Gs701b Update Firmware FAIL (touchscreen Not Working)

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Максим Тужин: ya nihua ne ponyal

Piter Gastelum Liera: Y en que parte de firmwuare..

Piter Gastelum Liera: Como lo instalo para que agarre el touch .n.n

★GamesCrackFR★: can I have with the firmware functional touch screen thank you

Eloy Ramírez: I just noticed that volume controls were inverted with the firmware I used, in case you try to upgrade again and fail to enter the menu, just press volume- instead of volume+ at the begining of the process

Александър Иванчовски:
That is correct ROM for gs701b without home button.

Samar Meswit: Dear All,
I am also having the same problem of touch & wifi not working for tablet gs701b without home button. please tell me the solution. I have tried any firmwares. So pl tel me where I can find the official or original firmware that works. please please... I will be very much thankful to someone help me

İsmail Çaylan: thanks,perfect

Moryante Ali: Search on YouTube (solving the problem of Touch A13)
rom    FaaastJB-v2.5
With Driver touch screen works 100/100

Alexandar lyubenov: P.M. me i have the right firmware. It's for gs701b withold home button.

daniel nuñez: hi all i have a problem :( i try to pach but the tablet when it reboot it dosent show image it is like that the screen is off what may be ? what i have to do ? please help fast

hemaultras: so what should l do now for my tablet for fixing it , should l download this ?

Giovanni Rodriguez: HELP I have this same tablet... BUT I NEED HELP! Its very fast and good one.. but the thing s that when I try to install app from any store that is compatible it wont open.. Like Real Racing 2 o Tetris.. t says "unfortunately (app) has stoped" something like that and when i press report it says that its unavailable the app store.... I have a few nice games but those ones (Tetris, Real Racing, Hot Persuit, ect... wont open)..... Pleas can anyone help me what is going on here?????????????????????

Sándor Turman: androidtablets net

Sándor Turman: androidtablets net ... this firmware is good.... restarted after install firmware. mouse attached. After 3 minutes use with mouse the touch screen worked well..

Sándor Turman: I instaled this firmware and work on gs701b 100°%

guram nachkebia: hello i have same problem i update my tablet and touchscreen don't work were i can find a good firmware for GS701b

Ashwin Pillai: i open camera which has a home button and then exits from the app but it does work only if you use the slide style of unlocking otherwise we have to install that firmware

Allan John Pascua: we have the same tablet.. i try to upgrade but its not working anymore.. i cnt turn it on already.. can u help..? what im going to do.. tnx..

Alberto Galvan: i have the same problem, but i can't use the power & vol+ buttons, the tablet just reboot, i cant see the adfu menu, can you help me please?

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gs701b update firmware FAIL (touchscreen not working) 5 out of 5

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gs701b update firmware FAIL (touchscreen not working)
gs701b update firmware FAIL (touchscreen not working)
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upgrade tablet PC Q8 FAIL (not working TOUCHSCREEN)
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Solve the problem of touch after update A13
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gs701b update firmware FAIL (touchscreen not working)