How To Remove Baked On WIndow Tint Adhesive

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Axle Martin: And 2 hours later of scrubbing 😂

BigWolfPK: You POS it removed my window heater strips...

Louise Florida /Missouri: Using a plastic Dobie scrubber won't ruin your defrost lines either. Straight ammonia in a spray bottle let sit and it turns it to slime and remove slime with paper towels. 12 years tint removal experience

Eatshit Aholes: You freaked up your defrost grid. You can see right through the lower grid . Shouldn't use that type of brush on grids.

Halsey Marcoux:
Deep South Tinting way of removing tint and glue, the southern way. Please let us know what you think on our video comments.
You have a great method with the copper pad and ammonia, but do the defroster line still fully work properly?

R Lo: What type of ammonia

Clint Lien: I'd like to get to this point but I'm unable to remove my tint. It's about 25 years old and spent most of those years out in the Arizona heat. I tried the garbage bag method. It didn't work - didn't even touch it. All the videos showing the garbage bag method seem to suggest 409 as an adhesive but that's not available where I currently am - Canada. I'm wondering if there's another common cleaner that might be effective. After seeing you video I tried straight ammonia to no effect. Like yours, it's a rear window with defrost lines. Someone suggested paint stripper or airplane remover but I'm concerned that'll damage the defrost lines. Thoughts?

CORZER0: 300 bucks on a new glass sounds better lol

Sweetie Pie: You're glue ways easy to remove probably by fingernail it seem like the glue on my window looks like it's painted on is it still going to work

Bruce Lee: youll see the scratch marks under certain lights

Mike Cabebe: I live in Arizona. Currently the temperature has been hi 80s up to a hundred degrees. Is it okay to do it at this time? I don't have a garage. What temperature was it when you did it? Would appreciate to hear back from you. Thank you.

404 GF: No matter how hard I try, I cannot remove the glue crap for the life of me!!!!????🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

AR15Guy: After getting my 10+ year old tint layer off with a clothes steamer and heat gun, I was left with a murky, rock-hard layer of adhesive remaining. Tried many things to get that crap off with no success. Gave YouTube one last shot and found your video - figured if I Fecked-up the defroster/antenna wires, I'd at least be able to see out my rear glass until I could afford to replace it.

Started out with Ammonia from Home Depot with limited success. Got interrupted by a call from my Niece who suggested trying Goo Gone instead. Switched over to Goo Gone in a pump-spray bottle and in my case, it was much more effective than the Ammonia and much less toxic too. My rear glass is now crystal-clear AND my defroster/antenna lines were not damaged and no scratches are apparent in the glass.

!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!

esa khan: Used thinner . Wd40 .alcohol and bla bla but failed to remove ... great 👍 ty for sharing this

-III3-: Doug, can u suggest anything else other than ammonia? I cant get ammonia in my country...

Peytons Photography: why not just use a razor

- MrRIchBiker: Great video....very good instructor. You are !! Awesome job

Jeff Mullinix: I dont know if this the easiest or the best way and I am no chemist or anything like that . But I did do some experimenting on my own today , I started out with window cleaner and that did not work at all . So I turned to the good old WD-40 . Well that didn't work ether . I got to think about it some and remembered back when I used some Deep Woods Off . It worked well on my dull head lights . Why not try it on this adhesive residue that the old window tent left behind . Deep Woods Off has about 7% Deet in it . That the stuff that kills Mosquitoes . LOL . But that stuff dry almost as fast as I would in the desert sun at about 350 degrees . So I needed something to slow the reaction a bit . Remember I start with WD-40 . Well that will slow it down a bit . So I spayed some on the glass and smeared it around some . Then I sprayed some Deep Woods Off on top of that . I felt like a mad scientist when I got my results after that I took the good old white paper towel to it the first time . After that I sprayed just the Deep Woods Off and wipe with a clean towel about three mote times and then used Widow cleaner to finish it off about another 3 times . It worked great . No razor blades , Or abrasive cleaners to scratch the windows . Just wipe on and wipe off. Just be careful around painted surfaces . Mask them off vary good . If you dont ! The Deet will eat paint . I hope this will bring to the end of all of this nonsense of how to remove the crap that everyone one here that it cant be done .

Al Minter: how can you tell if it's the baked on glue and not the 2nd layer of film? My tint guy says the 2nd layer of film was left behind and he must scrape it and I lose my defrost lines or I need to buy a new back window... thanks for your help.

HYPE WARRIOR!!: Great vid much respect

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How To Remove Baked On WIndow Tint Adhesive
How To Remove Baked On WIndow Tint Adhesive
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How To Remove Baked On WIndow Tint Adhesive