How To Check Bad Cv Joint Noise On Your Car, Read Vid Desc. For More

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alex cristian: i dont have any clicking noise but i have some rotational play in the cv joint is it common to have?

axenz axtiz: What is the symptom when driving ?

Timothy Dixon: FFS... if you want to check your CV's..... Find an empty carpark. lock wheel hard left. accelerate. listen for clicking noise. stop. repeat with wheel locked hard right. if no noises they're fine. it is not rocket science

Adam Davis: Thank you for this video. I now can save a lot of money knowing that this will be my problem. Cheers pal. 

Tal Rogers jr: great technique,repetitious and precise!

912dwest: would be better if u left on car and showed how they are bad

The2000Dyna: freaking brilliant, are you a german or what?

jamdvx: @kentobin13 in my official service they dissamble pieces to inspection and so to know what's the problem and where it is. first they listened and suspected the brake pads - but they suspected the CV Joints too. So they confirmed with a deep inspection ya know.

stewardsproductions: thanks

naballer574: actually i found it helpful, i had to remove to replace the shaft seal, but wanted to make sure the small amount of play i had is normal. The point is, when it is out, now you know the type of play it can have or cant have. Helpful vid, thanks!

rstlr73: YES

Melok Vendetta: thats what the noise was! how much would it cost for aftermarket boots?

Mike Baggaley: no for the inner cv joint clever pickle

EckerKyle: what about when youre coasting

Max Stinson: my car makes the noise but only when i go from a complete stop or i accelerate what does that mean

brillopadral burnett: would the bad one make a wurring noise, or a clonking noise, or both?

cj ceja: Could that make a creaking noise?

gabe alvarado: That made my head tickle lol

chimaira67: this is whats happened to mine im sure its that exact noise but took it to a garage to have a full check and they said they couldnt find anything wrong

logiclaw: not long enough,I want to see it all night long

jadhsyjhduyhjy: I need advice, I have strange clicking noise when turning the wheel from a front left half shaft, it is probably bad cv joint like on this video. What can happen if I will not replace it and keep driving with it?

DualsMeatChevy94: i have a 97 cavvy and i think my cv shaft is goin bad. sounds like a bearing noise at all speeds especially when turning left. at 80 mph its very loud. i have automotive experience is it a serious bitch to change one out?

illriginalized: What would be a sound that has a tempo with the speed of your wheels? A clicking like sound, as if you have worn brake pads (when you hit your brakes), it will speed up if I speed up and slow down when I slow down. Also the sound is coming from closer to the center of the car than it is to the wheel (makes it difficult to decipher if it's driver or passenger) I'm about to purchase two CV axles but would hate to find out it's something else.

kentobin13: It would be nice to know how to properly check the cv joint for wear before I pull it out.

zwebx: your looking for cv's (constant velocity joints)

lok0605: @kentobin13 if your car makes noise when you make turns.thats how u check

hp11208: lol

luminousbulb: haha wow, why did you just keep doing the same thing like 10 times? I think I got the idea on the 1st or 2nd one

jdinnnall: i was told by vw that you shouldnt drive a car when cv boots are gone. maybe it was a way to make me pay for it at main dealer but didnt want to risk it.i paid £301 for both cv boots on my vw passat 8 years old

Grey Aria: If your cv boot is torn or damaged @ all, it's probbaly gonna fail. The smallest particles will wear the bearings down quickly once they're in w/the grease. Repacking & rebooting is really only a temporary fix. Some people have no issues after repacking, but typically that's not the case. Usually the cheapest way to fix a cv joint is to replace the entire axle, which isn't so bad on a rear wheel drive, but it's a pain in the @*^ & expensive on a front wheel drive

26dolla: lol how come this got so many views the average person is not going to take it out to check it this video could have been 10seconds we go the point

sh88886: thanks!!

brendanbbaker: The rattle adds 5 extra horsepower.

guillermo ceballo: thank u

SSquadAU: This has got to be one of the most straight forward "How to check" videos on youtube. FINALLY! Lol thanks!

zwebx: on full lock it makes like a ticking sound while moving.... once you know the sound (and were told it was the cv's) you will not mistake it again :)

goyellowgti98: thats hot!

Imothep: probably wheel bearing. jack it up and try if you can rock the wheel

Jacy Hart: Some talking would be nice.

doornoblover: im going to show this to my stoner friends and see how long they laugh

Martin Worobec: the top one is not noisy enough. Replace it with the bottom one.

blastforyou: mute ?? I know every one isn't public speaker but a word or two would be nice if post again

emanuel perez: like

PiqueWillow: I had a similar sound on our 2002 Chrysler Town and Country. Thought it was cv axles. Still there after replacing both axles. Turns out it was right wheel bearing. Replaced hub assembly and sound, knocking, is gone. Got tow new cv axles out of it tho.

Rafael Mcmillian: Will this cause horrible vibrations or shaking while accelerating from dead stop? There's no popping noise when I turn the wheel to the left or right.

HostileHST: Check CV boot, if it's broken or split in anyway it's a good indicator. Next, grap the Axle on each end, see if it's sloppy. Other indicators is if the car wobbles and progressively gets worse as days go by. Finally, you'll hear the car make a popping noise as you turn. The bad axle will be the opposite side of the turn you make. Turning right, get a popping noise, it's the driver side axle and exactly opposite if it pops on a left turn. Also check the wheel bearings while your at it.

MortalAaron95: My truck is making a bad sound when a turn a deep clunking noise but when I drive straight it stops. It has to be hard turn light turn it won't do it. Anyone know what it might be?

Grey Aria: Actually, if you hear any clicking or popping sound which speeds up as you accelerate, even if you're not turning, you probably have a bad cv. Other early symptoms include: very slight vibrations in your gas & brake pedals that speed up the faster you go & a slight tugging on your steering wheel which also speeds up as you accelerate. Most of the time you won't hear anything until right before the joint fails. It usually happens suddenly & after the clicking starts, complete failure is imminent

jsaw200: OK OK OK ......we get the point....LOL

dirtyweasel: if the joints go bad enough then the wheels stop moving and you have to tow the car. This has happened to me. Its much easier to fix before this happens and save yourself the tow. especially if you are far from home. Having said that. Some ppl say just let them fail because they take reeeeeaaaaaly long to actually go and they dont really wreck anything else.

how to check bad cv joint noise on your car, read vid desc. for more 4.1 out of 5

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how to check bad cv joint noise on your car, read vid desc. for more