Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Live Wallpaper

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FlyHigh: Is black good for this phone or white?

Kati Malik: Може ли да се изтегли за ace plus?

luidgiskovoroda: Можешь снять небольшой обзор внешнего вида ? В руках там покрутить

Emily James: did i seriously just spend 51 seconds of my life watching a full grown man play with the background of his phone......

Ryan T.A: But the S3 is bigger than the galaxy ace 2

Leonard Hills: Yes galaxy ace (1),y,mini gio fit is looossseeerrrrr

Tyler Tyson: I like it)

cvergandvari: no

CRACKMONSTER: is this a hack ?

Gabi Ronaldo: is it free?

R-G-O-T-M: yes

HOSFOD NEW: como instalaste el tema ?

Ryan T.A: YOu riight!!!! è__é

Nico Giducos: The form factor of the white galaxy ace2 kinda looks like the galaxy s3 o.O

J Ryan: what a daft question to ask. colour makes zero difference to performance so it's what you prefer. You don't need someone else to tell you what colour you like.

FlyHigh: What a daft answer to come out with. YOU DO UNDERSTAND HUMANS ARE DIFFERENT. Each individual has their own personal preferences my own being colour and performance. I want the phone to look good and perform good.

Саня Москаленко: Хули тут так много не наших? явно видео спиздили!

Kate Cartman: Is it Gorilla Glass on screen ?

Repcak: google play :)

Franco Blackmountain: cool!

Mohammad Tabbarah: can you please make more videos about the galaxy ace 2 pleaaaaaaase ?

Hagz500R: I like the idea of the seeds flying around the screen, but lol ripple effect. looks absolutely absurd, from a galaxy s3 owner's perspective, pretty ordinary. pretty good phone though, sounds like everything the Ace should have been in the first place.

Hung Arsenal: how about lockscreen???

Vlad Popov: instalaste el tema link above

luidgiskovoroda: В белом цвете выглядит прям как Galaxy S3

Jordon Ritchie: Vinsterful white is

Maria Camilleri: Hi! how did you do that ?

M3SPL: yes or no ?

mariosso2008: zajebista tapeta

GalaxySIII3: It's like a mini version of the galaxy s 3

Abdul Zakur: Like sii hahahaa

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 live wallpaper 4.1 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 live wallpaper