Hp Photosmart 5510 Won't Print Black Ink

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isabellalovesyou24: thank you!!!!!!

David CombslyComedy: I have only used this printer like 3 times and already having this problem……..HP Blows!

Michelle Miller: Tried it....Still can not get my blank ink to work!!! It's got a brand new HP ink cartridge in it. Very frustrating!!!

JustJTV: piece of crap! i hate this printer. thanks man

Somalia Carmichael: After doing this reclean ink head and smears it kinda helps 

DASH35: ok After several tries and close to 30 bucks for new black in no go. you have over 86,000 hits for this issue HP should be ashamed of them selves. not buying HP again their computers suck too. 

James Benner: This worked for me but I used a q-tip. I had to run the clean head 3 times!! 

Cindy Goddard: Thank you for the video. Unfortunately, this did not work. As well as other suggestions from HP. Just simply quit printing black, even with new cartridges. The 5510 is simply a piece of useless garbage. Never again.

Camilla Ferguson: Not working for me! I've used super hot water and dried it - run the "clean print heads" feature about 5 times....no luck. Any other suggestions? 

krista Grant: Thank you! My printer is fixed! I was so angry! And now it's great!

Jay Williams: This didn't work for me, however it did lead me to investigate getting the head out of the printer which has fixed my problem! I have posted instructions of how I did this here - http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printer-All-in-One-Install-Setup/HP-Photosmart-5510-Print-Head-Removal/m-p/3885340#M140310 Hope it helps someone!

MVrockersPS3: 20 min before school lovely.

Marlena Linne: After spending 2 1/2 frustrating hours and getting nowhere fast, this gentleman solved my problem in 10 minutes. It's too bad HP can't do the same.

RaineyCat: Finally! My printer now prints black ink! Seems like a simple fix...but HP didn't tell me. Thanks.

Adrian Thomas: You are totally brilliant. Don't know who you are, but was about to buy a new printer. Your trick has worked and I am very thankful.

Greg W: I've tried this several times . I've put new cartridges in. I give up, The printer is basically a piece of crap

Michael Axelsson: After doing this for about 4 times, using boiled water dripping right down throug the filter screen until the filter was full. Then softly blowing it dry with high preasured air, wet the filter again, blowing, wet, blow and finaly wet the filter ful and dry of the top filled water with a bit of tissue, then replacing the cartridge agian. Run the cartridge cleaning program a couple of times, then after doing the procedure above for about 4 times it starts working... Be patient, everyone, it will solve the dried up ink in the filter eventually. As I wrote, it took me about 4 times before it worked... Thanks alot for this tips, man !!! Saved me some money for a new printer (this one is only 18 month old, but I've used re-filled, no-HP cartridges, so I've taken a known risk ;-) )

Dean Nishijima: I've had this problem before and it's very frustrating. I solved the problem by going into the HP 5514 settings and had the printheads cleaned. I just hope I can remember this next time it happens. Hope this helps.

jdmartz: Fantastic. Thank you so much.

Mike Sutherland: I have had this printer for about 12-13 months and have recently replaced all 60 plus dollars worth or cartridges thinking that the ink dried up due to inactivity. After spending about an hour working on Christmas letters and 2 hours troubleshooting a printing not printing, I was on the verge of smashing this printer to bits! HP customer NO-support was worthless. I will try this technique and give it a go. If it does not work, I am going to mangle this thing, box it and ship it to HP's CEO or their quality control department. Regardless, I will never buy a HP related product again. Terrible and greedy company! Oh, Merry Christmas everyone! 

Skin Bombing: Great youtube. Short and simple. Worked like a charm!!!

BetaboyBuffet: If it's not whining for new ink it prints striped pages. Don't think i'll get a third HP. 

Steve Ash: This didn't work for me, although it seems to have done for others. No admission from HP that this is a major problem, despite 90,405 hits on this page, so clearly a common problem. Will definitely go to another vendor next time.

Stuart Jones Media: YES! I can use my printer again!!!

DavidWhatley2: Brilliant. So simple when you know how! Thanks

ninjanonimus: no way for me... still doent work!!! i think it is programmed to fail...

Marlena Linne: After spending 2 1/2 frustrating hours and getting nowhere fast, this gentleman solved my problem in 10 minutes. It's too bad HP can't do the same.

howtheheliru: Dude !!! This has been driving me nuts. Man i did as you said and all set. Great advise! thanks

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: Your Welcome! Thanks for the feedback!

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: the plastic on top for the vent hole on ink isnt clogged is it? did you remeber to vent the ink cartridge?

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: is it black or somewhat black? clean it and see what happens.

WonkaaVision: I used ISO alcohol, Also watch a documentary called "The light bulb conspiracy", there is a section of that documentary that exposes the companies for adding a chip which counts the number of pages that you print, after this limit is reached the printer automatically stops working forcing you to buy another.

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: see jame's comment.

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: You are welcome!

Bilodeauart: Me too.....so frustrating. Tried the wet towel didn;t work. Tried the cleaning tool from support. Nothing works!!!!

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: your welcome! glad to hear it works for others!

regdawgformerusmc: call HP and complain! I did it and they said that they do not have complaints on this model!

James Zolnowsky: Wet towel didn't work for me either, so I ran hot water through a towel, rang most of it out then dropped a few drops on the screen until it was full. Replaced cartridge, Problem solved!

N Tesla: Hi I used alcohol to clean each print head and now it shows up as a full cart even if it knows it's already been used but the black is still not printing. I have also reset my printer but nothing? I Have a HP Photosmart 6510 B211A :( Someone HELP ME PLEASE ! Thanks!!!

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: tell it to clean the print heads.

punkybeans: Worked for me. I hate this printer. $70 for the printer and $100 for ink during the 1st year with well below avg printing. First issue I had with it happened 2 weeks after warranty expired. Don't buy it if you're here researching it.

Behnoosh Nemati: I did it. But it did not work. First it was printing gray instead of black, then nothing. Should I put a few drop of water in to that circle silver screen?

mahjohnit: I disagree. You are not only cleaning the mesh...which is what the alcohol will do you,....for lack of a better term, you are creating a transfer path from the cartridge through the screen. The alcohol will evaporate off, leaving both the cartridge and the screen dry, while the water stay wet while you re-seat the cartridge, allowing ink to flow more easily through the screen.

After Hours Tv & Pc repair: Thanks for the input, glad you got yours fixed. I would suggest reinstalling drivers before cleaning this. Hopefully people will read through the comments and have theirs fixed as well

Amy Hodges: Yay! Worked perfectly! Thank you!

David Baker: Thanks for this. Was a massive help.

Lacy Beck: This did not work for me. I replaced all 4 cartridges and the black stopped working. I've used up half of the ink in the color cartridges running the clean heads tool and printing quality reports. I cleaned the screen under the black cartridge until no more ink was showing on the towel. Still no luck. I tried using a straw to gently blow the warm distilled water through the screen but no ink or water showed on the paper I had put under it. Is there a way to get the assembly out and clean it?

AnnMargaret37: Worked perfectly - thank you so much!

22Hertha: Thanks worked great for me

Kelly Jordan: worked perfectly! Thank you! 2 people at HP Support told me the hardware was bad and I needed to buy a new printer!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink 4.6 out of 5

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Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink
Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink
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Hp photosmart 5510 won't print black ink