Microsoft Surface - Windows RT Tour

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Pavan Tej: How much its external storage up to??

DW Gaming: now we need a windows SRT, and SCATPACK

Peter h: If there any way that can download chrome ,Ebay ,,online casino .x or any site that involves using credit card .t.ok other wise it was waste of money .  any can help ..?

The Industrious: You can use the remote desktop app from the windows store to use your PC on your tablet.

Taryn Maschke: I want Microsoft to be faster like the Macbook pro

Taryn Maschke: my Microsoft surface is soooooooo sssllllllooooooooowwwww

Mandy AG: I am not even convinced to get any tablets that have windows rt. I don't even know why windows rt exists

ThatFadedAsian: NO ONE BUY OR USE WINDOWS RT, if you get a device that has it, try to install a different OS on it. It sucks balls.

it comes with several settings unable to be changed even as admin, like windows update. It's store doesn't even have a search option(but almost 100,000 apps). Aboble flash only runs on "Microsoft approved sites", all software not in the windows store is unable to be installed, and to top it off all software windows 7 and lower isn't even compatible. That is if you can even install it.

And only Microsoft made and approved apps run in the desktop enviroment.
even some microsoft apps don't even run, like outlook.

Not to mention, i'm barley scratching the BS Microsoft put on it.

Ryan Frederick: Which micro surface's has photoshop? Need a surface thats has it... so did you have to put it on or was it already on their?  Don't want to buy one and it doesn't have it lol HELP?

Angel Perez: CAn you watch movie4k? And can you download a plugin "silverlight" for online classes

alex desantis: thx i am getting one

Disabler: Dear Microsoft
Please make your mobile operating as operable as a real computer. In fact I want the exact same thing on my phone as i have on my computer. Nothing less! No offence but Windows RT looks loke a train wreck! I have no choice but to go for Android or iPhone. But as soon as you make your mobile operating system work like a real computer im gonna buy a Windows phone. I can promise you that.

Good luck :)

killerwolfz24: so no to youtube and movies? then why make it? And LESS APPS NO FULL VERSIONS?

Alex Ilyner: 46 dislikes: good turn Mac OS lovers!;)

Dario Waynder: lol... had that swipe thingy few yeas back on nokia n9...

Dreamskaype: Scratch the app closing question/comment, I've just learnt apps close if you swipe all the way down from top to bottom.

Dreamskaype: I just bought one of these and have problems closing apps without using the keyboard. Can you do so just by swiping down? My swipe down has the same affect as swiping up. So if I'm in Explorer, I do get the option of closing specific pages within Explorer but no apparent option of closing Explorer all together. Also, mine has a normal USB port but micro HDMI. I'm in England, are these differences due to location?

Fateen Max: Please kindly review the windows store apps


Wrecktify: Nope. Need full Windows to do that.

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Microsoft Surface - Windows RT Tour 5 out of 5

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Microsoft Surface - Windows RT Tour