Hi Point C9 Vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol

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Daveon Cce: can i get that hi point with your name on it ??

Daveon Cce: hey man

karlsonkab51: so the JA9 has a steel slide? was that checked with a magnet ?

ben case: Ok thanks like your you tube videos better than cable TV. really enjoy the videos on inexpensive firearms and the pocket pistols. after watching these videos I feel confident purchasing pistols and more knowledgeable about these pistols then the gun store salesman.Thanks

ben case: MD pepper I have hi point pistols and I feel I could shoot thousands of rounds threw it they are tanks. Does the Jimenez have that feel of durability that the hi point has? thanks

allenbrian72: Hello I liked your video . I own a ja 9mm that I traded for I found steel casings tend to mess up the slide going into the chamber. I found out Jimenez arms have a lifetime transferable warranty they sent me new parts free n had a gun smith install them . I will not use steel casings again . Also if you send the gun in to their shop n they can't fix it they will replace it. I went to do a conseald carry class n at the firing range after shooting a few rounds using perfecta ammo the instructor asked if I had a 45 I said no it's a 9mm he said I'm blowing hug holes in the target. I look at the other guys shooting 9's their holes in the target about the size of my little finger mine the size of my thumb . So I love this gun the weight the handling even the recoil . Just wanted to share thanks again.

DainBramaged 4Life: The C9 has it in ammo versatility for it being rated for +P unlike the JA9. If your going to get a cheapy handgun, it may as well be gotten used to at the range and broken in for hot loads. The point of the low dollar, fair quality weapon is for it to be counted on when needed.

Jormungand13324: So basically, the JA-9 is made from stronger materials than the C9. If performance is better out of the box than the C9 then i've found a new candidate for my first sidearm. The stronger materials give it better longevity than the C9.

theguy12322: C9 is the best

Travis Graham: just got mine girst gun! excellent! awsome gun

Matthew Caughey: Both would make great guns for a hitman cheap dependable and the perfect gun to use once and toss em in a river

electricman630: One point that hasn't been mentioned, is from the point of view of people like myself. People who really couldn't careless about firearms, but just "need a gun in the house." Personally I could give two craps what a gun looks like, what the trigger feels like, etc. I pull the trigger on my HP .45, and it shoots bullets out......everytime. So for people like me, it doesn't matter what brand it is. Nobody on this comment thread would stand in front of either one of these guns without crapting their pants.

Andrew Clark: Hi point pistols.....because orcs and goblins need guns too. But in all seriousness, they are decent for what they are: an inexpensive gun.

Chuck Farley: I like your review alot... Thank You I own both of these guns I bought my Jennings in 1999 my first hand gun for my ccw, I still shoot with it today. I got the Hi point in 2015 But in 45 . I shoot the jennings more because it is 9mm lower cost to shoot when I go plunking.

Wayne Mcmichael: I love my Hi Point 40 and 45 and gun I would love to have some more I would love to have the 380 handgun

Mark Vantilburg: Love the review... one point, however, the Hipoint isn't that hard to disassemble... ONE pin to remove, and the tool provided fits the hole perfectly... you can use a rock to take it apart and reassemble... I had mine taken apart and put back together the first day I owned mine, and it took me 5 minutes the first time, simply because the recoil spring is a little tricky to get back in its proper place, but since then, I can have mine taken down and reassembled in less than a minute... I guess your individual mileage may vary... subbed, btw...

James Matthews: two of the sorriest pistols out there

cajunski1: The HiPoint is ugly but much more reliable. I bought a brand new Jimenez and after trying to shoot it and trying 10 different brands of ammo i realized that they must have misspelled their name so I gave that " Jamenez " away. Yep , gave it away and felt guilty about giving it to that fellow... pronounced JAM IN EZ...

Chef Danger: The Jimenez is slightly better looking, but the Hi Point is far and away the better gun. I have no problem at all trusting a Hi Point with my life. I'd feel pretty insecure with a Jimenez.

Tholaran97: We have the Jimenez in our home for defense purposes. It seems we made a good choice. Thanks for the review.

Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol