DWC Hydroponics - Show Us Your Roots!!

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CenCal Weed Cultivator: A normal person with a brain would turn the cloners off first before doing something as stupid as that. Not to mention buy a POS oxy clone machine. What a joke

Isiah Gordon: Could this be used at the seedling stage of growing

Michael H: (see below)
The problem is the nutrients turned the water a brown color and the root all turned brown too and looks  poorly. They also look like they are snagging a kind of 'sludge' on them from the solution. Can you advise if I need to dump the water? The leaves are curling around the edges and now I don't know what to do with them! I'm very new to hydroponics, thanks.

Michael H: nice video, very healthy roots. I was hoping to get some feedback on a question I have. I setup a DWC system using rainwater to grow four Kale plants. I have the plants in net pots and a mix of perlite and peat moss. A few weeks after I started, the root systems seemed small and only one of the plants looked as if it was growing in size. So bought nutrients and a bottle of pH down to adjust the pH to 6.8.

Eric Salidbar: Great video Ron! Thanks for sharing.

justgivemethetruth: At 1:32 ... is the a Turbo-Cloner?  Those are nice.

If you make your own where do you get your sprayer nozzles and how do you install them?  What kind of pump did you use.  I am very curious about this.

justgivemethetruth: Adding more "positions" doesn't really mean anything since getting the plants and roots too close to each other is not a smart thing to do.  The cloning "ports" should be at least 2-3 inches apart at a minimum,

Sons_of_Liberty: so let me get this straight.. you made a video telling us how many plants these things can clone? Highly informative! LMAO WTF this video was a huge waste of time. how about showing comparisons of root/stem/leaf growth after two weeks

bsug mugs: Great video!

Ronald Kleinman: Thank you and thanks for watching my videos!

billrock12: Ron always has good tips that I've learned from.. thank you Ron

Ronald Kleinman: Hi - I've tried both and both ways work. The nicest thing is that I don't use any rooting compound and it still works fine! Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching!

Todd Moore: Hello, in the aerator system, when you place your clippings in the unit, do they need to be touching the water, or are they just above and the humidity starts the rooting process?

Chris Cross: Hey Ron, Just a heads up, this is spam you clicked on, and these people go around spamming links on other peoples videos.

jsourouh: So why does DWC work? On the oxyclone website, it says you don't have to add nutrients, so how do the roots grow?

Ronald Kleinman: Checked it out and bookmarked it. Great stuff! Thanks for the link!

MichiganMarihuana: Or common sense would tell you to turn it off before lifting lid

Ronald Kleinman: No sense in getting complicated, right? DWC is so simple but works better than anything I've seen so far. Did you watch my Bubble Bucket and RootSpa videos? Check it out. Thanks for the comment!

Ronald Kleinman: Should be able to get from Sunlight Supply or Eco Enterprises both in the Northwest area.

Blog Dir: Building the website was not the hard part, but monetizing it was a whole new story. Thanks for the guidance about adsense. I am finally getting some money for my business directory. This is good for both business owners and customers. Keep building quality site and everyone wins.
DWC Hydroponics - Show Us Your Roots!! 5 out of 5

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DWC Hydroponics - Show Us Your Roots!!