Fuel Line Configuration On Poulan 2150 Chainsaw

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Mike Allen: donyboy73 Can you do a "how-to", if you haven't already(I've searched and don't see anything on it) on replacing the inlet needle on a 42cc Poulan Pro AVX chainsaw. It keeps flooding and I saw where that may be the culprit. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Michael Armstrong: Great instructional video- I was able to replace and configure all the fuel lines in short order. Even enjoyed the accent.

Stupid Artist: I can't count how many times I rely on your videos for help. Thanks so much Dony! Best small engine channel on youtube.

Golfingferdie: Hello Dony.  I was wondering, The large fuel line top of carb goes to top of Tank on filter.. Correct?  The thin line from Bulb back to carb lower carb line and Larger tube is back to tank to drain fuel that was sucked up. Are most designed in this fashion?? Thank You. This pulls fuel into carb and not  pump it into. Is this correct?? Just trying to figure this out and get mine going. diff model but hoping theory is the same to most or all.

Moto Bros: What is the conversation of an 2000

Steven Sienkiewicz: Thank you for the help, easy to see and understand

mreinsmith: Thanks a million for this video! Awesome keep it up!

theinsoleman2: As far as feeding the hose into tank cut the end of hose to a sharp point with scissors feed it in a bit and then grad with needle nose pliers and pull hose in as far as needed. Then cut off the point. Hose needs to fit the hole tight so gas does not leak out.

tim sadler: you sure helped me thanks

Keith Kelly: Thanks for all the great videos. I bought a 2075 at a yard sale and when I opened it up the fuel lines were disentegrated...broken and no way for me to tell which new one would go where so thanks again for explaining...I didnt see the part that goes on the end of the larger fuel line but the other line was broken off inside the tank with the filter still attached. Guess I will try and find that little fuel line end piece and put it all back together and see if I can get it started... if anybody knows that part number I would appreciate it.
One other question is on the primer bulb...there is a shorter tip for the fuel line to go on...which line goes on the short and which on the long?   Thanks again!!!

Frank Mossucco: Excellent video - carefully thought out, well planned and you got your point across where SO MANY of the exact same topics from other videos made were worthless and a waste of my time.   Thank you for a job well done

april mchugh: Thank You Donyboy73..........

Typing for the wordy folks......

Primer bulb, r/s smaller tube goes to the lower / smaller tube on the carb?

Primer bulb, l/s larger tubes goes to the tank hole on the r/s?

Top carb tubes goes to the smaller tank hole on the l/s which in turn gets the filter attached?

Have i word answer'd correctly?

followup ?'s....

Where does the small plastic fitting / connector go in this conversation?

How far into the tank does the l/s larger tube go into the tank?

Is there a paticular location / area inside the tank that the filter needs to be at?

again thank you

lordhoho1: any tricks in getting the larger fuel line into the fuel tank and then attaching the little end piece

Charles Anderson: The video and comments on helpful hints from other folks should make the job a snap.
Thanks to all.........

Pete Williams: Great video.  Any thoughts on a Poulan 2150 that seems to be leaking fuel out the bottom (seems like it's at the seam of the plastic housing... Has something become permanently damaged or is there potentially a way to repair this issue?

Doug Guy: Thanks Dony that was the piece of the puzzle I was hung up on. Helped me rebuild a 2150 woodsman I have had since 1995. One thought on the black coupling in the tank on the return, I pulled it out and reinstalled it on the outside. Just put a piece an inch long on the bottom side of coupler and used needle nose pliers to push it down into tank hole. Works great and I couldn't figure out how to get it reinstalled into the tank the way it was from the factory.

Aaron Hamilton: Sir the holes seem a tad smaller than the hoses, could we drill the hole a we bet bigger, or is there a trick to getting them in?

Levkin: Hello sir !   Very informative video. 
I've purchased a Poulan 2050 2.0 from someone and replaced fuel lines and primer bulb.  The old primer bulb just shattered like glass from sitting in a garage so long.  

My problem is as follows.   I press the primer bulb and it doesn't seem to fill with gasoline no matter how long I press it.  Isn't it supposed to be full of fuel to start ?   The saw won't start.   Could this be an indication there is some blockage in the carb itself ?   From what I can make out from various diagrams, fuel first goes thru the carb THEN to the bulb.   By the way, no blockages NOR kinks in any line.

Jordan Lott: Can this apply to a craftsman chainsaw?

Fuel Line Configuration on Poulan 2150 Chainsaw 5 out of 5

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Fuel Line Configuration on Poulan 2150 Chainsaw
Fuel Line Configuration on Poulan 2150 Chainsaw
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Fuel Line Configuration on Poulan 2150 Chainsaw