Easy Build Moonshine Still

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Copper Moonshine Still: Just wondering is that safe?

storyteller Lyndon: nice channel i've subsribed it and i've completed watching all your videos its very nice and interesting.

Connie Bonn: This guy is a dumbass. I couldn't listen to him anymore.

blake poirier: can I also distill water with this contraption?

Mike Martin: The second I saw him write up use stainless steel if you can afford it is when I realized this guy is a freaking idiot. You're supposed to use an all copper still as copper absorbs sulfur compounds and yeast cells produced during fermentation and prevents the production of ethyl carbonate, a toxic chemical formed from cyanides. His channel should be shut down as he's going to kill someone with this bad information.

madskyiv: does it smell like booze factory outside?

Ferguson: What do you use to connect the copper to the pressure cooker?

John Galt: You realise the emergency vent is there because the measured vent is not 100% reliable, right? And thus instead of blowing up your kitchen it instead blows a small pressure 'fuse' of sorts? Why wouldn't you run another pipe in rather than remove an integral safety feature that stops you detonating your bomb? Uh, I mean still?

Diwan Dayma: most of indians make (Desi Daru) Indian moonshine with this formula. for me nothing new Cheers ....

Aurélien Carnoy: Thank you. Instructive video

Will Hoggard: Thanks wcemichael I learned a lot from your video. All I knew was from watching moonshiners on TV so your video was very useful, informative & spot on for me. I've made my first drinkable liquor thanks man!

Southern Rebel: Some people on her are so rude it's pathetic. But, DO NOT USE ALUMINUM, copper is best. But if copper is too expensive, Stainless Steel is acceptable (BUT DON'T USE ALUMINUM). If you do use stainless, then a copper worm is NECESSARY to remove most of the sulfates. So you have to clean it when you use copper, no biggie if you like health and shine, lol.

AnonThe BlackHat: You want no how make real moonshine go the moonshiner it's tv show and thay no how make real stuff any bet if you do got any moonshine out it I'll be weak about 50 70 proof thump kegs what highest the proof dumb ass

AnonThe BlackHat: You trying kill some drink that I'll go blind plus you ain't even still you ain't got thump keg no cold water to the worm plus you'll blow up if fumes hit a flame you daft if try this And for you tell people that how do it how about you go make real moonshine with it try it ur self and drink it on a video come on

Luis Minguez: has to be made from copper my grandfather. was a moonshiner. he always said copper

Greg Johnson: Why Aluminum pressure cooker ?

Greg Johnson: Aluminum?

Greg Johnson: Aluminum?

Jason Foster: Only thing is you have no way of telling what the temp of the steam coming out is. Methanol evaporates first and is highly toxic but you could remedy this by throwing the first little bit away. If it had a thermometer at the top of a vertical column you could keep the temp below the saturation temp of the ethanol and drive off the poisonous, potentially blinding or fatal toxic wood alcohol (methanol) before the ethanol started to evaporate out. controlling the temp would also allow for keeping the temp well below the boiling point of water and give a much higher proof product in the end.

This is a pretty good design though if the user is well versed in the distillation process and aware of all the risks

William Hall: to much talking and not showing what we came here for

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Easy Build Moonshine Still 5 out of 5

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Easy Build Moonshine Still