HP Probook 4530S Review

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TheXeonShock: @icekiddteen Well It would be good for video calls and conferencing. 3D gaming, it would run good with older games. Games like SC2 would not run well. You need a dedicated graphics card.

Brittni Kristine: Ugh, I need a new laptop...

Catalin Levitchi: you have a radio voice=))))))))))))

jjustin25: Hi i bought this laptop with same exact specs i wanna know whats upgradable like if i can upgrade the graphics card because speed is fine

TheXeonShock: @andres1963 Yeah it was on my MyTouch 4g lol. Sorry about that.

TheXeonShock: @adkhan14323 Well it has a backup portion to revert it back to factory settings so everything will look good as new. Oh I probably included those when I was speaking in the review lol. This model would be good, sine I got it for sale. there are other computers with the same quality

MrWiskid252: Can it play leauge of legends like even in low graphics?

scouse nofeyzulla: i mean microsoft point..you can enter computer and look at protopites//

kirk meikle: @TheXeonShock thnx man. i bought a dell inspiron 14r with an i5 processor. its aiight. but thnx a lot. still looking to buy an hp though cuz they r da best

TheXeonShock: @AlexBell147 Nope not a metal finish, but like a fake type

Gian Paolo: Have you tried installing the correct and up-to-date drivers for the web cam? Try using HPs Softpaq.

TheXeonShock: @TheBrittniBee Yeah this is a good laptop :)

TheXeonShock: @dheeraj1083 yeah that was the only thing bad about it, but its good if you are outside

Julio Rivera: that crap sucks ball ! you sound like a dumb hoe !!!

TheXeonShock: Well graphics is okay for youtube and videos, gaming sucks balls

TheXeonShock: @chonichon07 Nope, Wi-fi has been great for me, gets me good reception when I'm at home and at school. Coming back from sleep its great, no problems at all.

Nzaonline: @TheXeonShock You know when you look at that glass of a monitor and can see the lil tiny square patterns? Well that I can notice with my laptop screen and it was new straight out the box. Maybe cause its LED backlit?

TheXeonShock: @TrollinDuncan Its running fantastic. Battery Life is a must if you take this outside your home. No problems so far and bootup is within 30 seconds around there.

TheXeonShock: @moris991 like backlit keyboard if that is what you are trying to say? thats only on the elitebooks

TheXeonShock: @TheDankazama yeah it is very good :D

theHDuploader100: @TheXeonShock m having alot of problems in gaming on hp 4530s,,,i mean i cant change panel fit from graphics option,,,the only option it has is maintain display scaling...and because of that i cant play games in full screen :-(,,,,i mean how can i play games with full screen(wide display)

TheXeonShock: Umm not too sure anymore since i sold it

kirk meikle: hey nice vid, plannin on buying that laptop in a few weeks so this vid really helped. thanx a lot. Have an important question though... is it good on things that use up a lot of resources? for instance video call conferencing and 3D gaming and things like that. lemme know as soon as you can please and thnx

MAGMAM MAGMAM: How much MB is the graphics card, and, what's the name/type is the webcam ?!!.

andres1963: Don't get me wrong, but your voice.. wow... some how you sounds as you are screaming on the microphone. Thank you for the review.

TheXeonShock: @meCatalin1 yeah lol

bajanumel: One of the two usb ports on the right side (side with the dvd drive) is supposed to be a usb 3.0

Farrukh Kamran: I have a HP Probook 4530s.I have a question.When i start my hp laptop it only starts when i connect charger to my laptop .just want to confirm with you.Is there any option to run laptop on battery and Indicator light displayed which color if there no charge and when charge complete.

Pappu Sarkar: Hi, Hope your video would have been less shaky, I have three questions, 1. Were is the Hard disk light located (the one that blinks when HDD in use) 2. How heavy is the charger adapter? 3. How is the display quality (Colors, contrast etc). Nice video.

x2xtreme360: @R0BL0XER Why in the hell would you download the Windows 8 beta and expect the featured on this laptop to still function. It's a BRAND new BETA version OS. Practically nothing is going to work on it.

TheXeonShock: yeah it can play it

SuperAngus42: Can it play Portal 2?

pricgee: does it have a built-in microphone? or you need an additional mic to plug in to the mic jack?

TheXeonShock: @jjustin25 Well graphics card No you can't. Processor you can and hard drive and ram.

TheXeonShock: hmmm yes

scouse nofeyzulla: whats the graphic point and gaming point

iTweakgeek: i bought that laptop 3 days ago and i wanna know if I can to have keybord with the light(To tap in the dark) ???.......

Alexander Bell: So its not a metal finish? its just plastic? As i have heard its Metal!???

TheXeonShock: I haven't tried that yet, but I have an iMac as well.

Syed Mohammad: this one battery timing is better or dell inspiron n5110 ??

TheXeonShock: @sarkarpappu Yeah sorry about that. I don't have a video cam at the moment. I had to use my cell phone for that . The Hard disc light is located next to the sd card lot. The charger adapter is not heavy, its light. and Colors wouldnt be so clear because of its anti-glare screen. So its a bit granie. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

nikolad1994: Which camera software is used on this laptop? I don't have it and i have to download it, but i don't know which one.

Ch. Ahsan: hi, i am also buying this machine soon. i have a question that if my window get corrupted by virus and i have to do window again. is there is backup in laptop that i can do window without cd?? i mean is window software is save in laptop or i have to get cd to do. and i just know that 4530s. not the model like your is XU015UT. and in description you dont mention finger print reader,bluetooth,micro sd card reader?? are these are not in that model/ excuse me for my bad english

Nzaonline: Do you see slightly faint grid lines on this monitor against white backgrounds?

TheXeonShock: @kspsoccer1 you sure? its next to where the labels are at lol. its small.

MrMisi6: Can it play farcry 3 ??

TheXeonShock: @spartan0000000117 yeah big time useless

Alexander Bell: @TheXeonShock is it cold too touch then like a fake metal, or a brushed metal plastic type thing.


HP Probook 4530S Review 4.3 out of 5

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HP Probook 4530S Review