FreeNAS 9.1.1: Plex Media Server Plugin

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theplumber33: you didn't how how you navigated to the upload page at minute 2:50

EmptyGlass99: Excellent video.  Very clear.  If only all "how to" videos on youtube were like this one.

canoncola: Why do you need to set permissions recursively a second time? What changed?

canoncola: Excellent video. Very much appreciated.
Having trouble getting plugins to populate for install... verified internet access. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Reboot fixed this.

ccovemaker: Got stuck in the same place most seem to be when I attempt to start Plex I get the "Some error occured".  Can anyone give any guidance here?

Anh Tu Tran: Nice instruction! :3 

Đức Hoàng Lê: FreeNAS 9.1.1 64bit on Vbox, Plex media server not work, what wrong with me

Kevin K.: Thank you so much, this video was perfect!

danmanx2: Any logical reason why Plex Media Server Plugin is for only 64bit FreeNAS?  This really kills what I was trying to do...

Anthony Cupero: the web interface will not work for me it just times out

alexandertet: Instal the plug in but when going to turn it on says some error accurred system is FreeNAS-9.1.1-RELEASE-x64  and instal the plug in from the plugin list.. can some one sent me a guide or explain me ..thank you;)

Ellis Booker: Excellent video. Thanks. I'm wondering if I should set up the Plex service inside my FreeNAS or simply use a standalone Plex server. I have experience with both. Anybody have an opinion? Mostly, I plan to use the media server--however I implement it--for videos/music/images on my LAN. 

Update: Only the 64-bit version of FreeNAS supports the Plex plug-in. Sadly, the only spare, 64-bit laptop I've got that's 64-bit has just 2GB of RAM, which is far below the recommended minimum for a FreeNAS (64-bit) server. So I think I'll try the Plex ontop of an even older, 32-bit, screen-busted netbook I have lying around. 

Lexi Lexi: Hey Alex, thanks for the reply man. Yeah I did a google search found out that I need 64bit. Problem is I have a 32bit machine...anyway do u think I could install the 64bit freenas on my 32bit machine, will it work? Thanks dude.

Lexi Lexi: I don't have the plex media server on the list in the plugin. My server is connected to Internet.

Darren Kitchens: all the other step went fine, but when trying to start the plex plugin it gives me a message "an error occurred". when I look in syslog I see: "Couldn't retrieve http://{ip of freeness server}/plugins/plexmediaserver/1/_s/status: timed out"

Leester1820: i finally got an error message and it says "failed creating clean ZFS base clone" what does this mean?

Leester1820: how long is this suppose to take to install the plugin? i have let mine run for over 30 min and its stuck on 24%... any advice?

Fernando Gabriel: MUITO BOMM !!!!!

kippenkopjes ramos: great tutorial, nice to see plex in freenas

André Santos: I don't have my freenas connected to internet router. But my Mac have wifi internet and is connected wired to freenas router. How can i see the plugins this way?

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FreeNAS 9.1.1: Plex Media Server Plugin 5 out of 5

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FreeNAS 9.1.1: Plex Media Server Plugin
FreeNAS 9.1.1: Plex Media Server Plugin
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FreeNAS 9.1.1: Plex Media Server Plugin