Hp Photosmart 5510 Won't Print Black Ink

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Sircivus Won: Worked great for my dried up ink. I found out it worked, and i just needed fresh ink. I tossed the old ink, bought some new ink, and WALLA --- WORKS AGAIN!

Krishna O: I wish I didn't spend an hour trying to figure out what the issue was and run through all of HP's "solutions" before stumbling upon this video and getting it fixed in 10 mins T.T Thank you soooooo much for this easy fix!!

Clayton Henderson: This worked for me! Thank you!

cwhite272: I have a HP Photosmart Plus print every time I change my black ink it gives me problems I have tried everything I think it is time for me to get another printer not HP which is a little frustrating because there is nothing wrong with the colors it is just the black ink any advice on what I should do get another printer or keep trying to figure out what is wrong with this one

orangesharpy: Genius! I will add the warm water didn't totally do the trick. I cleaned the screen really well with no results then dicided to shoot some compressed air in there as well and boom, started working. So others may want to try that as well if the first part won't do the trick. Not canned air but a shop compressor with a air blast tip. Thank you for helping me hang onto my printer for a little longer!

310gman: Scween? pwint? cowor? What are you Asian?!!

S Dean: For people that aren't having success with the above and are using an XL black printer cartridge, try removing the entire label underneath the venting. I did all the troubleshooting and did the needle in the venting. Someone in another forum mentioned the entire label under the venting. When you do this it will expose a round area in the middle of the cartridge. This is the only thing that worked for me and I tried everything for three hours. I tried all six methods on the HP support site. You can call HP customer service, but all they will do is try to sell you a new one for more than you would pay at amazon or walmart. Worth a try to remove the entire label on black only. You will end up with a cartridge that is completely without any printing or identification, but you might end up with a printer that works again. Good luck.

David Morris: I had this problem and tried cleaning the printer head. This didn't work. What did work was reseting the printer to factory default settings (Setup/Tools/ Restore Factory Settings on main printer screen. I hope this helps for future problems.

David Song: Never buying anything HP after this. Stayed up til 4am trying to find a solution on the website, then Youtube has this. HP's support page is useless just like their products.

Raymond J: My HP Photosmart 6520 printer stopped printing black ink a few days ago and after research,  I am amazed that this is such a common problem.  Colors print just fine.   My print head is not removable and per the 5510 photo above  I am searching for small 564 black cartridges.  If I can find them, I will replace the color cartridges when I wish to print in black and white.  Meanwhile, if I want to print a letter, MS Word allows the text color to be changed; I tried that and it works.    If anyone knows how to fix a Photosmart 6520 please reply.       Raymond J   10/01/2015

Oleston Pierre USDF: thank you i really needed this. it was quick and to the point

Sophia Leoussi: thanks a LOT FOR YOUR HELP

B Nahrwold: I have an HP 6500 and tried everything to fix the black ink problem.  I rinsed the printheads and dried it with Q-tips and a hair dryer (from a distance on low heat so it wouldn't get too hot).  Nothing worked. I started looking at prices of replacement printheads and was leaning to buying a completely different printer.   That was two days ago.  I tried the printer this morning and voila !  It is beginning to work !  Maybe the print heads got too wet and it needed to dry out?  Not sure, but am hoping that it heals itself.

beaumiffle: thank you!! this worked !!

Alicia Capozzi: Thank you!!!!

Glenda Enriquez: Thanks for the video, it fixed my ink problem.

Dan L: eileen, I have the same exact problem as you. Status report prints four brackets that show each color, the black brackets are there for each one but the black shows its empty. I tried cleaning it many times and it doesn't help. The black brackets will print but nothing else in black. I tried hot water till the water is clean, nothing works. Odd that the little black brackets will print but the rest of the page is blank except for the 3 colors.

eileen zacconi: Cleaned it 4 times, each time when I was done the inkhead appeared silver and no more ink would come off onto the paper towel.  The other 3 colors were fine.  The funny part about it is when I run a printer status report, the black lines that divide the colors is there but the box where black should be is blank

April O'Guin: Thank you so much! It worked!

signal6000: We need to Sue this HP craaaap. evrybody has the same issue. 
mine is not resolved yet

Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink 5 out of 5

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Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink
Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink
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Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink