North American Arms 22 Magnum With Folding Grip

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C Caballero: nice gun, lousy presentation

James McCarthyNH: terrible video

tiggerr42431: I use my Pug in 22 Magnum by NAA for backup and like its quality and quick action. I prefer it to the grip that takes longer to open. I can shoot the Pug with a fast draw and that works for a get off me gun. Sometimes I carry with a Bond derringer in 410/45 long colt in similar weather conditions. I still tend to have the Pug with it. Primary tends to be Glock 19 more than anything.

Kevin Williams: I just got one of these chambered in 22mag. I unfortunately have the "snubby handle" and the damn thing tries to jump out of my hand every time I fire it. I will soon be ordering a handle like this.

Shelby Harrison: I'd really recommend that you not dry fire that little revolver- since it is a rimfire ammunition setup, you are risking damage to the firing pin every time the hammer falls against an empty chamber.
Thank you for the video!

ColtDeltaElite10mm: Beautiful guns, them NAA's!!!!

J. Muller: There are some nice custom grips for these on ebay & Gunbroker right now  7/30/2015      Some are stag   abalone   mother of pearl, mammoth ivory  and impala horn.

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast: Cool....I got 2 of them 10 years ago...One for me and one for dad....The folding grips followed shortly It is truly an everyday carry......At the minimum....And yes I to do carry it.......In the same manner

Willie Jamehufff: I plan to add this gun to my collection. I have a bond arms as my BUG right now. Could you possibly upload a video of you drawing the weapon with the pocket clip. And I hope you're right with cancer is improving

ytubepuppy: Thanks for the video.  I have one of these North American Arms mini revolvers.  Yours is a 1&5/8" barrel like mine.  I just drop mine into my right front pocket.  It's my "American Express Card" pistol because I never leave home without it.  I don't use the belt clip because it almost fell off my belt one day in a department store and I don't need that.  It might work better on a narrow belt.  That grip makes the gun SO much more comfortable and easy to shoot than without it.  If nothing else, it makes roostering the hammer much faster that if you take it off.

I totally agree on the 22 Magnum being underrated.  Probably THE most underrated caliber in the world.  BTW, I'd never dry fire any rim fire weapon.

filledandfreeme: Nice Video....I love mine!!!!  I once had a firearms instructor tell me that a 22 mag wasn't big enough....I then asked him if he had ever been shot by a 22 mag....Yes folks it is enough gun.

david175303: I carry mine in a horizon  phone case   .  Had to modified  the Velcro , just removed about half of it  . Just re glued Velcro with supper glue ,  Ware this on belt looks like you have a phone.  no need to hide it with a shirt. 

300tank: Everyone I show of mine with short barrel loves it and never think of a 22 concealed would be a great defense weapon but they are in your front pocket looks like a buck and no one ever knows you have one and a 22 is deadly and is even preferred by the mob it is quite and not a lot of blood all over after 5 shots I think you will not be a threat but people really do not think they are worth the money until I show them mine

Bill McCoy: "Cute" and good for concealment; BUT ... if you need a gun like that, there are drawbacks to this one.  Opening grip, and especially firing.
1. The 2-handed grip demonstrated may not be an option.
2. roostering for each round, ESPECIALLY one-handed may not provide the firepower needed to disable an assailand.
3. A "BG" (Big Guy), drunk or drugged, may not respond to a hit that doesn't strike a vital area.
The adage, "Better than nothing," really doesn't apply therefore.
WHY?  It's a proven FACT, that an assailant at 20 feet or less, specifically with "just a knife," will get to you before you can draw ANY sidearm - even an open carry holster sidearm.  Too may police officers have found this out the hard way.  Now, consider an assailant with any regular revolver, or especially with a semi-auto.
Even as a "back-up," I'd be way too under-armed.

Kevin Thompson: Would you trust this particular holster/grip combo in a situation requiring a belly gun? The extra movement of having to unfold the thing would worry me; a part of me would simply prefer a slightly oversized grip, like the one on their Mini-Master and Black Widow revolvers.

I could still see this being semi-useful in a survival situation, though. Nifty little weapon.

Survivalkraft: Very nice, brother! I am trying to decide between one of these or a Taurus PT-22.

Bill Cotten: I have carried one of the 22 mag short barrel with the folding case and it is a great gun.  It is my weekend gun while I cut grass, manage the pool or go to Lowes.  It is a great gun and he did a great job on presenting it.  I have even killed a rat at 20 feet with mine.  One lucky shot.  I run a gunshot during the week and carry a Colt Defender as well as the NAA 22 mag.  Thanks for the video!!

Otto Weber: It's not a pistol, Mister, it's a REVOLVER! No more words.

UrbCrafter: This is a great Firearm, I have two of them with belt buckle holsters, with all the new laws and gun grabbing ideology this is an easy firearm to open carry with the buckle holster. I love mine...

junky9: can you buy a 22 lr cylinder?

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
North American Arms 22 Magnum with Folding Grip 5 out of 5

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North American Arms 22 Magnum with Folding Grip