White Ranger Pepakura Helmet

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Aldo Cortes: is there any chance that you upload the files of the paperkura design?

MrGh0stface01: Hey can I ask you a favor... Would you please make a Quantum Ranger one for me please ill pay 30.00 dollars for... If you would I'd be grateful

nick brown: how did you put the visor in?

The Heroes Workshop: I really like the helmet.

Whitesaba7: the pep file i found in propzone the whole process took bout 47 hours sanding was a pain mke sure u wear gloves for dat lol

maxi rodriguez: where is the pdo?

Whitesaba7: Dude the supplies itself cost more than $30 .

Earl Harold Ramilo: hello sir... i am just wondering if you could send me the pepakura file of the MMPR white ranger or the gokaiger blue... that would be a great help.. thanks alot ojt.earlramilo@gmail.com

bilnabiln: can you please send me the pepakura file for this helmet?

ricky daliva: dude please do share the pdo file for this bad boy pretty please

saief1331: OMG!!! this video is sooo amazing!! im telling all my friends to watch it!!!!!!!!!!! good job man!

dynamicdave1983: nice helmet! where did you get the pep file from? how long did it take to make it?

dynamicdave1983: @M42890 why does he suck? i think its a good looking helmet, wheres yours to compare?!

MrSCFV: Awesome!

blatoisefc: hi whitesaba7 i hava gokai red helmet pdo.Let's trade? For your white ranger bettwen my gokai red? my e-mail taynanjovem@hotmail.com ...i have others helmets super sentai ! Peacee !

gaarainblood: great idea with the craft foam btw. I may try that myself sometime

Zezinesh Mrkusich: Wear did u get the visor from ?

Eduardo Ayala: Hi i was wondering if you can send me this file or atleast tell me where I can get it it would help alot please and thank you.

Ayesha Choudhury: Great job!!!!

danyalhabib123: thats talent for sure

Bobby Aujla: where is the file for the template

tzaman2010: wow you have some talent with your hands ;)

Whitesaba7: ebay its motorcyle visor

honimeagel: Hello, tell me, once you passed the bondo stage on the pepakura, why did you have to make another one made out of foam?

Diego Hernandez: What did u use as a filling

mitchrael rosado: hey nice helmet do you think you could send me the pep. file i been trying to look for but no luck you would be a big help

kristoffer rodriguez: Good job on this bro, seems everyone wants your pepakura file let me know if you do upload it.

Ayesha Choudhury: nice

M42890: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitesaba7: @honimeagel i just made the gold detail out pf the foam the ,pepakura version i didnt put the gold detailing

White Ranger Pepakura Helmet 4.4 out of 5

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White Ranger Pepakura Helmet
White Ranger Pepakura Helmet
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White ranger helmet review
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White Ranger Pepakura Helmet