Turtle Topper Review

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Jay Guerrero: my 3 red-eared sliders need a home ... they are 8 years old n 12' long

ABBY8B: How big of tank is this?

Christine Brown: whats the possibility of a turtle escaping?

The_Final_Cast: what size baskin bulb and lamp are u using so the plastic doesn't melt?

Dianna Swope: So I have 2 questions 1) where did you get your turtles from? and 2) how did you get a lid to fit on top of the tank with the topper?

Jesse Hubbard: How long did it take for your turtle to climb up the ramp mines is struggling

Jazmine Williams: I I know this is for tanks up to 55 gallons, but has anyone been able to modify it to fit a 60 gallon tank?

Ochibason: Update

Prince: I've had this for one month and my turtles won't go near it . Any suggestions? I used to have a turtle dock and they would always bask

Aries Animals: I just ordered one today! Thank you :)

Sufiyan Shaikh: Is it compatible for 12 inches turtle

Sarah Shine: Thanks for the video! I was wondering what size tank I needed. Very informative video!

Yo Bosanski: Ima getting one

S. P.: Would this topper fit in a 10 gallon tank? I checked the measurement i think it only leave about 3 inch in length... so not sure if our baby REST can actually climb up there...

Duce Duce: Wet the suction cups

Diesel Mike: I know this video is almost 9 years old. Hoping you are still answering questions. I see you have a single bulb going on there. So I assume it is a Mercury Vapor so they get both their UVB's and UVA's. But can you tell me what wattage you are using? I just ordered my Turtle topper and want to make sure I won't be using too powerful a light considering how close the lamp is to the basking area with this device. Thank you.

Kathleen Champ: Thanks for the info! I spent all night and past of the next day researching docks..what a , I was left very dissatisfied and feeling hopeless. Make something that seems rather temporary or? I want really strong & good of I'm spending any amount. This gave me a proper idea of what this set up will do for my new adopties !

Kelly loves to shop and cook: I just ordered my tank topper yesterday. I can’t wait to get it and install it!! I got it from amazon for $39.00

suptube suptube: does it come together with the light

Brayan Peralta: My turtles won’t go in their turtle topper

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Turtle Topper Review 5 out of 5

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Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Update - Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Update - Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review
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Turtle Topper Review
Turtle Topper Review

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Turtle Topper Review