Easy Build Moonshine Still

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Aviad Lampert: how high the percentage of the ethanol after one run?

A healthy Dose of dankness: He Didn't even make a thumper keg

Tommy Jackson: If making moonshine is so illegal why is there so many people doing it on YouTube

avk77781: I am from Russia and I make my own moonshine as well but I have a question, how much do you get from that? After heads and tails. Because my still is 30 liters and all I get after 2 rounds of distilling and separating is 4 liters of 80% moonshine.

Latera AL: Stop saying the same thing again and again -_-

robert mcghie: nice vid brother thanks for sharing xxxbobblexxx

sargothi: I'm liking this video for his added sound effects at the beginning

Me You: your bound to get negative feedback by opening with that line then proceeding to the trash can for your parts..
if you said you were doing it on a shoe string budget people be more forgiving.

Stanky Fish Gutz: "I'm tired of watching people throwing something together and calling it a still"

proceeds to collect random things like a pressure cooker at a yard sale and a Pickle jar for a thumper...lmao shut up hypcrite.

Jassa Dhirpur: Fu and ur fittings

Hank Serrano: mash brain

Hank Serrano: move it along Jesus !! too slow !

daffy duck: Great ! Now I have something to use my pressure cooker for during its down time.

S. Marley: You need a doubler.

Sam Wagner: Listening to this guy is like listening to a toddler tell you what they did today.

xsport ankara: You talk to much then more eveyryone knows.. And to long to the results which my grandma knows... Sorry bro but little faster..

Rick Nelson: Go faster next time

Jon Rothenbusch: First of all never use aluminum, it's toxic, secondly he suggested using stainless tubing, copper dissipates heat much faster, that's why it's been used in distilling for centuries, and lastly alcohol doesn't corrode copper. Copper and brass have antibacterial properties , that's why they were used for doorknobs for so many years. I suggest finding another source of information here on YouTube as this guy is obviously a rookie, who else would suggest having a pressure relief so close to an open flame.

Colin Wilson: Brass aluminum steel cant make alcohol u can drink. It makes poison stop teaching people something u know nothing about.. Dont drink it its methalalcihol

John Hill: nice video..I use to make homebrew many years ago, its still legal of course, distilling itself is not illegal,, this video never showed distilling liquor anyways, so why are so many holy rollers preaching about the law. ill be distilling my own water for my vaporizer instead of buying it, to all the preachers of saying oh its illegalĀ  .etc----- fuk off no one cares for your opinions on what's legal or illegal. good job,,, PS,, if aluminum was toxic to the kitchen and foods it wouldn't be sold( people cook with wines and liquors), as far as the condenser, copper and stainless steelĀ is king always best for all of it, including cooking pot

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Easy Build Moonshine Still 5 out of 5

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Easy Build Moonshine Still