Red Army Parade 1954

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timo1595: Was is so fantastic to celebrate rapists who raped millions of german, polish and other easteuropean women from age 10 to 80?

eleanorroosevelt1: i like hitler better too

Nikolaii257: It would have been better for the Soviet Union and for Russia and even the world if Malenkov gained full power imstead of Khreushchev. Beria was a monster, worse than Stalin. Malenkov did a lot of good, if one reads the Soviet history. Unfortunately, there was a coup and so he only lasted for about six months as a Soviet leader.

ararat123457: LOL GOOD IDEA!

IntelligentHoodlum: these false-socialist states burn a deep wound into socialist thought and theory....stalin, mao, and all the other counter-revolutionaries have cost socialist understanding dearly.

Dan Danescu: No way,dude!Stalin was a great leader,Hitler was a subhuman monster.

ahirzaman1000: СЛАВА СТАЛИНУ!!!

thaispf: O que voce quer dizer com isso? What do you mean by that?

durtydeeedz: Great historical footage Where can I download it from?

Dan Danescu: Heroism of the Red Army.

thaispf: "boooo" what?

Dedoroff: freakIN A!!!! NOW THIS GUY HAS IT RIGHT!

logibear64: if they could only manage an economy as well as the did a parade!

slack3rb1tch: A minority may be able to become anything they want by leaving the majority behind. For every success story like your senator, how many are working minimum wage without health insurance etc.

AmersfoortTristan: those were the days.. wish they were here again CCCP for ever

ren: believe me, even you would heroically fight for any army in the world if you and your family would be in front of gun barrel. everyone knows what happened to defectors. they simply had no choice. and that's your only guess?

berlinSS: Khrushev-Malenkov's nomenkulatura was the beginning of the end of USSR. It preserved dictature of VKP(b, which was originally a temporal mere, fo an undefined time.

AmersfoortTristan: Indeed, ComradeRed2020... that is a good advise

BlackProteus: You think the USA is a democracy? It's a plutocracy. Plutocrats won the Cold War, in both the USA and USSR. You and I lost.

Rees Thompson: wise words my freind..

ren: well, you can do yourself what happened to most of the people under direct conntrol of him - shoot yourself in the head while wearing an eye blind

222mozart: long live CCCP !!

armyranger321: long live cccp? I find that ironic cause the soviet union doesnt exist anymore, communism lost, democracy won

ComradeRed2020: If you want CCCP forever, come to the EU and help the left wing get even stronger to change social-democracies into socialist-democracies

Nick Romanov: russians hate that sort of SM that's why when his guards herad him dying in his room they didn't want to check because he was a horrible man to everyone.

dudemantwo: that is a cool that a packard?

ren: haha, you're right. it's actually very stupid argument of who was worse, we don't ask that if columbine killers or the belgian kindergarten killer was worse, but we do that with our history. but we can compare followers. as well, one idiot is still being praised! stalin was not a great leader. using unarmed young men as cannon meat is not a sound military strategy and he wasn't in power because he would have been so good, but he just killed off all the competition!

54spiritedwill54: those were the days, wish they were here again CCCP 4ever

TrueCommunist: Its a great video ... it is pitty that it isn't longer

Proletarian98: Ah the glory of COMMUNISM!

ren: what made him so great?

armyranger321: or not? the US is the land of opportunity. my senator came to this country with nothing. used sports in high school to get into a good college, went into the military, afterwards became a sucessful in law and now hes a senator. anyone can become anything they want to in america

seadogru: haha a Brazilin talking.Go play some football losser

smirdziu: No one of you has seen soviets, i had been living in communism for 20 years in Lithuania. Stupid idiots you know nothing about real communism, you just see the ,, bright side of communism'' , 50 millions russians were assasinated by Stalin and that doesn't make any sense to you

pppersiannn: Soviet Union(CCCP), Is freaked up anyways. There are still idiot communists like Armenians who even they don't have water to wash themselves. A communist believed that he/she must eat crap and remain communist by reading red book. As a brief result, you communists are all freaking bastard. You freaked up and so freak off...

Red Army Parade 1954 4.6 out of 5

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Red Army Parade 1954
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Red Army Parade 1954