Home Made Crossbow

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RowanBows: cool man, ive build some crossbows with the same limb. this is the 170lbs limb right?

Poppy Warner: The limb looks a bit low thus creating to much downward pressure on the rail ... but the best wood working I'v seen .

SLB: What is the length from the beginning of the bow until the trigger lock, im making one myself but i cant find this anywhere

Steven Ng: Can you make a tutorial about it?? Pls

TheMokus78: Szuper! Gratulálok hozzá!

Austin Huang: nice crossbow, just wondering what is the total length from front to back?

wolfie498: Please tell me the name of the song. It's like something out of a tarantino film, love it :)

44wizbang: Your weed is planted too close together, you need space between the plants for the sun to hit them all over.    Bigger and better buds with eight feet of space between plants.

Adam Williams: Electric Worry, very nice song choice. Excellent build man!! keep it up

Rob M: amazing stock, needs real bowstring, awesome job overall

Ashley Smith: Limbs set too low! String rubbing on body at end of stroke will cause wear & inaccuracy. Not a bad initial effort though!

Tim pizzameneer: How did you attach THE limb

plumpkitters: i knew the band as soon as i heard singer

kaziklu79: Really great!

McSavage: i wish i had the tools to make something this technical

cédric Adrasse: that's a very nice crossbow.
What is the total length of it?

rtornellort: That is so sweet if ya shot me with it I'd ask for another ;)

John C: Shame about the music.......

Home made Crossbow 5 out of 5

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Home made Crossbow