Tryally Tech. Sherline Machines ONE FULL HD

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Rafizee Khalil: This guy full of brilliant ideas that i can follow. Thank you.😁

Toby W: A poster elsewhere suggested (tobacco) pipe cleaners for ways protector inserts.

sanforce: Incredible shop and modifications, thanks for the video series!!

Mr. Doug: Very cleaver system 😀, I am impressed with all the accessories you have improved on the lathe and milling machine. 👍🏻

Tapajara: Why do you have so many machines? Is it to reduce setup time or do you run several in parallel?

John Keith: what CAM software do you use? Or do you use G-Codes?Thanks.

Adrianus Samuel: GOOD IDea ....

Sangyoon Kim: Wow.. So many Sherline mills and lathes.. My green envy to you. Could you tell me how to make leadscrew cover from PVC?

neiljborja: Nice video, your modifications were really clever and well done! Also thank you for providing subtitles in English. Also, have you thought of using the same accordion-style covers for the lathe too?

florian Mates: Thank you for your quick response.
Do you have an email account?
I want to send you some photos and to ask you an advise about my dental project if you are agree

florian Mates: Hi Luiz
I discovered your videos playlist and I am amazing. You are very cute and skill man.
I am a dental tehnician and your system to keep the shank is similar to dental piece .

Michigan RC TV MIRCTV: Hola Senior! Do you sell the lathe protectors? You should!

Titanis2000: Pretty coool stuff Luiz thank you for sharing

Rogerio Segura: Boa Noite Luiz, tenho acompanhado seus videos e estou achando muito interessante a sua estrutura, gostaria se possivel de uma informação tenho uma fresadora da sherline porem tenho programa em mm e inch , quando ativo em Inch não tenho problema mas quando coloco no modo mm, esta ocorrendo um erro de medida muito grande onde a maquina não obedece ao valor programado acredito ser configuração mas não sei como alterar ou corrigir esse erro, voce poderia me ajudar a desvendar esse enigma? Obrigado e mais uma vez parabens pelos videos

Thema inproblem: You are amazingly talented!  And I sure hope that Sherline is taking good care of you.   I'll never be even close to your skill set but you really inspire me to try hard.  Watching you work is like watching Eddie Van Halen play the guitar.  Your are really superb!   Greetings from Arizona.  

Vivian Herrera: Olá Luiz, tudo bem? Meu pai acompanha seu canal, um excelente por sinal, parabéns pelo trabalho! Bom, ele gostaria de saber se por acaso você conhece algum revendedor de produtos da Sherline aqui no Brasil. Desde já, muito obrigada!

shopvelox: How long before the lathe Lube/cleaning guides are available for purchase?

Luiz Ally: Hello Bob, Thank you so much. I'm happy to see your comment Please in any doubts feel free to ask questions at anytime. Hope you approve the my others videos too and soon new interesting series about Sherline and more. Luiz

Bob Snare: Luiz you are a wonderful instructor. Perfectly clear. My problem is sorting out which Sherline 4400 modification should be done first. My milling capability is with the lathe milling column addition. Can't wait to get started. Thanks again!

Luiz Ally: Ben I used the original Sherline collet and I make the another part, the results is nice here. Now I'm making with another collet type, but is not okay yet. Luiz

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Tryally Tech. Sherline Machines ONE FULL HD 5 out of 5

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Tryally Tech. Sherline Machines ONE FULL HD