How To Make The Butterfly Blossom Rainbow Loom Bracelet!!!!!

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13agers: Please post more videos

Lisa McMullen: In the beginning the camera is moving a lot!!

Anna Dougall: Great tutorial! :)

Maddy Kelley: That's so cool

daichele haynes: Awesome video please make more

icecreamandcake214: I know i should talk a little louder. sorry 

Carmen Jennings: Thank you

Hailey Duarte: How*

Reese Parker: It worked for me, thank you soo much!!!!!

Danny M: When I took it out it fell apart on me

Evangeline Russo: thx

ahfdrtewu22232431: Thank you so much!!!! Worked very well!!!!!!

Smorelove1: Thnx it it helped a lot

babygirl7156: it worked for me too thank you :)

Emily Drummond: this was a great video thanks :)

Tracey Buck: Thanks so much! Very nicely explained!

Gina Lombardi: Thanks!

Laci Wright: are you even alowed to make these videos cause u were quiet

Gina Lombardi: i did it!

cmcEmerald: Speak a little louder next time please

boshmo99: Maybe talk a little louder

christymc33: Great video. My daughter loves the bracelet. Thank you for not fast forwarding through the video. Very helpful!

Alain Perez: Next time talk a little lowder

Madie Castillo: As soon as I pulled it of it fell apart sorry but bad video talk a lil louder

Carmen Padron: Thanks for doing this! My bracelet looks great :) The tutorial was awesome, just try to speak a little louder next time!

olivialima101: its not the video...... its you

Sophias RainbowLooms: I like your video check out my channel and my videos your video was great

Omar Duarte: Talk loud not low

Evangeline Russo: thx

Hailey Duarte: This was great I love hoe you didn't speed up when you so the actual bracelet

Elissa Russo: lol when she got up to tell someone to be quiet xD

Evangeline Russo: thx

Sophias RainbowLooms: OMG

kitty pawz: Didn't work

Jennifer Harris: Thanks for showing us this!

Giavonna Bianco'lugo: Thanks my friends don't know to make this lol ill teach them I was so happy when I took it of and it worked thanks

boshmo99: Looks cool


daisy2234567890: Omg thank u soooooo much u r like the best teacher thank u :)

BEMontgomery: For your first video, you did excellent. Don't let anyone tell you differently. In online comment situations like this, I've learned that those who have a complaint are usually the most vocal, while those who have positive comments tend to be more quiet. You'll learn and get better as you go. Thank you so much. Worked perfectly for my daughter.

Sophias RainbowLooms: good video got it on my first try but you were not even talking you were mumbling!

Iyana Royal: So boring

CHEYE Marbles: You can't see what's going on

icecreamandcake214: it shouldnt have if you did it correctly. sorry

Soarin Wonder: Fluttershy haha

Pauline Anacki: just turn the volume up cmcEmerald

smartcookie34999: Didn't work

icecreamandcake214: thanks!!!

boshmo99: So easy and so cool

Luke Frankel: cool

How to make the butterfly blossom rainbow loom bracelet!!!!! 4 out of 5

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How to make the Butterfly Blossom bracelet on the Rainbow Loom
How to make the Butterfly Blossom bracelet on the Rainbow Loom
How to make the butterfly blossom rainbow loom bracelet!!!!!
How to make the butterfly blossom rainbow loom bracelet!!!!!

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How to make the butterfly blossom rainbow loom bracelet!!!!!