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GamingOfTheLegend: How do you Hotwire it?

Acid Shot: i think that Goes 125 GT looks way better and it's way cheaper than this crap.

Rob Schmitt: This is a very nice looking scooter? Where you got your top case and which lock you recommend?

Bratzenscout: 1st Price for making a bike ugly !

WakeUp: Nice video! Just a tip though, to close the ignition shield, you don't need the key. Just pull that protruding piece of metal up ;). Also the taller windscreen is not perfect but it's an improvement over the stock. Also, if you don't use the bike every day, don't use the idle stop feature, or it will drain your battery dry. One last thing. That pretty chromed handlebar will rust like hell unless you regularly apply like WD40 or something like that. I was pretty disappointed with that little detail being used to other bigger Honda bikes and the usual quality.

The Hun: This is my best scooter ever and I had many...

Product reviewer uk: jerky jerky lol

989Bigboss: My pcx 150 is awesome crapty back tires though.

mrbigtime81: sold my honda cbr 600 rr 2013 and buying this. people say me crazy but i think this is better and safe.

Azurel777: One of my favs. Would have bought one if it had ABS. Ended up with her big sister instead.

marc roberts: i got a white pcx 125 one it is one of the best scooters iv ever had m hoping to change it next year iv had it since may 2012 very comfy nice to ride on a local scale cause its 125 and im still on cbt certicate

eurosceptic1: Is this better than the SH 125?

Edwin S Anthony: I'm 1.69m (5ft 5") and don't have a problem with the hump. In fact, it is perfectly positioned for my size. It's the height of the rider and the inseam that is the issue. However, i wonder why it isn't an issue for you given your 6ft4 height :) Perhaps you're accustomed to what i'd call the 'foetal/crouching tiger' position ;) I considered the Yamaha BWs 125, but it was too high for me (780mm). It would, however, be good for those who have a problem with the PCX's seat height and hump.

Edwin S Anthony: True. I learnt to use a geared bike 20+ years ago when i took lessons and didn't have problems with any jerkiness after a while. It's the skill. But i think the point made by GE is that one has to get past this hurdle in the first place, whereas with a scooter, one doesn't.

Edwin S Anthony: I just sat on the PCX 125 today in Chelmsford and i must say the hump on the seat is perfectly positioned....for me. The height is perfect too as i can place my feet just about flat on the ground. My height is 1.69m. So i'd say anyone of the same height or slightly more will love the feel. Additionally, the bike feels really well-made when i sat on it. I'd say it feels better than it looks.

Edwin S Anthony: Very enlightened view - that motorcycles are stuck in the dark ages with their clunky gears. I always took it as a given and never questioned it until your perspective, and i think you put a comment in 'motorcyclenews' as well. I was inclined toward a geared bike, but after the TOO basic training given at the CBT stage for those new to geared bikes - which puts riders and others in danger - i moved toward considering the PCX. And that is what i'll get. Thanks muchos!

EinkOLED: That hump goes away the less you fill up. That's what a pcx owner in Egypt told me.

UniversalGamingUK: whats the power like? Does it have enough pull/power?

undergroun510: I have a scooter this week. Driveability perfecto little windy to dam up to 70 km_h. I feel a little sorry that it s not 11kw but 8,4-6 ? But satisfaction. sry language. from slovakia.

John C: Why not take your full test I did passed and went on the motorway I don't have this scooter but have a 125cc sym scooter and go everyware on it

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