DIY Tips: How To Smoke Tail Lights Using Paint And Clear That With Last

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glitchez: I dont own a magic carpet

Ali Zafar: You say you are gonna provide the details on the mix, please do so! Thats an awesome job done!

Arianna P: Great video and very informational and well put together. I used plasti dip and it seems to cure about 2 shades darker after a day or two so I have to peel and start over since they got almost black. I'm not sure about using vht because I heard it's not peel off. How can this be removed?

Painter D: I don't see the point of making your tail lights darker? Aren't they there to warn people behind you that you're stopping? So then why the hell would you want to make them harder to see? Stupid ideas that's for sure.

CllConnie: Better let the kid lie down for a while; he appears to be experiencing an energy crisis.

Steven Freyler: i need more info on the mix

sergio rojas: So many people hating on this video lol it's a good video, I've used this video to help me paint multiple tail lights and they came out fine. Not too dark where the light won't be seen, but still dark enough to give a nice dark smoke shade.

Weggman Hillard: Its not only illegal but industrial strength stupid. Someone crashes into you, and you are fully had liable ..

spies hecker: how much color would u add to 6 ounces of clear?

Stewart Taylor: Why would you want to do this, to look like a douchebag?

Gabriel Lobo: That look sweet!

CirclePFarm: 1/4 Thru this video I got nasseaus Is this a joke?


RogerThat TwoZero: god iv seen some terrible crap on youtube, but this is bad on so many levels. you don't explain really anything in detail. breaking all kinds of rules, with your kids involved, this is generally illegal, and for the record DIY commonly means you can go to walmart or similar spend a few bucks and do it at your home. also heard you say "students" so im just going to assume you're using school equipment for your DIY video. jackass. please don't make more videos

Mark-Anthony Hodges: Good job, I must say...

Mark-Anthony Hodges: After a rear end collision, I don't agree with this....

JT Shelley: this was a waist of time

Dubious Jesse: What was the spray can? Clear coat?

soulless one: I like how everybody whines about not seeing the taillights but nobody mentions how an entire vehicle comes to a stop "pay attention people"

Peter Shober lil boi: 12:04 is my average Saturday night🍆👌

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DIY Tips: How To Smoke Tail Lights Using Paint and Clear That With Last 5 out of 5

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DIY Tips: How To Smoke Tail Lights Using Paint and Clear That With Last