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Terry: Terry Spinks1 hour ago
I have a Vizio GV47 FHDTV10A. It started our with screen being dark on the left side then the picture went out altogether. If you trun the TV on the VIzio front light comes on white but you can't hear the power come on. all you hear is a relay clicking. Any suggestions. I did find a hot spot and a 470 mf @35 V cap that looked bad by a bulging top on power supply. I replaced that but didn't fix the problem.

Stacy Wulf: Our TV is starting to loose the picture only on the left side of the screen. Any recommendations on parts and a "how to" fix that problem, please? The power is fine.

VictorsSanction: Ok, so I have a Visio Gallevia 1080 Progressive liquid crystal hdtv. model #GV47L FHDTV10A
Serial# LHPAEAG4701072
I can turn it on using the buttons but no picture, just a black screen. I plugged my xbox into it and I didn't get any sound from it but I wouldn't know what input setting the tv was on to tell if it was left on hdmi or not. Quick fix or replace tv?

melissa anderson: i have a vizio 42gtl and when i turn it on the logo in front turns on power and then the screen comes on for a sec blue screen then goes off and wont come back on for a few so it continues to shut off plz help

cdoublejj: okay so on mine, the power light comes on white and stays on and i tunr it off and by touching the power button the front for a second and then the power light goes back orange. is this the inverter?

EDIT: i'm seeing cap kits for the inverter.

Kasey Harkey: Im currently working on one of these. Same model.  My question would be that mine turns on and off just fine but there is no picture just a black screen. Do you think it would be the main board or the inverter boards?

Tim Funk: What if you don't see the vizio light at all (stand by or on) it's it still the power supply board

Juan Castacan: I have the same model but  I don't have any response from the on/off touch pad, I have the orange light on but no power Is getting to the touch pad and therefore I can't turn it on with the remote either. anyone can help me?

lesmoor kelly:  
i have a LG m3201ce with a problem .when you turn it on and look very closely you can see  the picture but there is no brightness.i believe it is the back lite invert-er .it is almost identical to the one in your video.could it be a problem with the power supply not feeding voltage to the back-lite invert-er ?.can you help

Wicked Gaze: the Whole right side of my screen Goes really dark and distorted and i have to smack it or shake it to make it stop . 

jarvis agulto: I have a blurry image and static, then it gets clear then again gets blurry/static. whats the problem and how can I fix this? please let me know

Dan Daugherty: i have the VW47L version, given to me by a friend who didn't want to take the time to have it repaired. it is very similar to the GV model you are showing in this video. He said he heard a pop and it stopped working, he did try and replace the main board but that did not help. All fuses appear good, when I plug it in, the VIZIO does turn hello, I do not hear any relays when I press the power button on the side and nothing changes. I do have the 5v standby but no other voltages coming out of the power supply. I"m not sure if I should have the 12 / 24 volts out since I don't hear the relay or if there is some type of power check on the board that if one is missing, it won't try and turn on? Yours in the video does have the 24volts going to the inverter boards but you did hear the relay. Bad power board? any thoughts?

Kelly Saridjo: I need to replace m vizio main board. 3642-0312-0150 (5A). I found one on ebay. everything looks the same. only that's a 3642-0212-0150 (5A) Will it work?

Grants Pass TV Repair: Norcal715 has a couple videos where he shows people how to repair a common problem on the Vizio mainboards. and the part is 65 cents. Look him up on youtube.

mrbrain80: I had this problem, I thought it was the power supply but ended up being the main board. found the main board part locally for $50. Not really worth fixing since it could happen again..

Edison Restrepo: hello dear friend first wanted to thank him for his great contribution to these videos and who have helped me a lot. I also wanted to ask a question in reference to an HDTV PDP42 * 3200 I have. the problem is that when I turn on the tv the sound comes out fine but as I get only image in red and tried to balance the colors but gives no result .. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT HELP ...

Grants Pass TV Repair: Yes you can. My shop is at 938 SW 6th street. About one block past 711 on the right. I'm generally in between 10:30 and 5:30 unless I'm doing a service home service call.

yosimar urrutia: I have the same exact TV with the exact same problem. Do you have a shop I can stop by?

Grants Pass TV Repair: Sorry but I don't have a clue.

Manuel Graciano: Hello I have a vizio 320vl and I have an issue with it. It turns on, however, on the display it shows the logo "VIZIO" but very dark n dim . What do u think it can be?

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VIZIO LCD TV GV47L FHDTV10A 5 out of 5

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