PCP Air Rifle Mechanism

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Bashir Heydarzadeh: very nice

4NHK0: nice music, reminds me on unreal tournament

كـومـنتـيتـر 28: وااااو مش فاهم اشي 😂😂

Bas van Vliet: Does it have an air pressure regulator in it?

stephen todd: I agree with the earlier poster - too many parts - no wonder PCP air rifles are notorious for leaking air

Mr X: but when he tested it . it did not work . all that assembles for nothings.
fresh air riffle. Scotch mist versions are bad. The right to Bear arms (Grizzly biseps) are the most popular.And these skinny boy and girls insist in them
Breath riffles are the new fad for the groupies of the Neoplitan conversation overture liberals. But if the police put a chroney speed trapp on them, and if the air was bad breath you get your air riffle confiscated. when they say "Sub 12 foot lb" they mean sub 12 foot lb and no smelly socks in them feet.
Pea shooters Johh? Is this what the world is coming to?
Yes these round green people that have a habbit of robbing vegetable stores. alike Rupert Monkey the man still in prison for looking up the Queens skirt in 1972. He also has been given a claim to fame on PayDay2 his banana he used for robbing fruit shops is in your inventory. .
It's a stick up! a little green Man from Ma's kitchen has just been round and he shoves them peas up peoples arsehol*s John?
Yes so you can fart dried peas if you are to poor to be able to buy a air riffle.
Farting dried peas ?
Yes 1 foot lb , the official gun of robbing public lavotorys.
Women are used for stealth because they are fitted with a silencer.
Silent fart the official secrects act of Dr.A.Holes?

Alexandre Costa: VERY NICE

TheMarinerX: Some people found that music irritating but I loved it. Do you know the song name?

Explorer's Channel: had no idea, thought it was like green gas airsoft pistols

richard cero: what the freak I need the plan of this!!

Josemaria Ze: VC n vende

Thakoor Rajeev: very well done video. now I understood the mechanism properly. can you make similar presentation of Airforce guns?

James Denny: very interesting, interesting

Malc Tulloch: Brilliant video, the slow motion bit on the end made it for me. Thank you for posting.

Manintoga: The classic PCP rifle layout has many inefficiencies due to dead space caused by long discharge channel, sharp changes in flow direction and obstruction caused by the pellet probe.  Retracting probe either manually retreating the bolt after chambering or having a spring powered probe retractor inside the bolt would raise efficiency considerably. Extrusion honing the discharge channel might make the flow  more laminar again decreasing pressure loss and increase efficiency.

Neo999: Bardzo dobry filmik.Good job ,thanks.

michael waraksa: need to hear some voice describing, and LESS of that irritating music!

kurucaci kinoko: thank you for the post.

sawnyone: ======╭╬╮======          
  ╙O ╙O

spaulica: nice video

PCP Air Rifle Mechanism 5 out of 5

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PCP Air Rifle Mechanism