Hi Point C9 Vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol

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Shae Chavis: How many rounds through ja 9

Shawn Tanfogilo, FEG, nut Bane: Both of these 9mms suck. I have had both. Had issues with both. I have 2 JA-380s never had a problem with them, unless its ammo related. Both of these guns hate most hollow points and  flat nose ammo.  Use round ball ammo in both. If you want a cheaper 9mm go find a used S&W VE for about the same price.

Phillip Mcnichol: I love Hipoints, but they are not easy to disassemble.

David Traver: Great review

Michael Sassone: Jimenez is better less blocky and more accurate I haven’t had mine jam yet hi point is just too blocky to carry and the slide is a bitch but both shoot and do their job both good budget guns also like the double stack on the Jimenez

David Traver: Good job and honest

keith chapman: having owned both the Jiminez is a jamomatic and once broken in the Hipoint will eaat ANYTHING you feed it my older C9 has over 20,000 rounds thru it. the jiminez died at 1200 rounds it was wore out. my newer C9 has just over 2000 rounds. my hipoint carbines aregreat

infowarguy: Good comparison with similar prices handguns.
I don't like videos that compare a $200 gun to an $1,100 gun.

leona reyna: whats the trigger pull on both of these?

koolkitty8989: High points infamous spongy trigger is part of its success in stringent drop safety requirements in CA to get on the roster ... the roster that exists in part due to those Ring of Fire lawsuits. (not sure why the .40 and .45 hi points have failed that same set of requirements unless it's just bureaucracy/politics getting in the way rather than actual failures)

The Ring-of-Fire related Phoenix Arms pistols manage to be CA-compliant, though ... and loaded with safeties. (some of the older models had some of the same sort of safety concerns as WWI vintage Ruby pistols ... less than reliable/dependable manual safety and generally a poor idea to carry with a round in the chamber) Compared to say the Colt 1903 hammerless or FN 1910 (or FN 1903) which arguably had sufficiently reliably manual safeties ... but even then really best in condition 3. (the presence of a grip safety does obviously help, though ... something all of the others here, and both in this video lack)

koolkitty8989: +P ammo seems more reliable in most hi-points than standard P stuff, though it's mostly particularly wimpy low recoil loads that cause problems, especially combined with light bullets. (cold weather might also cause problems, or low temps in general, as that reduces case pressures to some extent, especially for the first shot)

John Stamper: I can't believe someone would buy both of those boat anchors let alone one of them.

The Real Elvis: Seems like they could make a slide that isn't so beefy on these blowback pistols. Just drill a few holes, thread them, implant a lead stud (heavier than steel) and cap it off. The lead will add to the weight so you could make the slide less bulky.

TheDman216: Decent review man .. But one thing you said is the Hi Point is polymer and its not..Its zinc alloy (Zamak3 which is 96% zinc, 4% aluminium) on both frames.They are both good guns for the money if ya use quality ammo no cheapy bulk ammo.

Christian Ewing: i think it's easy to take the hi point apart. not as easy as the other gun though

Cod3Thr33: Without watching the video, I would much rather carry the Hi-Point than the Jimenez Jammo-Matic. Both guns are far from opitmal, but yea, Hi-Point over all the Ring-Of-Fire guns all day.

Spanky Doodle: He says he would not use +p in the hipoint. Hipoints actually run better with hot loads and fmj profile bullets

Jarret Major: you get what you pay for just bought a ja9 badass little pistol has its own issues but crap man it cost 181 dollars...nuff said

Bluntman 4k: if it fires even one shot it has the potential to kill or harm. good if it's your only option for a budget

Ls Ms: the JA looks better.

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol