Hi Point C9 Vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol

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Scadster: What would you say is a decent and not too high-priced smaller-sized conceal carry gun ? i like the idea of a smaller 9mm, but what would be a good conceal carry handgun in your opinion?

The Real Elvis: Seems like they could make a slide that isn't so beefy on these blowback pistols. Just drill a few holes, thread them, implant a lead stud (heavier than steel) and cap it off. The lead will add to the weight so you could make the slide less bulky.

Yard Sale Dale: You can get rid of the internal safety on the HP so it can fire without the magazine. You may be able to ditch the thumb safety also.

Yard Sale Dale: You make a good point by showcasing cheap guns for prepping. The cool thing about the hi points is they are durable and ugly like harbor freight tools. So no tears shed if you shave the slide and install a burris sight. HP is nice to shoot, even if it is built like a lawnmower.

TheDman216: Decent review man .. But one thing you said is the Hi Point is polymer and its not..Its zinc alloy (Zamak3 which is 96% zinc, 4% aluminium) on both frames.They are both good guns for the money if ya use quality ammo no cheapy bulk ammo.

Christian Ewing: i think it's easy to take the hi point apart. not as easy as the other gun though

Cod3Thr33: Without watching the video, I would much rather carry the Hi-Point than the Jimenez Jammo-Matic. Both guns are far from opitmal, but yea, Hi-Point over all the Ring-Of-Fire guns all day.

Spanky Doodle: He says he would not use +p in the hipoint. Hipoints actually run better with hot loads and fmj profile bullets

Jarret Major: you get what you pay for just bought a ja9 badass little pistol has its own issues but crap man it cost 181 dollars...nuff said

Bluntman 4k: if it fires even one shot it has the potential to kill or harm. good if it's your only option for a budget

Ls Ms: the JA looks better.

Daryl Keetom: the C 9 is a fine weapon. ugly as home made soap works great.

Reloading from the hot pot: Great video, I have been following both on reviews (I am looking for something to put under a desk) and I think the Jimenez will do for what I am looking for. Keep up the good reviews.

kcThetown KAnsas: both crapty guns if you care about your life don't buy these pieces of junk.

olson gregory: The HP is superior... I bet I could dump the mag and hit a basket ball size target at 30 feet most of the the time.. I even have 3 extended mags and had a small optic put on it later I even had my name engraved with my die grinder (keep the honest people honest at the range) all I get is compliments... Truly a well designed gun for the competition shooter

stchman: Both the Jimenez and Hi Point have a Zamak slide, Zamak is more commonly known as pot metal.

Alex Gonzalez: yo tengo c9 y 380 también tengo un 715 t y nunca e tenido problemas con mis armas siempre limpieza y buen lubricante y uso cualquier ammo y todo perfecto hi point es mejor

bruce hunsaker: I have a c9 with over 500 round through it. The gun works flawless so far my expensive gun friends at first turned their nose up to it but after running they all said the same thing it works its accurate and one even went out and bought one.

bruce hunsaker: i have been looking for a Jimenez but have had no luck want a 9mm and a 380..

Justin Salinas: I've owned both but honestly I prefer the highpoint, it has a life time warranty
and doesn't jam as much as the other

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Using the new HURST E-DRAULIC
Using the new HURST E-DRAULIC

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Hi Point C9 vs Jimenez Arms JA9 Comparison 9mm Review 9mm Pistol