Reformat External Hardrive To FAT32, NTFS (PS3)

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Pasquale Lerro: Is there a new current way because max blast now makes u pay for a update for ACRONIS , I GET A MESSAGE THAT SAYS , (to use product at last one Seagate or Maxtor device should be installed in my system but I installed max blast 5

QuetzalToonart005: mine says unallocated. help please

Dušan Horník: Hi, your video is perfect, I created one part of my 500 GB HDD in volume 120 GB (because my BR Player support only files up to 128 GB) and I would like to create next partitions and format it to FAT32. How could I do it?

Many thanks

Camara Joao: Amazing, it works just fine, and easy. ;-)

ScarletFierce: will i lose my data? I got my laptop data backed up on the hard drive.

ScarletFierce: how much should i split between the memory of my laptop and the ps3? My laptop is 4gb and my ps3 is 80g. But maybe i want to put more memory onto my ps3 so idk how much to split it.

504age: Good vid helped alot...

dublinbred: i have a wd 2tb ext hard drive,will i be able to convert it over to fat32 as one single file as i do not want to partition it,i just want to store films on it mostly 1.5gb files and watch on my ps3,also i have a 1tb iomega ego 3usb and i converted it over to fat32 and it plays on both my old ps3 and my slim. 

Jacob Yanda: Hey you made this super easy man, thank you.

Dank Life: Awesome video.Very good job

Today at 5:40 PM
Thanks for this!  Super helpful.  The best advice was about using USB 2.0 and not 3.0 – this is why the first external drive I bought was not recognized by either my PS3 slim (160 GB) or my older PS3 (40GB), even when formatted to FAT32.  Also, many of the PS3 slim models do not appear to provide enough electrical power in either USB port to power even a small portable 1TB external drive with USB 3.0
For use with a newer PS3 slim, I’d recommend finding an older external drive with USB 2.0 and a separate power source.  That’s what finally worked for me.
Great video, well explained.

mylifeintheknifetrade: Great video, Ken. Thank you so very much. :)

Rene Romero: thank you very much for the info.

Dominique Wilson: Thanks man this really helped me out a lot.

moozeex1: YOU ARE MY HERO

Iloveny09: took me a few goes but I got it, now I can play movies from my usb hard drive on my dvd player... thank u :)

az lan: thanks..

theDRIMYR: However, after Googling a few more remedies, I tried to simply plug in a different 1T Western Digital 3.0 USB hard drive with is formatted as the default NTFS, the light actually comes on! Still nothing shows up on my PS3. Weird, right? what can I do??

theDRIMYR: Hi! So I followed the instructions TO THE T, and it didn't work. I realized that the one difference in what I did is that I am currently using a 1T hard drive (Western Digital) with a 3.0 usb. When I plug it into my PS3, I feel the fan on the inside going, but the light doesn't come on (you know, the one on the side that shows that whatever it's plugged into is recognizing it).

Mitchell Hogue: I downloaded the latest maxtor maxblast and after installation I start up the program and it says before I can use it I need to purchase an upgrade or some other seablast product. Is there anyway I can use this program for free?

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Reformat External Hardrive to FAT32, NTFS (PS3) 5 out of 5

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Reformat External Hardrive to FAT32, NTFS (PS3)