How To Make A Gunstock - Tools Part 4

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Buettner Burritt: You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Remington Mcneese: You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

Маша Арсентьева: I think you need to take some time and go to woodprix website to learn how to make it.

Old Guy: I am working to make a shotgun stock from a blank 2X6X16 walnut. After the blank is cut to shape with a bandsaw how do you remove the bulk of wood to shape and finish it?

frank carnavil: Hi Chris, thanks for the videos. You are a true craftsman, and the best of what you do. I am thinking about doing a stock for my friends Winchester rifle soon. I will let you know when I start the work and if I have any questions. Thank you. Frank from Pa.

Chris Knerr: check out the other videos. they are titled according to what is in them. They are" Inletting the magazine", inletting the barrel", etc........ have not completed that rifle yet. So more shaping to the outside coming.

James Pappas: what a wealth of information! what method do you use to remove wood from the blank where the barrel, receiver, and trigger fit?

Chris Knerr: we will work around the language problems..... makes things interesting! Using a Mauser 98 action, or a modern version with all the metal work and carving a gunstock from walnut or maple takes 6 months minimum, usually more. It is not starting one day and keep working until it is done. The finish I put on the gunstock takes 6 weeks. After the finish is checkering, that can take another 1 or 2 weeks. It is not a fast process, but hopefully worth the time when a client gets it. Hope this helps?

Carlos Marcello: I am sorry...English is not my parent language..But ı liked your videos very very much.. I will translate all of your videos.. I want to buy hand made bolt action rifle.. And my favourite rifle is Mauser...For example Mauser 98k.. If you want to make it, how many months can you make a Mauser rifle ???

Chris Knerr: Need a little more information or a translation. Make the rifle from raw steel, repair, make a wood gunstock for one, not sure what you to do.

Carlos Marcello: How much time can you make a Mouser 1891 bolt action rifle ????

Antony George: hello , this is a great video . thanks for posting this and educating us . god bless you

tehfeckerer: Wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make this series, you're an excellent teacher and a great inspiration. I'm going to attempt to make a stock in the near future for a friend and this was an invaluable introduction and its always nice to learn little tricks, particularly liked the one of working out equal distances! Thanks again and I'll certainly have an ear to the ground for future developments from you. Take care.

Caleb Early: Thanks for all the info im hoping to make a stock for my 17 hmr. I am planing on making a test fit stock out of a couple 2X6 till Im satisified.

mds19238: Thank you & God bless.

monster1175: from Argentina thank you and keep the goog work

Chris Knerr: thanks you! Wish I could cut to the chase as fast as Mr. Potterfield does. Glad the videos helped. There will be more coming, please be patiant. Take care, Chris

M773: @cknerr no problem !its american wallnut , i like it allot, i like all kinds of guns , my hunting gun is a normal stock, but i can apreciate a nice thumbhole stock to. if i make another one , it will be a conventional one. so its american walnut, after the final sanding, i used birchwood casey sealer & filler, and after that a few layers of tru-oil , i dont know if this is the right way, but it really looks good i have birchwood casey wallnut stain to now, but it doesnt really need it

Chris Knerr: now I see the image - thanks for emailing it to me. You like the unorthodox style. With the type of maple you used, that really works! use any stains to enhance the grain?

Chris Knerr: wow, time to catch up with comments. I too occasionally resort to my mill for a barrel channel. It is fast. Especially when facing a 4 bore with a barrell > 1" in diameter! Sorry about the link. Did you guys it working? Good advice with the remote mike. Thanks, I will look into it. and at last - i will be braking up inletting parts into a lot of very short videos. Barrel will be first. Take care, Chris

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How to Make a Gunstock - Tools Part 4