Epic Red Stag Hunt In The Wild West Of Scotland

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Frederick Whittley: Go to newzeland

Mark Oneill golf: Good video I stay at the location u are shooting at

Will Carroll: Shut up lady


Declan Saldana: you have a great name!!!!! great video ya'all

BellamyHere: truce

Ben Gordon: Is that a retort or are you genuinely trying to end this? Cos, to be honest mate, I've never met you, am never going to, and I am fed up with filling Teamwild's channel with crape comments; so, can we just call it quits? I don't care if you choose to believe you've won by me doing this, that's fine; its just, a difference of opinion, and I'm awfully tired of throwing insults back and forward that go nowhere. We could go on for eternity perpetually scoring points to no avail.......

BellamyHere: Yeah I started something.. like 2-3 months ago and well that's good, you don't have to be worried:)

Ben Gordon: Look mate, whichever way you cut it, you can't say coming on a video like this and threatening to kill the makers isn't starting something? And if you think you can, that really does show a personality flaw. And as for you not trying, if you were at the moment, I'd be worried for your own sake, as the arguments you have put forward thus far demonstrate the intelligence and integrity of a 5 or 6 year old....

BellamyHere: nah you started it by replying to my comment; and you're not trying, you think I am? cute.

Ben Gordon: You started this mate, I never said you were going to? You said and I quote "I'll slowly and happily hunt you all down". Need I say more? And as for the other crap you say, well if the reasons are obvious your solution is obviously stupid. Now, stop attempting to counter argue with an equally sarcastic and roostery, but also a slightly more intelligent teen. Also just for the record, I am not even trying at the moment; if you really want me to try and argue, I can oblige?

BellamyHere: oh dear god, please write all the crap you want to say to me in one freaking comment and to what other crap you said in this comment, I'm not obviously going to kill them am I? Jesus what a freaking woman

BellamyHere: the reasons to hunting being bad is pretty obvious, don't you think? now stop attempting to argue with a sarcastic, roostery teen; it's an impossible battle for you so you may as well just forget about trying to plan out a "clever" reply and just run as far away as you can from your computer before I make you seem like a little bitch, ok? Good.

Ben Gordon: *Flawed personality, read before you come with a weak counter argument mate. And also considering you made no constructive retort to my actual argument, I'd say I've got this covered, now run along and play COD, and leave; unless by some miracle you're actually going to come up with a constructive argument as to why hunting is bad....

BellamyHere: they'll be dead, not angry and how can my "personality be outdated" when I'm only 18? hmm you just need to give in with this argument because you're going nowhere.

BellamyHere: didn't know I hated until I watched

Ben Gordon: Also, and I cannot ask this explicitly enough; WHY ARE YOU WATCHING A HUNTING VIDEO IF YOU ARE AVERSE TO HUNTING? That is like saying to oneself "Right, I really hate tennis!" then going to Wimbledon.

Ben Gordon: I imagine they'll just get angry and then, you should probably divert your attention away from learning the "right" emoticon, and more towards learning to keep your back to the wall. P.S. I used that out-dated emoticon for your out-dated and rather flawed, protest, plan and personality; seemed about right....... :L :P ;)

Ben Gordon: Once again, what a freaking mong... If your objection to hunting is based on the fact that animals are as important as humans on this planet, surely taking the life of some humans wouldn't exactly be a good way of protesting? Would be like Gandhi going "An eye for an eye, now get me a beef burger". Also, commenting upon my use of emoticons is bad practise, as when you go to prison for this which you will; telling some big ugly bloke who wants to be your "friend" how to spell isn't advisable....

BellamyHere: p.s stop using the freaking ':L' face, get with the times

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Epic Red Stag Hunt in the Wild West of Scotland 5 out of 5

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Epic Red Stag Hunt in the Wild West of Scotland