Hp Photosmart 5510 Won't Print Black Ink

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Ace Revo: Ive tried it all.. NOTHING WORKS!! If it got HP in it, go away! 

Bo Uvero: Then on your HP software go to settings and then click CLEAN PRINTER HEAD then it should work

miyagi ryota: I just used this on my HP 5510, it works now. I used hot water on paper towel scrubbed gently for 1 minute the silver circle (contact pressure), your towel would turn black with ink and then after 3 mins. I used an alcohol swipes I scrubbed gently for 30 seconds. I let it dry for 5 mins. I printed a test page, clean printhead and align printer. (all these commands are in the settings of the printer). That's it. Thanks to ------- "After Hour Tv & Pc repair"

Mark Hageman: I tried other fixes and was just about ready to pitch my machine before seeing this video. It worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

Prescott Bush: SOLVED! Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink. EMPHASIS ON: USE HOT WATER, PAPER TOWEL, AND LET 1-2 DROPS OF HOT WATER SEEP DOWN INTO SCREEN. (use a flashlight to view the little circular port that the cartridge fits down over is in fact a screen). To everyone that this fix in the video worked, great! To those of us that it didn't work at first and to those that never got it to work, let me just say TRY THIS: 1)use hot water 2) let 1-2 drops of the hot water seep into the screen. KEEP TRYING. The key is in using really HOT water and NOT drying the water off, leave 1 or 2 drops of the water to seep down into the screen. Now, at first when I tried it, it didn't work for me because I didn't use hot water on a paper towel, I was using cold water on the end of several Q-tips, even used an old toothbrush to scrub the screen thinking the top of the screen was plugged but that didn't work, although it cleaned black off of it, it didn't penetrate down into the screen to moisturize and lubricate it so to speak, AND the other thing I did wrong was that I dried the screen nice and dry, so there was no moisture to get the ink moving. This was a mistake because my printer really needed some hot water to seep down into it so that the new black ink could flow. You've really got to get 1-2 drops of HOT water to seep into the screen then put the ink cartridge in and then run clean cartridge. What finally worked when I used really hot water on the end of a corner of a paper towel (not a Q-tip) and let the water STAY on the screen and held the wet hot paper towel portion onto the screen for a few seconds, letting the water REMAIN on the screen without wiping excess water off. I didn't pour water into it, but I did leave a good 1 or 2 drops of the hot water seep down into it from a very wet corner of a paper towel. After I held the hot water paper towel on the screen for a few seconds, I put the black cartridge back in and THEN RAN THE CLEAN CARTRIDGES OPTION on the printer and wallah it printed, really light gray, but it was printing. Then I ran the clean cartridges option again 3 more times, by the 3rd time it was normal black printing. I did try that one idea of putting cotton against the large round ink port on the cartridge itself as one of the posters suggested, but that didn't work. The problem with my printer was that it was just too DRY and the hot water loosened some dried portions of my screen, but I think more importantly added the moisture to get the new ink "moving" and flowing into the print head. For the record I was using a genuine HP ink cartridge, brand new. I removed all cartridges when I did the HOT WATER PAPER TOWEL TRICK. Then immediately put them back in and ran the clean cartridges. My color cartridges are empty, so there was no way I'd have a color ink mess. THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO.

Jacqueline Baylis: I have this same problem and it is so annoying, thought it was just me but obviously not!! I have now cleaned out the head with a tissue and warm water and the wiped it dry, this did not really do the job so did what some one else said and put some kitchen paper (as had no cotton) on the head and after a few goes it seems to have done the trick but surely this is not really the answer HP should be named and shamed!!

Connor Gatchell: thank you worked first time :)

Ju young Vanderwater: This solution seems to have worked for my photosmart 5510, although the printouts are still flaky. At least it's printing SOME black. Before, I had nothing coming out. Thanks!

AgentErick99: Had the same problem I had to remove the print head and really really clean it. I called HP they were no help tried to sell me a new printer. But it was fixed and it worked. When I cleaned it I noticed there was a lot of ink backed up in the printer head. I did a print test a few times and it was back to Normal. I had a HP Photosmart C410. 

Bo Uvero: On the bottom of the ink cartridge take a paper towel and push on the bottom of the ink then the thing should be uncloged

David Combs: I have only used this printer like 3 times and already having this problem……..HP Blows!

Marie Hovengen Møller: Im having problems with the other side of the head, the seating and the top of the head is working properly, but the printer still wont print black... Ive tried 2 different cartridges aswell, nothing seems to be working for the printer..!!

Richard Sommers: Solution worked great. I needed to repeat the process of cleaning with a very warm wet paper towel and running the printer cartridge cleaner approximately 4 times. Finally it was perfectly clear and worked without issue. I probably should have changed my black cartridge sooner as I ran it to the very end even though I was getting the automated messages saying the ink level is low. Thanks again for the great suggestion!

Heidi Block: This didn't work for me, nor did any of the other dozens of things I tried. What DID work was lightly bending the copper wires on the printhead where the cartridge makes contact. Good luck!

Brad Kenyon: The problem is with the print cartridge not seating onto the base properly. Thus the contact pressure needed on the ink pad is not sufficient to cause the ink to flow into the print head. This is a cartrige manufacturing problem that HP will not admit too. A work around that I use is to take a very small bit of cotton (about 2 millimeter) and place it in the print cartridge ink pad ( The round whole under where you remove the orange plastic break away seal). Then insert the cartride and wait a while to let gravity allow the ink to flow down into the print head.

Guy Cammilleri: I tried all of these ideas and none of them worked, so I just bough an Epson WF 4630, and will never buy an HP product again. http://www.staples.com/Epson-WorkForce-Pro-WF-4630-Color-Inkjet-All-in-One-Printer/product_242602?cmArea=home_box1#revs_content 

iFix: Had the same problem black would not print on the HP 6525 carried out the instructions re cleaning, now the printer works just fine. I used kitchen roll paper, water as hot as possible squeeze out excess and lightly dab as shown. Many thanks. 

NANO-Nils: I have the 5520, and it sucks too :-( No black...20 tries to cleaning..no way! My printer is 3 months old !!!! No more HP after 20 years... thumbs up for this video !! :-)

vivian van: Just got this issue two days ago, although i been using for almost 2 years. Tried so many times and still didn't work, i hate hp now !!!! 

Davie Martin: Nice one man, fixed the problem on my hp 5515d AIO (uk model) 

Richard Sommers: Albert - you must wet the screen where the ink cartridge passes the new ink into the printer. Their is dried up ink in the screen and you need to get enough moisture in the screen to allow the new ink to flow.

Cindy Goddard: Thank you for the video. Unfortunately, this did not work. As well as other suggestions from HP. Just simply quit printing black, even with new cartridges. The 5510 is simply a piece of useless garbage. Never again.

Purple Jersey: This worked for me perfectly! No need for fancy fluids, syringes or fuss!

James Upton: Iv just spent 4 hours on this piece of crap....I will NEVER EVER buy HP again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasted 20 euros on parts for this absolute disgrace! 121,000 views for this problem!!! Is this even legal to sell such poor quality printers?

mshiiki: Worked for me, Thank You! I have a C310a photosmart with the same print head assembly shown here. There is another post that shows you can remove the print head assembly and rinse out the heads with water, let the assembly dry, and it worked for him. I wouldn't recommend HP Photosmarts to anyone. My paper feeder sucks and has to be adjusted all the time.

simon choe: H

Mina Burrows: I tried all these suggestions. Nothing worked. I'm very frustrated. Thanks for the video though. I won't be buying HP again.

zoe voellm: THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was ready to give up. Used an old towel, moistened it and rubbed over the screen over and over.

DASH35: ok After several tries and close to 30 bucks for new black in no go. you have over 86,000 hits for this issue HP should be ashamed of them selves. not buying HP again their computers suck too. 

Tim Danaher: Thank you so much! I was at the end of my tether!!!


RaineyCat: Finally! My printer now prints black ink! Seems like a simple fix...but HP didn't tell me. Thanks.

Stay Isie: freak HP!!! Taking money from over 100000 people by selling them such a garbage, than what happend next is that the printer wont paint and customers dont get any support of the lousy so called Support-Team. PLEASE PEOPLE STAY FAR FROM Hewlett Packard...FAR AS POSSIBLE !!!

Cami Ferguson: Not working for me! I've used super hot water and dried it - run the "clean print heads" feature about 5 times....no luck. Any other suggestions? 

Steve Ash: This didn't work for me, although it seems to have done for others. No admission from HP that this is a major problem, despite 90,405 hits on this page, so clearly a common problem. Will definitely go to another vendor next time.

johnson dell: For Any Printer Tech Support Contact At: +1-844-833-8353

James Benner: This worked for me but I used a q-tip. I had to run the clean head 3 times!! 

d c: Thank you very much for posting this. I was about the throw the printer out after having tried everything to get the black ink cartridge to work. Following several washes with a wet paper towel as you recommended I am finally seeing output. It's not perfect but it is a massive improvement. Thanks. 

Joe Nicoletti: Brilliant Brad K ...The work is around by adding the cotton spacer for the ink to flow through. Amazing Brad K.... Even though it took me 4 hrs to figure out how to even think of asking a stranger on this forum, It worked. And it IS a design flaw. NOT ME!!! I cant imagine how much grief I would have had ahead of me if I did not figure this out...Now Im too exausted to DO THE WORK I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO....arrrgghh

BetaboyBuffet: If it's not whining for new ink it prints striped pages. Don't think i'll get a third HP. 

Jay Williams: This didn't work for me, however it did lead me to investigate getting the head out of the printer which has fixed my problem! I have posted instructions of how I did this here - http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printer-All-in-One-Install-Setup/HP-Photosmart-5510-Print-Head-Removal/m-p/3885340#M140310 Hope it helps someone!

Somalia Carmichael: After doing this reclean ink head and smears it kinda helps 

JustJTV: piece of crap! i hate this printer. thanks man

Michael Axelsson: After doing this for about 4 times, using boiled water dripping right down throug the filter screen until the filter was full. Then softly blowing it dry with high preasured air, wet the filter again, blowing, wet, blow and finaly wet the filter ful and dry of the top filled water with a bit of tissue, then replacing the cartridge agian. Run the cartridge cleaning program a couple of times, then after doing the procedure above for about 4 times it starts working... Be patient, everyone, it will solve the dried up ink in the filter eventually. As I wrote, it took me about 4 times before it worked... Thanks alot for this tips, man !!! Saved me some money for a new printer (this one is only 18 month old, but I've used re-filled, no-HP cartridges, so I've taken a known risk ;-) )

Adrian Thomas: You are totally brilliant. Don't know who you are, but was about to buy a new printer. Your trick has worked and I am very thankful.

MVrockersPS3: 20 min before school lovely.

Marlena Linne: After spending 2 1/2 frustrating hours and getting nowhere fast, this gentleman solved my problem in 10 minutes. It's too bad HP can't do the same.

Michelle Miller: Tried it....Still can not get my blank ink to work!!! It's got a brand new HP ink cartridge in it. Very frustrating!!!

isabella1001: thank you!!!!!!

Mike Sutherland: I have had this printer for about 12-13 months and have recently replaced all 60 plus dollars worth or cartridges thinking that the ink dried up due to inactivity. After spending about an hour working on Christmas letters and 2 hours troubleshooting a printing not printing, I was on the verge of smashing this printer to bits! HP customer NO-support was worthless. I will try this technique and give it a go. If it does not work, I am going to mangle this thing, box it and ship it to HP's CEO or their quality control department. Regardless, I will never buy a HP related product again. Terrible and greedy company! Oh, Merry Christmas everyone! 

Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink 4.5 out of 5

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Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink