Dell Streak 5 With Android 2.9.3 Longhorn ROM

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Artur Orgocka: I have android 2.2, O2 how to make a higher versjon´╗┐

MaximusRedStar: i have 2.3.3 oficial can you help me to upgrade to 2.3.7

pcnuke: the URL link to longhorn updates is in the (more info) link above First learn how to root your phone (as I explained above) then learn how to put the ROM on your SD card in ROOT folder then watch the link in more info (above) on how to flash the ROMs zip file

Shane Smith: I'm about to get a streak as a spair does it only work in landscape mode like I seen on . Videos?

Shane Smith: I just got it and the home screens are stuck in landscape mode. Auto rotate.doesnt change that I can get regular portrait mode.on websites but.not.home screens I rooted the phone but dont know how to install a rom wish I could

pcnuke: I also read where unlocking any personally owned phone is illegal from this point on! Read this: Unlocking new phones now banned under DMCA, the EFF weighs in -- URL is linked in (more info) above.

Jeff Jones: First flash your phone, then install custon recovery, transfer rom .zip to sd card, use custon recovery to flas. Google all the steps if you need to:P

jayman tempest: when i got into the habit of testing new roms(a month ago), longhorn 2.6 was out, personally i think, it has a better UI than 2.5, havent test everything but so far no complains. im loving on xda developers forum if interested in it.

daoverkiill: its go launcher ex

MrComputechbg: please tell me what is the launcher?

James Beck: How do I get that rom on my streak 5? Its already rooted.

MaximusRedStar: realy dont now how to root 2.3.3 hmmm i upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 but now when wont 2.3.7 i am stuck so hard

MaximusRedStar: i have 2.3.3 oficial is this beeter and how to upgrade my room

MaximusRedStar: ??? 1-do i need to root before upgrade? 2-whitch program to root 2.3.3??? 3-is 2.3.7 better than 2.3.3.

tricky438: can someone help me i put a superboot on my dell streak 5 now wont work what can i do to fix this or can someone call me to help me please 606-205-9643 need your help anyone

MaximusRedStar: when i wont o go in fast boot than my pc dont see my phone but when my phone is work than see drivers.just dont know how to go in fastboot.ay idea?

MaximusRedStar: i try z4root but this program say that canot root i will use one bullet and kill me today..freaking 2.3.3

Joseph Garcia: what happen...

muhd syafiq: can it run ussd code? how stabile it is?

pcnuke: People I places a URL link in the (more info) to the XDA forum area, to get help in anything that applies to this ROM, please go there for help, because I sold my Dell 5 and cannot do anther video on it, But I will also put further help in the (Show More) area of this video

MaximusRedStar: can you help me plz i root my devices and when i wont to go in fast booth mod all time say bblala bla usb and dont see divers on windows 7 but when my phone is stratrde he see drivers

kassadin: hmmm it doesn't work. I mean i can't download it from that forum :s

Jeff Jones: Yeah. I'll try that. I got DSC rom 1.5 and it just unrooted itself???? It's wierd

Chris Taylor: You haven't flashed your amss or your dsp1. longhorn 2.7 uses Gingerbread so you need GB amss and dsp1

MaximusRedStar: i canot root whit gingerbreak apk when i start it after 30 min nothing.realy dont now how to root i root 2.2.2 with gingerbreak apka and work but 2.3.3 nothing hapining

bharath reddy: hey how much time it takes showing me....DELL LOGO for a long time...

MaximusRedStar: is this beeter than my 2.3.3 i nave frezze not like on 2.2.2 but freeze is steal here is 2.3.7 no freeze and is better than 2.3.3

dragonballz0: Thank you for the tutorial, these are great steps. You really don't need to root your Dell Streak 5 (mini) to install Longhorn 2.3.7. I had 2 Streaks (had 2, sold 1), installed Longhorn 2.3.7 on the second unused Streak and it worked perfectly. That Streak I sold with Longhorn as I was using the first one with stock 2.2.2 ROM. I'll upload the video I took when I performed the ROM update (made a video, haven't uploaded yet).

Jeff Jones: Thanks for corecting me

Jeff Jones: Yeah if you have 2.3 just root it and flash this rom. Use Gingerbreak.apk it usually works for me. And 2.3.7 is preety much the same but amateur roms are better.

Cezar Garsianu: Right man, it the best ROM!!!

carljones172: I love that dell tablet

tricky438: or can u put rom just thought the fastboot with out the sd card

MaximusRedStar: and 1 more thing i have 2..3. oificial do i need to root first thn to upgrade.i anot foud solution how to root with some program

Jeff Jones: Tr z4root.apk

mtlrippr: does Longhorn work better than that Olleh Gingerbread ROM for this device? 'Better' as in, less lag and unresponsive apps?

Jeff Jones: Any build of 2.3 is a pain is the ass to root.

HoodToonzTV: Could you please do a tutorial on how to get it on your dell streak 5. Your fans would really appreciate it.

Jeff Jones: I get a similar issue:/ I've never been able to root 2.3 but I can root 2.2 easily.

jayman tempest: xda developer website has download links if you search...

Jeff Jones: Okay. Are the 2.2 update and the 2.3 update different basebands?

pcnuke: Longhorn 2.9.3 Updated 9-5-12 - xda-developers search on google for link to updated Longhorn ROM It will run on Dell Streak 5

pcnuke: Root by way of computer use:´╗┐ SuperOneClick Or Phone root use: The program called Gingerbreak Search YouTube vids for: Root you Android 2.3 and lower devices

pcnuke: not really anymore, someone made a simple android app that you can install to root or unroot your v2.3 android system. I dont have my Dell anymore, but as I remember the android app was called Gingerbreak and with the click of 1 button you can root or unroot the phone as much as you want

UncleDolan: Holy freak, dell streak looks freaking amazing! :O

jayman tempest: afaik most andriod devices have the option to auto rotate screen, longorn 2.6 has this feature on my dell streak 5

DJTamamon: does anyone else find that bootloader animation to be really obtrusive and annoying?

Dell Streak 5 with Android 2.9.3 Longhorn ROM 4.4 out of 5

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Dell Streak 5 with Android 2.9.3 Longhorn ROM