Easy Build Moonshine Still

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Sotia Kotoisuva: what are the dangers of doing this.. what should i look out for when building this

Dave litteral: crap man you're killing me! Get on with it.

Justin Guerrera: what kind of pot is that? like what's it called?

bryon clemons: nice video but you repeated the same thing over and over

rashed assiri: Can I use a plastic pipe instead of copper?

Loni Hart: is it true the first few cc's are toxic and should be thrown
out? if so how do you tell what to throw out?

Paul Winstanley: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VVJGJ2W

HalfMonty11 Does Things: Is the vinegar really necessary before every distill? I mean the first shots and heads are going to run through, certainly clean and kill anything in the copper before you get to the hearts... plus only thing going through is alcohol water and some flavor compounds. I don't think it's going to have much to clean unless you store your copper pipe for a fairly long time without use.

Isaac Plassmeyer: what size tubing is that

craig little: this isn't the definitive diy you explain it to be. this is just a simple as fuk build.. without any real instructions other than put a fitting in the pre tapped hole and coil some copper tube and throw vinegar in a pot then stick a random hose out the window lol.. i'm sure u know what your doing but this is outlandish as hell.

martin rochon: Sorry buddies had got on my profile 😬

martin rochon: thx for making this video it really helped out my business, started to make profit last week

Raggedy Hobo: you haven't blown up your kitchen yet huh? vapors everywhere, your collection flask is right by the fire...wow, just wow....

Yasir Mirza: Can you please let me know whether, Ethyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol,wood alcohol and Methanol, are the same or they are entirely different stuff ?

Alex Donohoe: how did you make the coil

John Smith: YES! we know about gravity!!

John Smith: you got way too many messages going on during the video

Cliff Cunningham: 90% of America's galvanized water drinking pipe now comes from China and is not checked by any government branch, but whatever you do, don't use a brass fitting!!

Richard Peterson: Oh, and you forgot to add a parrate. How the hell are you going to know the proof? Doubt you are like us and know what checking the bead is or how it's done. No thermometer, no thumper keg, no slobber box, all that is good for is distilling water. 

Richard Peterson: Amateurs lol. Go down south and learn something. 

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Easy Build Moonshine Still 5 out of 5

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Easy Build Moonshine Still