Review, Crosman Optimus 1200fps .177 Cal Air Rifle And Trigger Fix

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unionrdr: I bought my youngest son the Optimus .22cal version of this rifle for his B-day last April. Likes the 14.3gr Gamo rockets so far. Nice rifle with the same velocity range as the Hatsan Striker 1000, & Edge. But about 1.5lbs lighter. I replace the cheap rings and Centerpoint 4x32 scope it came with with spare Winchester 3-9x32 scope off my 1400cs and a Hammers 4-bolt mount. Solid rifle now! Gonna have him try the 16gr H&N hornets on small pigs. .22 air rifles have taken some good size pigs with one head shot on here.

fsdarrell: Great review. BTW, the GTX II trigger is an excellent upgrade and well worth the $30 cost. I added one to my Optimus, and also installed a nitro piston kit. It's very accurate with the premier domed pellets and can penetrate completely through 2 empty tin cans at 10 metres. I own more expensive air guns, but for shooting fun, the Optimus is my favorite.

Kevin Grimbeek: Hi There Again Kenny,

As you can see, it's been two years now since we last spoke and my .177 Crosman Optimus is still going strong, even with your recommended trigger fix!

My rifle has had its third spring already, which has nothing to do with the quality but rather quantity of rounds shot with it! In all, I must have put at least 12000 (twelve thousand) rounds through the barrel because I buy two tins of 500 pellets each month AND I have a Crosman 357 Magnum pistol too, which I bought soon afterwards. All Your Fault!!!

When replacing the spring I also polished up the piston and cylinder to a near mirror finish and treated them with silicon grease. Similarly, I polished the trigger sheer and any other friction surfaces with my Dremel and gave them the same treatment with silicon grease.

Right now, any pellet less than 7 grain will still produce a crack making it too noisy for back yard shooting, so I use H&N's Rabbit Magnum pellets which for some strange reason do very well in both my rifle and pistol.

In short, my "cheap" Crosman has over time become a very refined rifle (as far as springer's go) and even the wooden stock has become glossy from use - with a somewhat darker color hue too. At twenty meters I am able to place five shots within a 1/4 inch bull which defy's some You Tuber's comments' about these rifles - and springer's in general.

You are welcome to use this comment to help support your quest, which for me is always enjoyable.


"Out Of Africa"

Ricky Hogan: Ebay seller has this rifle for $69.99, n/c shipping

PRODUCTIONS BORÉAL: Man i would make a million bet that you r an american!

steinderbush: Hello Ken, I want to buy this gun, i live in the Netherlands This gun is also cheap in my country! My question is , could this gun be upgraded to a nitro piston, perhaps later!??

myairgunreviews: The CO1k77X comes with a Scope

Larry Eyster: Thanks for your answer about the box of old clothes. Next have you ever changed a spring with a gas spring.

Larry Eyster: What do you fire the pellet into when testing sound and trigger pull

Tim inman Inman: I know you reviewed the (Hatsan Edge Springer .22 cal. version that was $119.99 but you should review the (Hatsan Edge Vortex).177 version that's $99.99 right now I think that's a really good deal.One of the best for under $120.00 HECK MAYBE under $140.00 check it out u will be the first to do so.

Snoozing Lion: Thanks for taking the time :)

Bmonz: what weight pellets do u use for this gun ?

Bryan Morgan: OK I bought this rifle from Wal-mart for $85 and got a can of Gamo Rocket 9.6 grain pellets put a 3-12x40 AO scope on it fixed the trigger with a 5x8x2.5 bearing and it is a very accurate rifle thank you for very informative videos on how to fix these Crossmans to be great rifles

SuperEpicAwesomeness: I'm wondering if i should buy this rifle or a Ruger airhawk. I'm mostly going to be using it for indoor target shooting.

Bryan Morgan: What's the feet per second on the 9.6 Gamo rocket pellets

Rudolfo Bosmuler: Changing the trigger adjustment screw for a slightly longer one (about 2 mm longer) is also a good and cheap way to improve this trigger.

David Chouinard: Im thinking instead of a washer you could just wrap a thin strip of electrical tape around the piece as many times as desired, any idea if that would work?

AlexanderPews: Hey, what is the difference between this rifle and the Crosman Vantage? They look incredibly the same! 

Jimmy H: Your reviews are great, Thank you. I'm tossing up between this and the Ruger Air Hawk for targets and pests. Would like your opinion. I'm new to the game so I'm not confident enough to modify the trigger and don't want to buy better scope etc. So, Which rifle is best straight from the box? 

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Review, Crosman Optimus 1200fps .177 Cal Air Rifle and Trigger Fix 5 out of 5

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Review, Crosman Optimus 1200fps  .177 Cal Air Rifle and Trigger Fix