Inversion Table Exercises And Stretches

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Adil Adil: هل يوجد محل في المغرب توجد عنده

denise layer: What's exercise is good for cervical degeneration?

undeadpresident: Shouldn't use inversion tables too often or too long or they will stretch your ligaments which is bad news.

saad sh: عندي وحده مستخدمه بالرياض الي يبي يشترية يتواصل معي

roman star: ltbp / jessi healed my friends back with messed up disks over a decade ago , he was a wreck for years til the inversion table and stretching exercises .

Donnasophia: Can you film this again and show the entire body on the reverse squat exercise. I can't quite figure out what he's doing..

Goran Kristić: this helped and cured my lumboishialgia

Rachel Wells: What exercise can you recommend for a rotated pelvis while inverted?

Rakan Fawakhiri: Which brand and model is this?

Ddstairclimber: I have an MRI, will your videos help you to interpret the results in order to guide muscle balance therapy?

Mortimer: Sorry  to complain but the camera angle was not great when he was doing the exercises .

Michael V: I find that my neck hurts after I do inversion table. It's like the back rest isn't high enough for my entire head to rest on. When I raise the thing higher, my feet aren't as snug as they should be. Any advice?

Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!: Okay, when lower 4 & 5 Lumbar are really bugging me, the table is awesome for it!
Someone made a comment about being strong to do a sit up on an inversion table, but I can tell you that I'm 56 years old and very very out of shape... sit ups are easy on the inversion table & man, does it make you feel better.

FrankATracy: To get the most out of an inversion table routine, check out the free iPhone/iPad app called Timewinder. Once you go into the app you can download the free "Inversion Table Time" timer. You can adjust all parts of it for your own needs, including adding photos, editing each interval for length and what is said, and also by using the internal voice and using your own voice as intros to each interval or as alarms. And I'm sure you can add exercises to the timer as well. If that sounds confusing, just download it and check it out. It may also be available for other platforms. I'm not sure. Oh, by the way, as he says here, using an inversion table really is great for the SI joint!

Lisa Dinan Ashley: I've ignored my inversion table for too long.  Finally, hoping it would relieve neck and head pain, I got on it last night.  I definitely had to ease my way to full vertical, letting my back stretch out slowly.  Did it again this a.m. and could have fallen asleep on it because I was so comfortable! No headache today, either. Thanks for your video and keep up the good work! :)

Danielle Dunn: I have the same model i believe , but i cannot lock it when fully inverted. What should I do?

artemidoros34: one of the few good instructional videos on inversion. I searched a loong time. if you are heavy buy a heavy duty table and have a spotter. well done video, I got my table online but no instruction like this. full inversion not necessary- BTW, this helps my back so much, my chiropractor misses me!

LoseTheBackPain: this particular table is our own - The Healthy Back Institute Inversion Table

coastermadab: H's swinging when he's upside down. Can't believe that's safe.

usheushe: Great short explanation

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Inversion Table Exercises and Stretches 5 out of 5

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Inversion Table Exercises and Stretches
Inversion Table Exercises and Stretches
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Inversion Table Exercises and Stretches