get injured by one. I watched some of your videos flying low over crowds. There is no such thing as a foolproof multirotor. A small mechanical failure sends it into the crowd and then what? If you haven't seen what a 10" prop can do to human flesh you should look it up. Your comment is very hypocritical. At least this guy was out away from civilians.

latjjtal: Do you think everyone on the Internet is from the U.S.?

muffdriver69: well.... at least it crashed in the tree.

r1turk80: soz that was my other account via my mobile below lol. yep try the throttle pos trick. Failing that just get a KK2 with v1.6 fw ;) see this video for a demo of my f330 clone. has a few wobbles cos the motors torque the arms a bit but I think there is an inverted descent or two thrown in somewhere.:)

multihjalle: mount a cyclops breeze or nova or storm osd on your fpv rigg let yo see where you are and how much battery you have left and what it has taken from your battery a cheap investment ,

caméra embarquée: my chanel in Belgium (Bruxelles)

Esteban Rivera: wrong. you can get a license

GeorgeBonez: Dont be to hard on him ok! He thinks that all of the vids that he watches were taken inside the USA! We truly are under assault but he doesn’t realize that other countries are ver laxed in their FPV laws! The good ole USE (THE HOME OF THE FREE)? Yeah whatever!

CryShadeNetworks: did it survive

GeorgeBonez: Hey dude can you post or tell where you get this info because everything that I read seems to say that 400ft is the R/C limit in the USA...

r1turk80: X330 KK2 v1.6 Quadcopter hard acro freestyle 808 #16 v2 cam

vpoten: The total weight is 1400g and the flying time was approximately 10 min. The battery wasn't fully charged.

SticknStringArchery: There is no 400ft limit people. The FAA tried to impose a ceiling bit failed. Do your research. 400Ft would limit rc aircraft to a ceiling that would inhibit their ability to fly comfortably and safely. I fly my quad at 500-2000 feet regularly.

Yaniel: Don't assume every country has the same laws.

vpoten: turnigy nano-tech 3s 4500Mah 25-50C

prosperomage: There's a lot greater chance of someone getting seriously injured by a low-flying drone over people than a drone flying at aviation altitude over open territory.

theeltea: 400ft isn't 300m.

Stephen Workman: Haven't played with naza yet. Maybe gains are too high. There is a maximum decent rate for the naza I think so maybe just coming down faster than you think and making it wobble. Leaning into adescent and spiralling down with low throttle might give a more controlled fast decent. You could try to find a sweet spot on your throttle range where you get a smooth decent and set this as a minimum throttle position on your tx and have a 'descent switch' to mix it on or off when as needed?

henshooten: OMG someone with some knowledge and reasoning ,great comment my friend

ihgufyrtdedftghuijkh: ahahahah calm down dude

TheUnDeRGRouNDHoBo: mate that was a awesome catch by the tree

Roberto Rossi: Lucky guy!

TFRdrones: That's the nicest crash i ever seen from a quad running out power on high altitude , i guess that tree safe your quad by breaking the fall .

xremdog29x: become a good pilot and you can

Quadcopter FPV crash after high altitude and 1km range 4.4 out of 5

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Quadcopter FPV crash after high altitude and 1km range
Quadcopter FPV crash after high altitude and 1km range
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Quadcopter FPV crash after high altitude and 1km range