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itsdolaj: Try mixing Emu oil with Eucalyptus oil and massage it into your hair line twice a day.

Josephine Arkongelo: For ur edges u can use the Jamaican black Castro oil it work u can do ghe whole hair to

Rosemond.E Daniel: Hallo,mine name is Roos,i live in Curacao and i will like to know where i can get Alma,when i was in Holland i used to just it,But i move to a nother island and i don,t know where to by it.

gryndz84: I mix amla oil with black caster oil. I love it and it has helped my hair.

Voll mond: which is better alma o Vatika??

Voll mond: do not leave it greasy?

Mimi Taylor: You need to get a red onion and garlic clove cut the onion in half put it in a blender and add some 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 2oz of water put that on your spots everyday and you will start to see hair growth if you use it every day for like 45 min I put a hot pepper in in my apple cider for the heat to open up the scalp. The onion is great for hair growth.

sandy jackson: I use jasmine amla hair oil and it works for me . I can tell that my hair grows way faster

Jessica Evrist: seems like a lot of extra curlies with tight curls do lose their hair by the hairline.. i think it could be from too much brushing and be gentle with your hair... use coconut oil to lubricate the scalp.. that is what we use here in our salon.

Jessica Evrist: hair breaks when wet.. if you overstretch the hair as in blowdrying.. then it can break... i would suggest deva products.. do not use any shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate... i suggest to do the Deva system.. this is what we do in my curly hair salon.. also take vitamins for hair growth.. curly hair is the dryest hair on the planet.. so do not shampoo hair too much.... I use a silk pillowcase.. that works..

Soulbabe911: @stompinlion13 at ur indian local store, just got mine today. yeahhh!!!!

Sarge dela Cruz: @stompinlion13 its a product from saudi

SuriiQueen: Haiiii, I have a question?.. When you put the alma oil, do you have to wash it off? or can I just leave it in my hair?

Nikki Jones: @Leotha123 So has this oil been doing good for your hair? I am looking to stop castor oil and find another oil that will do something for me. I may give Amla oil a try or mustard seed oil.


Risssaable: I apply the Alma oil to my scalp overnight. I replaced the top of the ALMA oil with a sprayer to control the amount when applying. Next I wash the ALMA oil out the next day. Then I use "Kimmay Tube leave in conditioning recipe." I really like the Alma oil, especially for transitioning hair. The Alma oil keeps the hair moisturized and very manageable. It also reduces breakage. This is my regimen and it works for me.

ramboram03: i suggest AMLA GOLD it has a nice smell

YJade.: @goatonfire Thank you. i will give it a try.

YJade.: @sweetcakecoco123 Thank you, sorry about the late Reply

YJade.: @HEKNOWSTHEPLANS I Like the Alma oil but have not been using it lately, i am going to start again and keep you posted

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Alma hair oil 5 out of 5

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Alma hair oil