Turtle Topper Review

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Jazmine Williams: I I know this is for tanks up to 55 gallons, but has anyone been able to modify it to fit a 60 gallon tank?

Ochibason: Update

Prince: I've had this for one month and my turtles won't go near it . Any suggestions? I used to have a turtle dock and they would always bask

Aries Animals: I just ordered one today! Thank you :)

Sufiyan Shaikh: Is it compatible for 12 inches turtle

Sarah Shine: Thanks for the video! I was wondering what size tank I needed. Very informative video!

Yo Bosanski: Ima getting one

S. P.: Would this topper fit in a 10 gallon tank? I checked the measurement i think it only leave about 3 inch in length... so not sure if our baby REST can actually climb up there...

Duce Duce: Wet the suction cups

Diesel Mike: I know this video is almost 9 years old. Hoping you are still answering questions. I see you have a single bulb going on there. So I assume it is a Mercury Vapor so they get both their UVB's and UVA's. But can you tell me what wattage you are using? I just ordered my Turtle topper and want to make sure I won't be using too powerful a light considering how close the lamp is to the basking area with this device. Thank you.

Kathleen Champ: Thanks for the info! I spent all night and past of the next day researching docks..what a , I was left very dissatisfied and feeling hopeless. Make something that seems rather temporary or? I want really strong & good of I'm spending any amount. This gave me a proper idea of what this set up will do for my new adopties !

Kelly: I just ordered my tank topper yesterday. I can’t wait to get it and install it!! I got it from amazon for $39.00

suptube suptube: does it come together with the light

Brayan Peralta: My turtles won’t go in their turtle topper

nsane992002: I know it says it will fit the 20 gallon but I wish someone could tell me if it will fit the 20 gallon long tank...

Jenny Jimenez: Hi, I have an 8 inch turtle but I've been searching around looking for the length of the opening. Do you think my turtle would fit in this topper? If not do you have any other recommendations for a basking platform for my turtle?

Karen's World: I have a huge problem. My turtle lives in a 60 gallon tank, but the water level is very low, and I have been researching on how to make my own, but that is not an option sadly. I can not spend a lot of money, and I found this but the thing is, this goes up to 55 gallons and mine is 60. Do you know any reasonable price basking areas I can but that will raise the water level?

ThotSlayer Goku: Could it fit a an 18 inch wide tank?

Emanuel Spada: how wide is your tank?mine is 18 inches.

Steven Dauster: great video thanks been considering this for a while what wattage lights do you use?

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Turtle Topper Review 5 out of 5

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Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Update - Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Update - Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
update 20 gallon turtle tank with turtle topper
update 20 gallon turtle tank with turtle topper

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Turtle Topper Review