Easy Build Moonshine Still

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William Hall: to much talking and not showing what we came here for

atticowlbanjo: I have  lot of years  experience building and using these.  Here are a few suggestions.  (1) do not use any less an inside diameter that 1/2 inch, but 5/8 ths is better, to avoid pressure problems.  (2) A thermometer  should be put in place of the pressure relief "jiggler" because it will allow you to gauge when the  steam temperature is what you want.  The alcoholic steam will start to flow at about 180 degrees.  It is done when it is kicking over 210 or so degrees.  This will produce, it has been my experience,  about 100 proof product. (note: pure alcohol boils at 172 degrees, and water at 212 degrees  at sea level.  (3)  keep in mind that the steam early in the boil is extremely flammable, like propane !!!!! so keep a damp bath towel handy  to throw over the operation ,   then turn the temperature of in  case of fire.  (4) toss a small proportion of the first stuff to come across the boil  (called fore-shots)  because there can be low volatile products like methanol, acetaldehyde, perhaps acetone etc. that will be produced, especially it you are running a batch of fruit mash, but also could come from corn.  Do this to avoid a hang-over.

Travers Eubank: If I wanted to make my shine from scratch with this set up, would I just "cook" my ingredients and run them through until they were at the desired level of potency?
Im a total amateur to this, and I'm just trying to find a way to cut into my alcohol budget, so if I'm missing a fundamental concept here, I'm sorry and would appreciate some feedback.

Rogers Ranger: freaking critics, lets see your video's...lots to say, no actual evidence....wow

Rogers Ranger: good vid man , thanks for posting

kieran james: what fitting do i use on end off copper to attach it to the pressure cooker ? please

weejams: Well I hate to say it but the worm needs to be totally surrounded by cold or cool water. Yours looks like it is against the sides. A 5 gallon bucket works the best. But if you really want to make the best then in the woods with a real still with a thumper and all.

Jouni Kyyrönen: dont drink alcohol it is poison, use it in car or house heating and electricity

Cape Barren Goose: Yes, you can use a pressure cooker. And you can use a plastic drum with a tight lid. Just insert a heater element for a hot water cylinder near the bottom.

Brandon Peters: um won't the alcohol blow up with that Open flame?

screamokid11: wtf!*@/ you dont make moonshine with alcohol$&$^× what happend the the mash, oldschool, WASTE$$&#&$

PJ sivley: is that copper coil 1/4" I.D. or O.D.

Emanuela Davis: I just want to use it to distill water, can it be used for that? And I never use Aluminum pots for anything....or plastic....just stainless steel and glass....love the fact that it is so easy to put together....thanks for the video cheers..

Chris P. Bacon: watswrong with aluminum

Valence Lalupse: Is it small distiler? and how much liters you get after distlesion?

Donald Badeaux: don't us aluminum pressure cooker...use a stainless steel one...

Dakota Ayy: whay type of fitting it that called? I cant seem to find one like it. I went to Ace today with no luck

Colt Egbert: damn glad ya made this video buddy, I'm gonna put one together my next days off

Clark Smith: Just get on with it buddy, no need for saying they same things over and over again..

Fish: is my life in slow motion?

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Easy Build Moonshine Still 5 out of 5

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Easy Build Moonshine Still