Hi Point C9 Vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol

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Gene Ashworth: Great video, I have been following both on reviews (I am looking for something to put under a desk) and I think the Jimenez will do for what I am looking for. Keep up the good reviews.

kcThetown KAnsas: both crapty guns if you care about your life don't buy these pieces of junk.

olson gregory: The HP is superior... I bet I could dump the mag and hit a basket ball size target at 30 feet most of the the time.. I even have 3 extended mags and had a small optic put on it later I even had my name engraved with my die grinder (keep the honest people honest at the range) all I get is compliments... Truly a well designed gun for the competition shooter

stchman: Both the Jimenez and Hi Point have a Zamak slide, Zamak is more commonly known as pot metal.

Alex Gonzalez: yo tengo c9 y 380 también tengo un 715 t y nunca e tenido problemas con mis armas siempre limpieza y buen lubricante y uso cualquier ammo y todo perfecto hi point es mejor

bruce hunsaker: I have a c9 with over 500 round through it. The gun works flawless so far my expensive gun friends at first turned their nose up to it but after running they all said the same thing it works its accurate and one even went out and bought one.

bruce hunsaker: i have been looking for a Jimenez but have had no luck want a 9mm and a 380..

Justin Salinas: I've owned both but honestly I prefer the highpoint, it has a life time warranty
and doesn't jam as much as the other

Jayson Norris: Does anyone know if you can add a laser on the Jimenez J9 I've never seen a video mentioning an accessory rail

Sneadster: I have both, but the Jimenez has trouble with hollow points...the ugly hi-point hasn't failed.  if anyone has feedback on jimenez hollow points, hmu

Wymon Watson: Hi points are tanks, Jimenez start cracking frames after a couple hundred rounds. Hi point far superior in terms of being able to fire the gun without it eventually breaking itself.

mr bad example: if you need more than 8 rounds, you're a gang banger or in deep crap. I have a S&W 915 and a kel-tec PF-9, for concealed carry, I have a kel-tec P3AT and P32, same size, the 380 weighs an ounce more. I have the 915 for home when the SHTF and 30 round mags. now that I have a good job, might get a tiny glock 9mm and the 33 round mags :)

Theenemy38: I think I would go with the Jimenez over the Hi Point.

Dw McLaughlin: MD....GREATLY appreciate seeing an unbiased review of two much-maligned weapons/manufacturers. Reality is....everyone cant afford 500-1000 for a handgun. Less expensive CAN mean less quality sometimes. Nice to get an informative review from a respected name. Thx much !!

Daveon Cce: can i get that hi point with your name on it ??

Daveon Cce: hey man

karlsonkab51: so the JA9 has a steel slide? was that checked with a magnet ?

allenbrian72: Hello I liked your video . I own a ja 9mm that I traded for I found steel casings tend to mess up the slide going into the chamber. I found out Jimenez arms have a lifetime transferable warranty they sent me new parts free n had a gun smith install them . I will not use steel casings again . Also if you send the gun in to their shop n they can't fix it they will replace it. I went to do a conseald carry class n at the firing range after shooting a few rounds using perfecta ammo the instructor asked if I had a 45 I said no it's a 9mm he said I'm blowing hug holes in the target. I look at the other guys shooting 9's their holes in the target about the size of my little finger mine the size of my thumb . So I love this gun the weight the handling even the recoil . Just wanted to share thanks again.

DainBramaged 4Lyf: The C9 has it in ammo versatility for it being rated for +P unlike the JA9. If your going to get a cheapy handgun, it may as well be gotten used to at the range and broken in for hot loads. The point of the low dollar, fair quality weapon is for it to be counted on when needed.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Using the new HURST E-DRAULIC
Using the new HURST E-DRAULIC

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol